Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Kibosh

Nicole and EJ have surprises for each other. "My surprise involves handcuffs," says Nicole, "but not on me." EJ gets interested, but Nicole shoves the newspaper in his face with headlines that Mad Dog Nick Fallon has been arrested, "The handcuffs are on Nick."

Since this means Nicole is completely cleared, EJ says this will make his surprise all that much sweeter. Nicole badgers him, "So what is the surprise?"

"Patience," says EJ.

"I don't think I've met Patience," says Nicole, "Will she be joining us for the evening?"

Sami reads the headline announcing Nick's capture. Rafe tries to cheer her up, "So, your son isn't living with a murderer after all." Sami reminds him, "Stefano is a murderer and I'm still stuck in this hamster cage. How come your guys can catch a low life like Nick Fallon and not the guy who killed the mayor?"

"What if they caught him and you got out today," asks Rafe, "Where would you go in your condition?"

John meets some guy wearing an eye patch. He looks kind of familiar but I don't really recognize him. He may have been a character on the show once, but I'm sure it's been years. The guy wearing the eye patch says, "We're meetin' somebody who says he can identify the mayor's killer."

John says, "Someone killed Abe? We'd better do it soon — before he strikes again."

A guy wearing a ski mask stalks and gets a call, "Yeah, I'm inside but Mama isn't. I'll wait until she gets back. Gotta go." Marlena comes in. Mr. Ski Mask spies.

Nicole and EJ smooch. Nicole insists she's all warmed up and ready for the surprise. EJ stalls. Nicole tries to guess, "What is it? A new car? A credit card with no spending limit? A gift certificate for breast augmentation? " EJ opens a drawer and hands her a box. Nicole opens it and hyperventilates.

The Sami-Rafe idiocy continues. They bicker. Sami wants fresh air. Viewers want fresh drama. Sami goes to open the drapes and Rafe grabs her.

John calls Marlena, "My bounty hunter is on it. I should have news soon." Marlena asks about Brady. Mr. Ski Mask picks up a fireplace poker.

Nicole opens the box and finds a rolled up note. She reads:

"Your bag has been packed for romance and sin.
Go upstairs and your journey will begin."


Nicole blushes, "Elvis, Jr., what are you up to?"

EJ smiles, "Is that a trick question? "

EJ says he's taking her away for a romantic weekend. She goes up to get her things. Stefano soaks it in. He tells EJ this lifts his spirits, seeing EJ and Nicole so happy.

"You'll have to get your kicks elsewhere," says EJ, "We're going away."

"I'm afraid you have to postpone," says Stefano, "Something else has come up."

Kayla bustles up to Patch in the pub. He slams his laptop shut and says he can't share his work with her.

If Rafe and Sami are on the screen just use your zapper. Rafe gets a call and tells Sami the lead they had went cold. Sami blows her stack. Sami bawls. Sami rants.

Mr. Ski Mask Fireplace Poker stalks.

Nicole comes back as EJ protests. EJ breaks the news about the weekend. Stefano is charming, "I hate to put the kibosh on your rendezvous. I'm sorry but I'm sure you understand." EJ takes her outside and apologizes. He says she should go without him and he will join her later today. He gives her the address and says he will be there soon. Nicole makes him promise. "Wild horses could not keep me away," says EJ. Translation: The romantic weekend getaway is doomed.

Sami keeps it up, "All you ever do around here is watch stupid, boring, lame, uninteresting football."

"At least it's not as stupid, boring, lame and uninteresting as watching the two of us bicker like children," says Rafe.

Mr. Ski mask attacks Marlena, "Tell me where your daughter is right now or you're dead." The viewers pray for Marlena to keep her mouth shut.

Kayla agrees not to ask questions. Patch tells her it's for her own protection. He tells her he's working with John. Kayla picks up a megaphone, walks out into the street and bellows, "What! You're working with John Black on a secret case and no one is supposed to know about it?"

Patch tells her to cool it, "I don't need you freakin' out about this right now. You know what I do for a living. I'm not a school teacher, insurance salesman, or an actor. This is what I do. I don't want you second-guessing my choices." Kayla second guesses. She thinks he's taking too big of a risk.

Sami keeps it up. Rafe puts on his headphones. Viewers should do the same. Sami begs for him to think of a way for her to get some fresh air. He tells her the people who are after her won't give up.

Marlena tells Mr. Ski Mask Fireplace Poker she doesn't know where Sami is. Mr. Ski Mask doesn't believe her.

Nicole arrives at the luxurious cabin. The bellhop gives her the rundown and leaves. Nicole pats her tummy and tells Junior-Junior #1, "You have an incredible daddy. She opens her suitcase and hauls out her leopardskin thingie. She finds a note on the table and reads, "For you and the baby. The two of you mean everything to me." Nicole sighs, "How did I get so lucky." Translation: You're luck is about to change, Toots.

EJ calls and leaves a message for Nicole. He tells Stefano he's changed his mind and is going to join Nicole NOW. Stefano tells him his priorities are screwed up. Stefano rants and EJ relents. Stefano says he will fill him in on the details of their mission on the plane. They are headed for Argentina.

Patch and Kayla have developed a serious case of Samirafeitis. They bicker about Patch's job.

Sami and Rafe have developed a serious case of Kaylapatchitis. They bicker about the hit man who is after Sami.

Mr. Ski Mask gives Marlena one last chance. Marlena knees him. Mr. Ski Mask goes down faster than a Detroit quarterback on ice. Marlena runs to the phone and calls John. She screams for help as Ski Mr. Mask comes at her with a cord. Marlena does what all the women of Salem do in an emergency. She freezes and whimpers.

Stefano says when the kids are older EJ will be grateful for the way Stefano's assets are well hidden, "If you want to be petulant and unprofessional go work on that soap opera that has the hourglass at the beginning of every show. Stefano leaves.

Nicole eats bonbons in her leopardskin thingie. EJ calls and breaks the bad news. Nicole whines, "You got me all in the mood for nothing." She decides to head back to the mansion and then they lose the connection. Nicole pouts, "I was gonna say I love you." And then...


Sami. Rafe. Zap.

Kayla gives Patch the silent treatment. Patch takes a few moments to enjoy the peace and quiet, and then figures he will have to do this without her support. She tells him she's so worried because she lost him once and probably can't hope for good luck like that again. He apologizes and says he was wrong and can't do this without her support. Of course Kayla does a 180° and decides she supports him. She seduces him into telling her what's going on. Patch spills the beans about the totally secret caper and shows her the police artist's sketch. Then he opens his computer and shows her a photograph of the guy they are after.

Mr. Ski Mask demands Marlena tell him where Sami is. Marlena tries to reason with him, "If you kill me you won't have any hope of finding my daughter at all."

"If you won't tell me where she is," says Mr. Ski Mask, "then you're a dead end and I might as well kill you."

John to the rescue. He opens the door and points his gun at Mr. Ski Mask, "Not if I kill you first." Mr. Ski Mask whirls, twirls and grabs Marlena.

"Step away," says John. He points his gun at Marlena and Mr. Ski Mask.

Marlena gulps, "Could you boys take this outside?"

More Sami-Rafe nonsense. Rafe finally relents and cracks open the drapes. Sami rushes over and looks at the sunlight. Unfortunately no one blows her head off. Sami notices a church spire. Rafe tells her it's the Church and Convent of the Holy Cross, "The nuns used to run a convent there when I was a kid. I think a few of the sisters are still around."

John says, "Step aside." Mr. Ski Mask says he isn't into negotiations. Neither is John. Marlena begs him not to shoot.

EJ tries to call Nicole on the land line, but Stefano tells him to get a move on.

Nicole pouts, sulks, packs and doubles over in pain, "OH NO! THE BABY!"


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Anonymous berg said...

Okay this show started out like another lame show but ended with potential, which I realize is only a tease.

The whole Sami/Rafe things has me doubled over in pain too. Wonder if Nichole had to suffer the same thing prevuze did in doing their morning summary.

I continue to have not watched this show since the end of May, and thanks to Prevuze, I am neither blind or sick to my stomach though occasionally I do need a barf bag for the vomit that comes up in my mouth a little bit, but just a little bit. Thank you Prevuze for keeping DOOL fans safe from Daysbadwritingcontinueshernameishigleyandshemustgotistis.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous berg said...

Oh and P.S. who knew Prevuze employed poets! Loved the Nicole note.

3:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Prevuze has decied to join the twits who call Nicole a slut? How exactly is she a slut when as far as I can tell, the many she has slept with since returning to Salem, has been EJ? And even if she is one, isn't that what a rapist deserves?

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Slut - pejorative term for a person who is deemed sexually promiscuous."

I believe the term is most suited, since she was a porn star, and basically only married people who made her monetarily benefit.

As for the rapist comment, you must be talking about Jack yes? Cos last I heard, Sami said to Ej herself, she wasn't raped, "it wasn't like that".

4:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with the previous poster Sami did say "it wasn't like that". And she was more upset about how EJ treated her after that night.

4:43 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

”How come your guys can catch a low life like Nick Fallon and not the guy who killed the mayor?"

Sami’s question definitely has merit.

Nicole tries to guess, "What is it? A new car? A credit card with no spending limit? A gift certificate for breast augmentation?"

Snigger, snigger!!! Could it be that EJ is looking for some boobification for Nicole? It also proves once again that Nicole is just a shallow money grubbing bimbo.

Sami wants fresh air. Viewers want fresh drama.

Amen to that.

Sami keeps it up, "All you ever do around here is watch stupid, boring, lame, uninteresting football."

"At least it's not as stupid, boring, lame and uninteresting as watching the two of us bicker like children," says Rafe.

Unless you watched the Bears/Packers game but that was just gross.

Nicole pouts, sulks, packs and doubles over in pain, "OH NO! THE BABY!"

OK, did anyone really think Nicole would keep this baby?


I didn’t think so. Even the DOOL writers are wise, I use that term with much reservation, enough to keep EJ out of the Shawn Kemp zone. If I had been Sami and my husband was starting to show interest in Nicole, I would have clued him in on Misty Circle as fast as I could. With that bit of information, a smart guy like EJ should have been double bagging it before trysting with Nicole. Who knows how many kinds of STD she could be carrying?

I, too, enjoyed the Prevuze poem. It’s right on the money. After all, Sami runs around calling Nicole a slut all the time. Poor Nick…with all the DOOL budget cuts, he just may have his “get me off this show” wish granted. Thanks for another stellar update Prevuze!!!

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guess all the desperate EJamis have to come on here and praise the only site who likes to trash talk Nicole like them.

Nicole is no more a slut than EJ, Sami, Lucas, hell, anyone on the show. Yea, her dad forced her to do drugs and porn. EJ forced himself on Sami. Yea, she tried to kill Vic. EJ tried to kill Lucas.
Bunch of hypocrites.

Sorry, Prevuze. I am usually such a fan!
I have seen more love between EJ and Nicole in 6 months than 2 years of EJami...and HELL! Not like I care about either couple!

Anyways, thanks for the preview!

6:06 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Loved Nick's mug shot picture and Prevuze poem. The split screen picture about the old scripts was so apt. I could have said this was an idea Maggie brought back from the Green conference, but DOOL has been using this cost-saving device for YEARS.

Kayla picks up a megaphone, walks out into the street and bellows…

If this is so hush-hush secret, why is Patch working on it in the middle of a public place? Too cheap to get his own Wi-Fi at the apartment?

Marlena does what all the women of Salem do in an emergency. She freezes and whimpers.

And that is one of the most frustrating thing about this stupid show – how they portray the women – a whimpering whiners. Of course, the men don’t come across much better since most of them are snarling dolts much of the time.

Prevuze, you've cut my actual view-time of the show to about 5 minutes. Bless your twisted little heart!

PS - the censored link - a pregnant Allison has a good excuse, but the picture itself was hilarious. *snerk*

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome Nicole poem Prevuze.

Have you ever thought about going into the greeting card business?

6:18 AM  
Anonymous joydoctor said...

I am wondering now if Sami will pretend to be a nun in that convent to disguise her pregnancy, since it looks like the mayor's killer is about to be apprehended by John when he saves Marlena, yet again?

7:07 AM  
Anonymous LB said...

So maybe slut wasn't the right term. How about prostitute? Perhaps some of you complaining about Nicole's "bad image" have forgotten or not been fans long enough to know her character -- she MARRIED and had sex with Lucus for $5 million dollars (having sex for money -- prostitute); she seduced & married Victor for his money and then convinced someone else to kill him (it didn't work). And oh, yeah -- when she married Lucas it was done to paint Sami in an unfavorable light to take her kid from her, in addition to Nicole dumping the "one she really loved" and that loved her --Eric, Sami's twin. And that's just the beginning. I'm not even including the sex, drugs, and porn as she was forced into it by her creepy father. The writers have totally torn her character apart -- but hey that's nothing new as they've done it to Lucas, Sami, Chloe, Nick, EJ, and so many others.
And by the way "Anonymous" - I don't appreciate being called a twit by someone who doesn't know me just because I feel differently from you about this character. And there's no sense in trying to start something by bringing up the rapist remark -- Sami's been raped before and it wasn't by EJ. If you didn't think so before, the writers made it clear when the characters discussed it and put it in the past.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous LB said...

And one other thing, if you don't like "slut" what exactly would you call someone that hooks up with a guy in a public elevator; someone she is not dating; and continues to hook up with that person even after he calls out someone else's name? And knows he's involved with someone else no matter how screwed up that situation is? Desperate? Needy? Weak? That's not Nicole either.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure if I understood it correctly, but were Steve and Kayla actually in a scene TOGETHER? Hmmm, it has been months I think since that has happened. Heck, it has been months since we have seen Steve himself.

Did Sami really call Nick a low life? Or was she talking about Dean as the low life? Seems a bit harsh to say about Nick, esp considering how he has helped and supported her in the past.

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicole is a whore..She doesn't deserve a baby ...she doesn't deserve EJ...EJAMI is ENDGAME...EJOLE is porn!

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

I was an EJami fan. I wanted EJ and Sami together but I am sick of Sami and want someone better for EJ. Suprisingly enough I like Nicole with EJ. She has a past but everyone on this show does, Salem is a pretty scary place!lol They could redeem her character though and have them be a happy couple. Wouldn't that be a switch, a happy couple.

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I would've thought it would give the writers more to work with if Nicole has the baby. Then EJ would really be torn between her and Sami once she has her baby.

I think you have an idea there, joydoctor, about the nunnery. There's always a reason they suddenly mention something or someone like that out of the blue. Maybe Sami can become buddies with Marie. (Or is she an ex-nun now? I forget that part of history.)

I had to quit reading and stifle my laughter when Kayla grabbed the bullhorn. And this, too: "If this is so hush-hush secret, why is Patch working on it in the middle of a public place? Too cheap to get his own Wi-Fi at the apartment?" from Applecheeks.

Great censored link and just too many funny Prevuisms to mention. Thanks!

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to me as much as this show gets bashed,it sure has a bunch of people riled up. I mean.... These are truely ficticitous(sp) chactacters.
The writing or the story line must be getting better, to be getting this kind of reaction out of such educated and loyal readers that prevuze has. I thought it sounded like a pretty good show. Good Job prevuze. Its probably your paraphrasing. thanks so much c.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami does escape the safehouse next week and goes to the nunnery to talk with one of them. I think it's a good idea that was mentioned that she pretend to become a nun for the remainder of her pregnancy. But if that is true, then where would this hot romance between her and Rafe fit in? Are the writers going to make her another Colleen Brady with Rafe being Santos? I sure hope they don't go there. It's bad enough with Sami breaking all the rules. We don't need anything worse.

I agree with a comment from last week about Nicole losing her baby, that she will find out that Sami is pregnant after losing hers, and will somehow kidnap it when it is born, then pretend it is hers. But to do that, she will have to enlist that new doctor's help to say she can no longer have sex, or else EJ would realize she is no longer pregnant. She would have to have her own bedroom, as well, and if I know Nicole, she would want people to cater to her every whim. lol She loves being rich, so she will not let EJ go easily. And we all know, if he found out Sami was pregnant, he would dump Nicole in a heartbeat. He has even told Sami that Nicole means nothing to him in previous episodes. I do think he is trying hard to love her now though, but it will only turn him against her when he finds out she has been deceiving him about still being pregnant, and who could blame him?

I actually wish Sami would become a nun, and give up on men, at least for awhile, or until she finally matures. She is so much a whiny immature child adult now.

I was surprised that Sami would call Nick a low life as well. He has helped her a good bit in the past.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Lumifan4ever said...

I don't post very often but i just had to put my little two cents worth in.

I think that I would like to see Nicole keep the baby and maybe have a happy life with a guy for once. I hope EJ is getting over Sami. I am a Lumifan...but I don't understand the writers hooking Lucas and Chloe up. Seems to me that one came right out of left field. But I think Nicoles "character" could go for being sent in a new direction.

And I am rather suprized about Nick being a murderer. Where did that come from??? Anyone else seeing "budget cuts" written across certain characters???

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please tell me that TPTB are not going to interject another fake pregnancy/ steal someone else's baby like they did with John and Kristen.
That's what happened with Elvis! Elvis is the snatched baby!

8:52 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Did Sami really call Nick a low life? Or was she talking about Dean as the low life?

I was surprised that Sami would call Nick a low life as well. He has helped her a good bit in the past.

I had to go back and check on that one. It turns out Sami referred to Nick as "the killer of a low life" instead of calling Nick himself a low life. Hope that clears things up for you. Nick is clearly not a low life, just a killer. And, I might add, with both Trent and Willow under his belt, is well on his way to making that a serial killer. But not a low life.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Oh, and just so you'll know, I'm paying very close attention to the "Nicole [is/isn't] a slut thread and am doing some research. I may post something on that later.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

According to a spoiler, the convent that Sami escapes to used to be an orphanage so this has the potential to be over-the-top nutty. What if Sami is crazy enough to decide to give up her baby to save the child from being a DiMera? Is it possible that the distraught Nicole would attempt to adopt it? This is far nuttier than the Nicole steals Sami's baby conspiracy theory that's floating about. Actually, my brain is numb just thinking about it. I don't think I could stomach watching either scenario.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I am an equal opportunity slut caller, and if you are going to bash Nicole for having sex in an elevator with someone she doesn't know after the wrong name is called out, don't forget to include the sainted EJ in that too.
"Let me fantasize about another woman while having sex with this one"
EJ is the biggest slut of them all!
Oh, you can probably add Sami to that list to as she has sex with a guy that she says she doesn't love with the picture of "the love of her life" on the nightstand.

Open your eyes and see the whole picture...not the little Ejami world.


10:36 AM  
Anonymous blind ambition said...

"And even if she is one, isn't that what a rapist deserves?"

I don't know. Maybe we should ask Sami or Jack or Tony.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze there is a correction to be made and I watched the clips and you say Sami referred to Nick as a lowlife, I believe she said a low life like Trent. As for the slut comment about Nicole, wouldn't Sami be one also, They've slept with the same amount of men on the show and the rapist.

7:38 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

I think people are calling Nicole a slut because every woman who steals another woman's man, in an elevator or otherwise, is pretty despicable and is probably deserving of such a name. And women like her usually don't get to keep a guy, because they don't deserve to. It's so refreshing to see there's fairness even in the soap world. Whatever EJ might or might not have done in the past is irrelevant. What is relevant is the fact that most viewers can't stand Nicole, so they love to call her names. I believe Kate's past and character is very similar to Nicole's(Kate practically slept with the entire male cast at DOOL) but I don't hear people call her names like they do Nicole. Probably because people actually like her and her charater on the show. We can't say the same for Nicole. Personally, I prefer calling Nicole a low life porn star, because that's what she is. Six months of over-exposing her on Days does not qualify her for rehabilitation, especially since her unwanted presence on the show has turned away many fans from watching the show, hence the many hits on Prevuze. Not a good thing for Days, but I'm glad it's good for the Prevuze team! As always, good job Prevuze for calling the kettle black!

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember Colleen did the same thing to make John an orphan. She ran away and got help from an orphanage when she got very sick. When she awoke from her sickness, John had been adopted. So the same thing could happen now to Sami's baby if the writers decide to make her get very sick, and the adopting parents could be EJ and Nicole DiMera. I look for Nicole to marry EJ soon after she loses her own baby, then to pretend to still be pregnant for at least awhile. Then she could "lose her baby" and still remain in the rich DiMera household. She could find out that Sami is pregnant and where she is, the adopt Sami's baby later. After all, DOOL has been renewed until 2011.

I found this article interesting about lung cancer since Kate mentioned taking one pill that healed her of lung cancer. Maybe the writers read this as well.

Thanks for cleaing up that Nick is not a low life. It is clearly a case of the budget cuts on DOOL with his character being ruined like this. We all saw what happened with Willow. He didn't murder her. It was an accident. I can see where it could drive a person like Nick crazy though. He is just attracted to the wrong kind of females, all of them being manipulative, controlling, and users. I went through that same thing with males in my life until I finally got tired of the hassle, and just gave up on men. Some of us humans only seem to know how to attract the wrong kind of people into our lives. Like Sami, Kate, Chloe, Chelsea, Stephanie, Nicole, Marlena, and almost all the soap characters. The rest of the soap characters can be ruined by writers changes, or rewriting history, or whatever they so choose to do on soaps.

Happy Thanksgiving next week to all of you!

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Kate's cure said...

Ok, sorry that the complete url to that lung cancer one pill treatment didn't show up. You can click on my name and it will hopefully take you to that news article.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First it's a soap opera and I love it when everything has to be about Lumi (long dead couple, that never worked in the ratings) or EJAMI (writers want us to blind ourselves to any chemistry they actually had). As for Chucas, it's like a match made in heaven (two airheads who can't act) and EJOLE (I would rather watch paint dry). Let's face it before we cast stones, the writing sucks, everyone is gettin screwed with this crapola. This is only my humble opinion. And my ruling on the whole slut thing (because everyone sleeps with everyone) I think you reach that point once you have a porn star name. But thankfully, this is only a soap opera

3:58 AM  

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