Friday, October 31, 2008

The Energizer Frickin' Bunny

The soft porn that DOOL has become gets a little less soft as Phillip and Melanie lie in bed and grab forbidden body parts. Well, Melanie grabs the ones that are left, anyway. "Don't stop," says Phillip, "I'm loving it."

Melanie scoots in, "Of course you are." Hot kiss...

Dr. Dan comes up and Phillip wakes up and jumps out of his socks. Daniel asks, "Phillip, something wrong?"

"Yeah," says Phillip, "Your rotten timing."

Nick brings little lost puppy Melanie home. He tells her Maggie and Mickey are at a green restaurant convention.

Bo and Hope come back into the office with an orange jumpsuit for Nicole to wear.

Rafe is stunned, "This can't be happening... I'm the replacement." He makes a call as Sami chuckles.

Rafe and Sami rev up the obligatory and contrived sexual tension between them as Rafe calls for a transfer, "I didn't graduate at the top of my class to babysit a spoiled brat."


Nicole rants, "This thing is ten sizes too big!"

Hope is her usual compassionate and helpful self, "You'll grow into it."

Bo wants a reality check even though he wouldn't recognize reality if it bit him in the butt. EJ interrupts with a court order for a bail hearing and asks for a moment alone with Nicole. Bo and Hope leave. Nicole leaps into EJ's arms. EJ doesn't share her enthusiasm, "Listen to me. I'm gonna ask you a question. I want you to tell the father of your baby the truth. Did you do it? Did you kill Trent?"

She would probably answer him if he didn't have her in a choke hold.

Bo and Hope come back in announcing it's time for the instant-hearing. They haul Nicole out. EJ follows.

Phillip says he dozed off and had a nightmare. "Oh," says Daniel, "You mean you were dreaming about Melanie."

Phillip goes in to see Kate. Kate reminisces about when Phillip was a second grader and obsessed with dinosaurs. Kate then reminisces about when she was a second grader and had a couple of dinosaurs as pets. Phillip says he would give up everything just to be back in the first grade, "I really got to the point where I loved the first grade after repeating it five times. " Kate thinks she may not have much more time left. She goes all weepy and says she doesn't want to leave Phillip, but he has to accept that possibility. Phillip refuses.

Melanie says now that Max has turned his back on her, Nick is her only friend in Salem. She doesn't want him to read too much into their little arrangement, though. "I've decided never to play a guy again," she says as she plays him like a fiddle, "I think we should just be friends. I don't want romance or sex to get in the way."

Nick's balloon bursts, "Oh never. I'd never want that to get in the way." He runs for a cold shower.


Chelsea barges in. She takes one look at Melanie and her fangs spring out, "What are you doing here?"

Melanie is nonchalant, "I live here."

Chelsea is confused. Nick 'splains. He gets on her for walking in without knocking. Melanie joins in.

"There was a time I didn't need to knock," whines the brat.

"We don't live in those times any more," says Nick. He wonders why she came by. Chelsea says she wanted to talk to him about Kate. She starts to go and gives him the mail, which she just happened to pick up outside.

Nick finds a letter addressed to him. He opens it and reads, "OMG! OMG! No way!"

Rafe talks to his supervisor on the phone and agrees not to call again. He hangs up. Sami taunts, "You're stuck with me."

"No princess," says Rafe, "You're stuck with me."

A gal in the audience huffs, "Great. We're stuck with both of them."

EJ and Nicole arrive at the hearing. Nicole snorts, "I'm being dragged through the mud."

"Suck it up, dear," says EJ, "This is about defending your life."

Phillip smooches Kate and leaves. Daniel checks her out. Medically. He says she's responding well but got a high dose of chemo.

"So," says Kate, "the cure may kill me."

"Don't say that," says Daniel. Phillip listens as Kate tells Daniel she trusts him. She says he may never know how much that means to her.


Nick says his fuel project has the attention of a major funding group, "We could be looking at some serious money." Melanie wants a celebration. Suddenly all that sex and love stuff comes back into play. Nick thinks it's strange Trent is no longer involved. Melanie wants to be alone with him. Chelsea leaves to make a phone call.

Melanie cozies up, "So Mr. Nobel Prize, I'm so proud of you." Nick says he doesn't want to hurt her any further by bringing up her dad. She says talking about her dad won't bring a tear to her eye. Melanie gets closer and hugs him. Chelsea spies and rolls her eyes.

Judge Fitzpatrick gets things started. EJ requests the court release Nicole on her own recognizance. Bo jumps in, "I have something to say, your honor."


Chelsea listens as the party inside continues. Melanie reminds Nick legally she's entitled to some of what he makes but just wouldn't think of taking anything. "We are in this together," says Nick. Melanie just knows they will always be friends, "Maybe someday something more." Outside, Chelsea tosses her cookies.

Sami goes on about how tired she is and says she wants to go to bed. Rafe, however, drags out a large box full of mugshots and slams it on the table.

Bo says there is evidence linking Nicole to Trent's death. He runs through the litany of evidence and Nicole's priors. EJ objects. Fitz overrules, "I've come to a decision." That was quick. Hope's tea isn't even done steeping in front of her yet. Fitzpatrick decides Nicole goes to the slammer. EJ hugs Nicole as she falls apart.

Sami begs Rafe to stop the mugshot torture. Rafe tells her they have to keep it up. Sami gets sick and threatens to puke all over him. Rafe thinks something else is up. Unfortunately, it's not today's episode.


Daniel meets Phillip out in the hall. He says he overheard them and he thinks Daniel is a big part of giving Kate hope. He says he won't get involved after Kate gets well, "Just save her."

Chelsea listens as Melanie rambles on, "I think we have a karmic bond, Nick."

Chelsea looks 'karmic' up on her PDA" "A serendipitous link that develops quickly in the presence of money."

Nick and Melanie... closer... closer... mouths wide enough to form a stargate... Chelsea busts back in, "AHEM! Could I have a second alone with Nick?" Melanie leaves. Nick works his jaw back into its sockets.

"I heard all that," says Chelsea, "What are you doing besides making a huge mistake?" He gets on her for spying on them. Chelsea lectures, "You are a fool, Nick."

"Not any more," he insists, "I stopped dating you." Chelsea says Melanie only cares about the money. Nick asks, "Who the hell do you think you are, Chelsea?"

Chelsea asks, "Have you lost your mind?"

Nick shouts, "Get out!"


Melanie comes back in. Chelsea leaves and stews.

"Well," says Melanie, "She is not happy."

"No," says Nick, "And right now I don't care. Melanie tells him not to let it get to him."

Rafe asks, "What's going on?"

"Nothing, Sherlock," says Sami, "I get worn out after a while. What are you, the Energizer Frickin' Bunny?" Sami promises to look at the mugshots tomorrow if he will let her go now. Rafe agrees. He leaves to get ready for bed. Sami picks up a cell phone and contemplates it, but Rafe comes back. Sami says she was just wondering who his service provender was. Rafe sees through her scheme. He heads back into the bathroom.

Sami wonders, "How am I supposed to call my dad... PAY PHONE!" Sami dresses and rushes for the door.

Hope congratulates Bo for his brilliant performance in the courtroom, "You really got it right this time." Bo reminds her even a broken clock is right twice a day. But Mr. Police Genius has doubts, "I'm not 100% convinced she's guilty." Hope is 90% certain.

"Yeah," says Bo, "But what about the other 50%?"

Nicole stands in her cell and rants. EJ vows to get her out, "I'm not letting my child stay here."

Nicole goes into full-blown meltdown, "YOUR CHILD AND I ARE A PACKAGE DEAL! What are you going to do about ME ?"

Melanie announces that she is tired and decides to go to bed. She thanks Nick and leaves. Nick sighs. He discovers she has left her purse and starts to call her, but stops when he sees the note.

Daniel whispers. "We need you... Your kids... Chelsea... me... We need you Kate. You gotta fight this and beat it and come back to us. Come back to me."

Sami heads out the door, but nekkid Rafe barges out of the shower, "Don't even think about it." Sami snorts and storms back into the apartment.

The guard tells EJ his time is up. Nicole cries and begs him not to leave. She asks if she has lost his trust. EJ says he doesn't know what to think. He kisses her forehead and tells her to get some rest. As he leaves Nicole doubles over in pain. She vows she will be fine, and then asks herself, "What if you're not fine and you're stuck in here?" Suddenly, she gets an idea, "Oh, Nicole, you're brilliant. Oh yes!"


Chelsea finds Phillip and tells him she needs him to save Nick from Melanie.

Nick reads the note flashes back to the time when he wrote it. He stands by the counter and twiddles the note around with his fingers.


Coming tomorrow: Leslie and Deb's long anticipated report on meeting EJ! Prepare yourselves... There was actual touching involved, not to mention an appearance of the Evil EJ Smirk!


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, so I was right. It was Nick. I can only hope he is playing Melanie now, instead of falling for her. The more I see of her on DOOL, the less I like her. I hope she did do it so they will get rid of her character. To be only 17, she seems to be very worldly and knowledgable on how to play males for whatever she can get out of them to her advantage. Melanie and Nicole are definitely two peas in a pod, so they have to be Mother and daughter. I just wonder how long before this is revealed? With Nicole already in jail, it would be a perfect time to reveal it, so she could take the rap for her daughter. Isn't that the way soaps work?

Wonder how long it will take Sami and Rafe to have sex? I don't think it will be very long because they will be penned up together. He probably already suspects she is pregnant. Anyone with a brain could see she is, although she did look nicer in her clothes that fit better.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deb or Leslie, did you get any new soap spoilers out of your visit with EJ last week? If so, please post them for us.

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Galen Gering is such a hunk! What eye candy for viewers!

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"Don't stop," says Phillip, "I'm loving it."

"Melanie scoots in, 'Of course you are.' Hot kiss...

Dr. Dan comes up and Phillip jumps out of his socks. Daniel asks, 'Phillip, something wrong?'

'Yeah,' says Phillip,'Your rotten timing.'"

A guy like Phillip would actually dream about an under age skank like Melanie? Give me a break!! If Melanie was wearing a school uniform, that moves Phillip into the Dr. Dan pervert zone.

"Nicole rants, 'This thing is ten sizes too big!'"

...and I was hoping for a little something designed by Michael Kors!

"Kate then reminisces about when she was a second grader and had a couple of dinosaurs as pets."

Excellent, Prevuze, excellent!

"Melanie cozies up, 'So Mr. Nobel Prize, I'm so proud of you.'"

Doesn't the Nobel Prize come with money. too?

"'Maybe someday something more.' Outside, Chelsea tosses her cookies."

...along with the rest of us.

Why would Sami have to look through mug shot books? She's already provided a accurate enough description for the sketch artist to draw a good likeness of Scuzzo. If she's in the witness protection program, why is she being kept in a safe house? With adequate protection, she could be anywhere. The witness protection program is supposed to get the witness a new identity so they can actually live a normal life. A normal live includes a job. Job? Now there's a novel concept for Sami.

Thanks for another TGIF installment of Prevuze!! What would be do without you?

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job again, Prevuze! I just love waking up to you!

Great snark, great commentary.
My big question is: why is Sami trying to escape when she was the one who wanted in there in the first place? Are they holding her against her will? Doesn't she remember the dude who shot at her? She is such a dumbass!

Look forward to the James Scott tale of gorgeousness! Hope there is some news to see shady EJ again!


6:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOAH!!! Philip is dreaming of underage Melanie?? WTF!! This is so lame and skanky. Like Philip NEEDS to stoop that low. So they rewrote his love for Chloe and chose this pervy crap instead -- what a disgrace!

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is the show doing this to me, oh, worry Chelsea syndrome sneaking in. Why is the show doing this to us all? Are there people out there wanting Philip with Melanie? And having him dream of her? UGH.

Hee, you guys make me wish Halloween came more often.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Don't most people getting chemo get the treatment and go home to recoup or is it an option to stay in the hospital? As reluctant as Kate was to stay even for an x-ray I can't see her staying there anyway.

I was going to say Nick is too smart to fall for Melanie's act. But then he fell for the brat so his common sense might be questionable.

I laughed hysterically this morning at Zeke, Stan and good ol' waterworks Belle. Think that mask company has a new version for 2008 - the waterworks Sami? HAHAHAHA

Thank you, Prevuze, for the great blasts from the past. And I'll be chuckling over Zeke all day! :D


7:37 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Why is the show doing this to us all? Are there people out there wanting Philip with Melanie? And having him dream of her? UGH.

In case you haven't noticed, this show experiments with every combination of male/female pairing in order to use the "throw it up on the wall and see what sticks" method of desperately and pathetically attempting to boost ratings.

I think they've demonstrated they will do anything in their pitiful effort to attract viewers except the one thing that would work... provide quality entertainment.

We actually endorse this effort here at Prevuze because the more ridiculous they get, the more material it gives us.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday Sami looked like herself again in the blue top and jeans. You could still tell she is pregnant though, but at least she was not dressed in those clothes that make her look like an elephant in a tent.

I truly hope Nick is the one using Melanie. I mean, in France, he did figure out she was after a man's money and pretended he was wealthy in order to meet her. So maybe now, he is trying to get a confession out of her for killing Trent? I would certainly hope a man of his intellect would be smarter than to fall for the likes of Melanie. She really is a skank. Hard to believe she is only 17 years old. I also wonder why her last name is Layton when Trent's was Robbins? I hope they explain that soon. If she was adopted, then Max is not really her blood brother at all. They are making him way too loving and forgiving of Melanie to have just met her. That would not happen in reality. I have seen blood relatives who will turn on their kin for far less reasons given them.

Great job, Prevuze.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phillip is wealthy. No reason for him to be dreaming of a skank like Melanie at all. He could get any female he wants with his looks and money.
I didn't mention brains because no soap character ever seems to have them much at all. Melanie looks like she is on drugs to me.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Poor Zeke, he will be searching a long time if he is trying to find a brain in Salem!lol

I think Sami may be happy Rafe is the frickin' energizer bunny really soon.;)

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She so looks like Olive Oyl you hit on the head this time. Great job!!!Yeah Samis' gonna like the energizer Rafe bunny. Lets hope she doesn't stay as fertile as a bunny.c.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

That was my thought, Victoria. Prevuze could have put just about any of the Salem denizens in the pic and it would have have the same ending for poor Zeke. Loved his adventure and the blasts from Halloweens past.

Bo wants a reality check even though he wouldn't recognize reality if it bit him in the butt.

I know one shouldn't expect reality on a soap, but a little common sense once in a while would be nice.

Kate then reminisces about when she was a second grader and had a couple of dinosaurs as pets.

Ooooo, another nice snark.

Phillip says he would give up everything just to be back in the first grade.

Actually, I vaguely recall Phil got SORASed from pre-school age right up into high school. He probably wishes he could have GONE to first grade. LOL

My HUH?! moment:

EJ interrupts with a court order for a bail hearing.

This is just another futile attempt to ask for a little logic on this show, but why would EJ need a bail hearing? Has Nicole even been arraigned yet? If the judge rules there is sufficient evidence to remand the defendant over for trial doesn’t request for bail automatically happen during that hearing?

Happy Halloween out there to all the little Prevuzites. Dress up like your favorite Salem character and have a great day.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Catscratch_79 said...

I LOVE the pictures of Zombie Zeke and Sami! Plus I almost forgot about the Stan costume going around a while back. Didn't Will get into a fight at a Halloween party around this time two years ago?

I don't know what goes through Nick's mind. I can't relate to that character. He's random, and falls for girls who so clearly want to use him.

I hope Rafe has more to contribute to the show than to become Sami's new victim -- er, boyfriend.


10:16 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Either Judge Fitzpatrick was demoted to night court or they hauled Sami to a house in another time zone because she was sitting in on Nicole's hearing at the same time Sami/Hilda/Raif were getting ready for bed and Scuzzo is wandering around in the dark!

10:29 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Didn't Will get into a fight at a Halloween party around this time two years ago?

Three years ago. Time flies when you're having fun.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous WingNut '75 said...

To be only 17, she seems to be very worldly and knowledgable on how to play males for whatever she can get out of them to her advantage.

I thought all women were born with that innate ability... :-)

As for all of the snarky comments about Melanie, watch it ladies - that little green monster is rearing its ugly head. IMO she's cute. I think the reason you all dislike her so much is the same reason I dislike EJ - I wish I looked like him! :-)

Happy Halloween everyone!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After watching today's DOOL episode, EJ blasted Nicole for not telling him the truth about the night Trent was killed. I usually don't like seeing people punished but on soaps there are just so many villains who get away with all kinds of crimes that when they do finally get paid, it kinda makes a person glad to see it happen. I doubt anyone out there feels sorry for Nicole or Kate for that matter. Both of them have done terrible things and never got caught or punished. Same with Sami.

I carefully watched Nick today, and he said he couldn't believe that Nicole was arrested for Trent's murder. So he definitely knows something about Melanie yet to be seen. I am glad that tomorrow's show will reveal that Nick wrote Melanie that note and it was his disguised voice on the phone.

When Melanie picked up that knife at the end of the show today, I couldn't help but get the feeling that she might be a psychopath. Looking into the shiny part of the knife, Melanie said, "You are one lucky little girl." If she did kill Trent, she will definitely try to kill another person yet on the show. That could be how they nail her.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry Wingnut, no jealousy here about Melanie at all. I was not born knowing how to manipulate men either. Now in my senior years, I still don't do that. Melanie is a just young opportunistic bwitch, which seems to be a favorite word to call her now here.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

lol Wingnut. I have more reasons than that to dislike EJ. I don't think is jealousy is the reason the ladies don't like Melanie, but who knows. I adore her but don't understand why people like Bo and Hope.

With Nicole already in jail, it would be a perfect time to reveal it, so she could take the rap for her daughter. Isn't that the way soaps work?
Like I said before, this doesn't make sense. Nicole doesn't know Melanie, it's highly improbable the selfish Nicole would take the rap for anyone.

Phillip and Melanie lie in bed and grab forbidden body parts.
I don't think Philip and Melanie are as close to pervy as Dan and Chelsea but lusting after her is a bit skeezy. Dating Melanie is fine with me, as she is just shy of 18 and isn't some naive young girl like, Abby perhaps. Lusting after her is perv territory.

I doubt anyone out there feels sorry for Nicole
I feel a little sorry, only because EJ used 'trust' as his standing point when of course he himself has been less than truthful.

"I'm not 100% convinced she's guilty." Hope is 90% certain.
HAHA! Oh wow, just two days they were sure Melanie did it, and I'm sure in a week it'll be someone else. Not a Brady though, never a Brady.

Chelsea finds Phillip and tells him she needs him to save Nick from Melanie.
Haha. When did Philip become Mr. Popular?

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey if Phil and Melanie get together it would be Phelanie (pronounced felony)

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Klaus - I SO agree with you on Ho and Dope!! I've never been a big fan either but I almost commented the last couple of days that I've never seen them as smirky and obnoxious as they're making them in this storyline. It makes me want to toss a brick thru the tv every time they're on!

And what's with them always standing like they're glued at the hip? It's just so annoying.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJ or the energy bunny - Sami has the worse luck. Watch Sami pick Lucas.

5:15 PM  
Anonymous LB said...

Um...Nicole and Kate have never been punished. But Sami has -- she's been ostracized, hated, sent to death row and been injected for a crime she didn't commit, and so on. She's paid her dues more than most on that show. Not to mention being raped (and I'm talking about Alan), used (Tony), and generally vilified since she was a child. I realize Kate & Nicole both have "heartbreaking" stories but Sami's the one that's been on the show and they've showed her going through those things. In particular the lonliness after being setup by Kate and Lucas believing Kate that drove her to falling for the Stan scheme; the issues with Alan, Carrie, and Austin; and the whole attempted murder (Kate & Lucas). Sami's just been held to higher standard by her family than Kate & Nicole.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Niho and Ej. Give us a break. I am sooo sick of the porn star being on this show. (granted Ari can act but put her with someelse) Let her suffer for once as Sami has done soo many times. Let her lose her baby and Ej. Ej is getting on my freakin nerves being so careless (no protection) with the whore of Salem. Maybe the STD she gave him messed with his brain. I know a few fans may want Niho and Ej together but come on she's his second and worse choice. I want Sami and Ej together as a family. I remember how they were before when they were in the safehouse together. Sami should know Ej can protect their children from Stephano. Give us back the EJ we fell in love with. He can handle Steppy. He has before. When Ej finds out Sami is carrying HIS child (finally this is not a whose the daddy storyline)he will want to be with Sami. Me and QUITE a large number of fans will get our Ejami. Hope you read this Dena. If I wrote this story I would have Niho lose her baby and pretend she's still preggers. Than Ej will find out what a money grubbing whore she really is. That wil give Alison time to have her baby and get back to work. I hope she has the baby on days when she gets back so she goes in labor in the WPP and Rafe goes to look for help and Ej happens to be driving by. Not realizing until he gets there he is about to deliver his own baby with the woman he loves. I hope only Rafe falls for Sami and she doesn't fall for him. When Rafe sees the love and connection between them he quietly leaves. After they have the baby Ej and Sami will finally say I love you to each other. This could be done so great it could bring tears to viewers eyes.Now that's a great story line.

9:54 AM  

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