Thursday, September 25, 2008

You're Not Horrible, Just Screwed Up

Mad Max and the Thunderbroom work outside the pub. Max-is-jus-so-peeved and he SWATS at that stinkin' ole dirt. Lo'dhamercy. That dirt will never get in Max' way again. Melanie comes up to him and tells him she knows how he feels. She's been at the controls of a Thunderbroom herself. Max thinks his father is a low life swine. Melanie can't get used to being around Trent. She needs to get out of Salem. Max refuses to let her go.

Nick joins Chelsea in the pub. She thinks she's clueless when it comes to men. Nick wants to know why she's narrowing her cluelessness so much. He offers to listen to her tale of woe. She tells him about Kate's health problems. Nick had no idea STDs could affect the lungs. Chelsea thinks something is still going on between Danny and Granny, and she can't find it in her heart to forgive them. Nick plays Dr. Phil. She thinks she's lucky to have him but then realizes she really doesn't. Chelsea says she doesn't get what he's doing with Melanie. Things fall apart. Chelsea disses herself in a desperate and pathetic attempt for sympathy. "You're not horrible," says Nick, "Just screwed up."

"You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet," says the brat.

He says if he's interested in Melanie, that's his business. Chelsea doesn't trust Melanie and doesn't think Nick should.

Phillip and Lucas are at dinner at Chez Rouge. Phillip welcomes Lucas back to Titan. Lucas tells him Chloe is babysitting as Chloe waltzes in and sits down with them. Nicole joins the crowd as Lucas gets all bent out of shape when Chloe tells him she's hired a babysitter. Lucas takes off as Nicole tells Phillip she needs his help. Lucas comes back and says he talked to the babysitter and all is well. He and Chloe get into it and she huffs off. Nicole follows. Phillip says he thinks Lucas was a little hard on Chloe. Lucas gets defensive but says he will apologize.

Over at the bar, Chloe and Nicole rant about Lucas. "I'm not ready for the whole 'family' thing," says Chloe, "At least, not until my scars heal." She says she's starting to feel trapped. Chloe doesn't think she's cut out to be a mom. Nicole is glad she can't have kids. Lucas interrupts and apologizes for blowing up at Chloe. He asks her to dance. Chloe heads for the dance floor. "I meant on the table," says Lucas. As they dance Lucas says he likes having her in his world.

Meanwhile Phillip and Nicole talk. She tells him she's ruined if Victor doesn't honor their divorce settlement. Phillip says Victor won't budge on this. Nicole thinks Trent doesn't deserve to live. If she had the means she'd kill him herself. Lucas goes back to the cabin. Nicole leaves, too. Phillip toasts getting what they want. Chloe wonders if Phillip knows what he wants. He wonders if she does.

Nicole calls EJ for help.

Roman works on a cold case. Bo says Hope thinks Roman is judging her for not taking the commissioner's job. Roman says he'll give up his career before he'll work for some corrupt SOB, "Stupid, yes, corrupt, no." He goes back to suggesting Bo take the job. Roman really pours it on. He calls the mayor's office to recommend Bo. Roman hangs up and works on Bo some more. "In other words says Bo, "You want me to take one for the team." Caroline comes in and says she's worried sick about Max. Bo assures her Max won't go after Trent. Caroline reminds him Max is impulsive just like Bo. Bo didn't realize they were in that much trouble. Roman agrees to call Max and talk. He says he'll take Max to dinner. Bo will go too. Caroline says that's not good enough. She says they have to get Trent to leave Salem. Bo and Roman think their hands are tied. Caroline snaps, "Well, mine aren't."

Ho'livia sslloowwllyy slides her hand up her leg and straightens her stocking. Trent announces, "...and a good time was had by all." One out of two ain't bad. He smooches her and then drops cash into her Wonderbrasitory. Maybe it's a tip. Two things don't survive in this crazy world: teams that don't make their free throws and hookers who don't have a pay before play policy. Trent escorts Ho'livia to the door and cops one last feel, "Keep it warm for me." As she leaves he gets a call from Claude who says Trent is trying his patience. Claude either wants the money Trent owes him or Melanie. Trent wonders how he can get the money. He figures he just CAN'T hand Melanie over but after two seconds of thoughtful reconsidering, decides he has no choice.

Melanie gets a text from Trent saying he wants to see her. Melanie doesn't want to go but Max is all for it. Max and Melanie arrive and Trent tells them he's in bad trouble. Claude has resurfaced. Trent thinks if Melanie doesn't go clean up his mess he's a dead man. Sarcastic Max is heartbroken. Trent plays the daddy card with Max. He says he feels a connection. Max doesn't. Trent takes the daddy card back from Max and plays it on Melanie. He begs her to help. Max tells him to leave her alone. Melanie starts to buy his line and Max steps in. Melanie makes a call as Max goes off the deep end.


Max and Trent roll around as Max beats the crap out of him. Chelsea and Nick run in out of the wild blue yonder and stop him. Nick says he has cash. He says he will give Trent the grant money. Trent doesn't want the grant money. He wants Melanie to help him. Melanie explodes. Trent says both his children are losers. Max takes Melanie out as Trent loses all control.

Outside Max assures her Trent is as good as gone, "In one way or another he's leaving Salem tonight."



You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like everybody would rather the other person take the job instead of being self sacrificing.And their Bradys.Whats up with that.Wow more pay no work. Whats the hitch. They finally address the fact that Nicole can't have children. Wonder who finally did a little research? Or maybe they have just been reading the remarks/snarks on prevuze. Thanks guys for taking the hit one more time.c

3:57 AM  
Anonymous Susan said...

I have been waiting for tptb to remember that Nicole couldn't have babies, but I'm sure they've figured out some sort of 'brilliant idea' to make her pregnant anyway.

4:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like it could be Claude's goon who actually kills Trent since he just paid the "lady" he was with for her services. I kinda had figured all along it would be a scorned woman who did him in. What's up with Caroline being the person holding the bloody knife when Trent is killed? Maybe she thinks Max did it and takes hold of it so her fingerprints, not his, would be on the knife?

And Kayla being the new Chief of Staff of the Salem Hospital? Why don't they just hire Galen Gehrig for that part? I heard he is going to be a romantic interest for Chelsea. Could just be a rumor though.

Roman served as Commissioner while Abe was gone, so why not now? He is the best choice for the job as far as seniority goes.

The list of suspects keeps growing who want to do Stefano in, so I think he will be the next victim. A rumor says that one of the vets on the show will be killed off soon. I think it has to be him because so many people are just sick and tired of his evil ways, and feels he needs to die off the show for good this time. What's with Rolf now? He was becoming a fairly likeable character. Now he's right back to being his evil self with Stefano. It makes me shudder to think that Sami left him alone with her twins so many times. No telling what he might have done to them either, since we know he put something in Joe's arm.

It's going to be a madhouse with both Sami and Nicole pregnant by EJ. I still think that man should donate his sperm to sperm banks. lol He's had sex three times on DOOL and all three times impregnated Sami and Nicole. I didn't think he and Sami actually had sex in the stairwell so not counting that time at all. Nicole will be broke, so she will have to live at the DiMera mansion now. That place is getting really crowded huh? The more people, the more suspects for killing Stefano. John would be my best suspect for killing Stefano of all of them. He will realize that if he doesn't get that disc back and restore his brain's memories that they will only control him again as a pawn. I don't think he would ever allow that to happen though, and would probably kill Stefano in self-defense.

For Stefano to say he loved Marlena so much, and now wants her to suffer and be in as much pain as possible, she might be the one who kills him to save John's life. She seems to be the only person on DOOL right now who knows how much that disc means to saving John's life.

4:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I figure the miraculous reason the writer's give for Nicole's being able to become pregnant will be that EJ the stud's sperm are so powerful, he could get anyone pregnant. Knowing Nicole, she will think it's a sign they were meant to be together.

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's up with Chloe kissing Phillip again? If I were Morgan, I would go straight to Lucas and tell him what I saw, and hopefully he would chuck her for good. The writers have ruined Chloe's character. She is nothing but an opportunist now.

Did anyone stop to think that the Horton cabin is secluded on an island? Where would they be able to find a babysitter at the last minute? Surely, Chloe is not so stupid to not realize that Lucas would not want a stranger babysitting Allie? This would be a good time to get Sami and Lucas back together, since she is going to be pregnant again on DOOL to account for her pregnancy in real life. She could try to pass the baby off as Lucas' again, and switch paternity test results again. With these writers, we might even find out later that Lucas and Sami actually had sex one night and he really is the father of her baby, not EJ. On DOOL nothing is impossible apparently.

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Melanie can't get used to being around Trent. She needs to get out of Salem. Max refuses to let her go.
Pleeeeeeeeaze, Max, pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeze, let her go!!!!!  I am begging you to just give her the broom and let her fly away on it.
"You're not horrible," says Nick, "Just screwed up."

"You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet," says the brat.

Accuracy has got to count for something.
Phillip toasts getting what they want. Chloe wonders if Phillip knows what he wants. He wonders if she does.
Is it no wonder that the viewers can take snooze during this conversation and miss nothing?
Roman agrees to call Max and talk. He says he'll take Max to dinner. Bo will go too.
This would be a dope to dope to dope intervention.
Kudos to Prevuze and Bulldog for the very funny captions and photos.  In the stating the obvious photo, Prevuze could have included “I’m Prevuze.  Trent will be dead in no time”.  Have another great day!!!

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Ugh, what? Sami is going to be pregnant AGAIN? By who? EJ? I don't know how many 'ugh's and sighs of discontent I can make. Ugh, again? *sigh*

Haha, I don't know why Chloe would do what she did (aside from plot development), this was obviously a test of trust, which she failed spectacularly.

She says she's starting to feel trapped.
Chloe is a moron.

He's had sex three times on DOOL and all three times impregnated Sami and Nicole.

Pleeeeeeeeaze, Max, pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeze, let her go!!!!! I am begging you to just give her the broom and let her fly away on it.
Aww, I actually like Melanie. It's nice to have a (somewhat) new bloodline on the show. Also they need an honest brat in there, since Chelsea and Stephanie are now saints.

Re: Chelsea - Bring in someone new or whatever, just please make him a closer age, and a non-doctor. She's not having too much luck in the science field.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

He smooches her and then drops cash into her Wonderbrasitory. Maybe it's a tip. Two things don't survive in this crazy world: teams that don't make their free throws and hookers who don't have a pay before play policy.

Prevuze is a treasure trove of information. In one paragraph we get both a new vocabulary word and a life lesson.

Bulldog's pic of Daniel praising Lexi was so right on. And, I'll be laughing at the Clay Aiken picture all morning.

Thanks for the update Prevuze!

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

I hope they don't make Nicole pregnant but they sure appear to be going that way. I don't think EJ will take her and then she'll be broke and pregnant with a DiMera child. Stefano might want that baby and for the right price I think we could have a new couple on Daze.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loving how Nick is not taking Chelsea's crap.

I know Roman is galatically stupid but after Hope was named Abe's replacement, does he really think pushing for Bo is a good idea?

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I think they've all been in the same gene pool for far too long. Chloe might be the top moron.

And was that in the spoilers that Kayla is going to be Chief of Staph? And only a Brady can be commissioner? ARE THERE ONLY TWO FAMILIES IN THIS WHOLE TOWN?? As Applecheeks mentioned the other day, let's get Craig Wesley back to run the hospital. Especially when he and Nancy first arrived (before they became nothing but props for Chloe) he was a delicious fink.

I state again, who but Prevuze would even remember Clay Aiken was on DOOL? HAHAHAHA

I also liked STD's affecting Kate's lungs and Chloe not being ready for the whole 'family' thing until her scars heal.

Thanks, Prevuze!

8:15 AM  
Blogger fwickafwee said...

the Clay Aiken photo and caption was awesome!! Nice work, great stuff.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

who but Prevuze would even remember Clay Aiken was on DOOL?

Our lives are marked by special moments and one of the special moments in the Prevuze archives was Clay's DOOL appearance. We remember such moments fondly since an appearance by a guy like Clay just hands us oodles of material* on a silver platter. See — all these months later and we are still capitalizing on his little cameo.

*I would have said "A lot of material" but Clay is an "oodles" kind of guy.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good thought that Nicole might sell her baby to Stefano since it is a DiMera if the price is high enough. I didn't even think of that one. Yes, this week Nicole finds out she is pregnant indeed. It seems EJ will now father two more children to give Stefano more heirs. Maybe he is still working for his dad after all? If they both have twins, he would really be raking in the heirs huh?

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OOOOOOO I got a good one. Chelsea is so peeved cause Dan won't tell her what's wrong with Kate. When she was doing "time" in medical records, she was able to find Claire's records and put them in Belle and Shawn's face. Well, now she's Occupational Therapist of the year that can work two weeks and take a vacation to France. So, what's to keep her from getting her hands on Kates records now without Dan knowing? And, has anyone but me noticed that with that new haircut, she looks like a magpie?
I about lost it last night when Hope was giving that motherly monologue about how she doesn't want to lose a moment with Ciara. Wasn't it last week, she pushed Ciara and Joe off on Caroline to go out on a girls night out with Kayla? There's a good one. Kayla as chief of staff. She works less than Lexie does. But, I have to give it to her. She gets her xrays a lot faster than any other doctor on the show. No sooner than John was up off the ct scan table did she have her third set of xrays on him.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Renaissance Girl said...

LOL I loved the Clay Aiken captions!!

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it me or does Melanie always seem drunk? I think she had her jaws wired. Can she EVER close her mouth completely? Must she show ALL 66 of her teeth?
Three cheers to Nick for that blow off he gave Chelsea. " ..and she doesn't feel sorry for herself." Oh that was classic. Of course, when Kate's test results are FINALLY revealed, the whole thing will be about poor Chelsea.
Somebody slap Chloe and see if anything falls out of her ears. She was all poopy pouty cause Lucas wasn't happy that she hogtied some poor teenager to babysit so she could grace him with her presence. Lucas should NOT have apologized. He had every right to be mad.
Does Nicole already know she's pregnant? Why has she suddenly stopped drinking?
My vote for police commish is none other than John....or maybe none other than Steve. Either one will take care of Stefano.

9:08 PM  

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