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Hate, Loathing And Disgust

Marlena enters the bustling pub and sits with Bo and Hope. They share some small talk and then Bo asks what he can get Marlena. "I'll just have something light," she says, "A triple martini would be light enough for a start." Bo leaves to get the drinks.

Hope asks how Marlena is doing. Marlena gives a better zombie stare than we got from John in Sami's zombie dream, "I'm up, I'm doing things, I'm suicidal, homicidal, you know, the usual."

Marlena has bought a scrapbook for pictures and memories. Hope offers to help her put it together, but Marlena says she needs to do it by herself. Hope says they will never forget him. Marlena stopped by the church on the way over there and prayed no one they love will ever be taken away before their time again. God agreed, but only because he wanted to shut her up.

Lucas offers to take care of the kids and get Sami breakfast in bed when they get home and start sharing their wonderful life with the twins. Sami bursts his balloon. They're going to Santo Domingo for a divorce.

EJ meets Kate. He says he's brought supplies for their little caper. Kate says, "If Lucas finds out about this..."

EJ says, "All right, Kate, Lucas is not going to find out about this. He still loves you."

"Oh, yeah," says Miss Sarcasm 2007, "That's why he changed his name to Horton. So, what kind of supplies did you bring?"

EJ holds up his shiny new Glock, "The lethal kind, darling. This gun is untraceable."

"Big deal," says Kate, "The Salem cops couldn't trace it if it had your name engraved on it. What are you going to do?"

"Step away from the car," says EJ, "and I'll show you. Lucas will think we hired an assassin." BANG! BANG! BANG!

Lucas wants to discuss this. Sami reminds him, "We have talked it to death." Truer words were never spoken. Belle walks in. Lucas decides it's time for him to go check on the kids.

Belle wants to know what she interrupted. "I don't want to talk about it," says Sami – Which, of course, means she spends the next five minutes talking about it.

Belle understands how Lucas might feel, "How would you feel if Lucas was marrying someone else."

"I'd kill her," says Sami, "So, how are the wedding plans coming?"

Belle says, "That's actually why I came to talk to you. I need some good advice. But since no one else is available, I came to you."

Sami asks, "If you came to me for good advice you must be hard up. It's that bad?"

Belle drops the bomb, "I slept with Phillip."

Marlena says she is trying not to be bitter. She describes her bitterness. Hope vows to find John's killer.

Marlena zones, "We know who killed him." Marlena says she just wants to get away.

Bo comes back and overhears. He says John lived on his terms, "He was fearless. We can't run."

Marlena says, "I could use some help with Sami."

Bo says, "Anything, you know that."

Marlena says, "Well, I'd like you to stop this wedding from happening until the Guinness Book of World Records can verify this next trip to the altar would set a record."

EJ surveys the hack-job he just did on Kate's vehicle, "Not bad."

"Kate growls, "You're going to buy me a new car." They go over Kate's story. Kate thinks she should call Roman instead of 911. She'll beg him not to tell Lucas, which means he'll immediately tell Lucas and Lucas will come running. "What if he doesn't," asks Kate.

EJ reassures her, "He'll be here, all right?" Kate asks him to get a piece of glass and cut her on the forehead. EJ doesn't want to, but Kate insists. EJ picks out a good sharp piece and goes to work.

Kate squeals, "If Lucas doesn't believe this, this time I'll lose him for good."

Marlena says, "If John were here he would find some way to stop the wedding. I know it sounds far-fetched but he might even dress up as a nun and sneak up to the belfry and be a sniper."

"No one is that stupid," says Bo, "But since John isn't here, I'll have to stop it for him."


Belle is confused, as usual, "What does it matter where it happened? That's not important."

"ALL the juicy details are important," says Sami.

Belle tells her, "In the room over the pub."

Sami is shocked, "As in the room you share with Shawn?" Even Sami doesn't understand this one.

Belle tries to rationalize, "I care about Phillip but I love Shawn and want to marry him, and get a little on the side." She thinks it was a stupid mistake.

Sami tells her to make that clear to Phillip, "And NEVER tell Shawn."

Belle drags out the other news bomb, "Someone else knows – Hope."

It's a good thing Sami is in a hospital. She about has a heart attack, "HOPE KNOWS?"

Belle whines, "She figured it out. There was no way to deny it."

Sami gives her best advice yet, "There is always a way to deny it. Have I taught you nothing?"

Belle whimpers, "She said she wouldn't tell."

Sami's sarcasm reaches new levels, "Oh, good, then you have nothing to worry about."

Belle asks, "You think Hope will tell?"

"I'd look for it in tomorrow's edition of the Salem Enquirer," says Sami.

Belle knows Phillip doesn't want to let her go. Sami wants to know what will happen the next time. Belle insists Shawn is everything to her. Sami advises her to stay as far away from Phillip as possible. "He's a friend," whines Belle.

"He's your lover," says Sami, "You have to lay down the law or lose Shawn."

Bo wishes they could convince Sami she isn't alone in this. He decides he will talk to Sami and set her straight. Poor delusional Bo leaves.

"I hope he survives," says Hope.

Marlena thinks of John, "Don't ever take your husband for granted."

"I'm so sorry," says Hope.

Marlena says if Bo can't reach Sami there is another way, "Kill EJ Wells."

The cops photograph Kate's car. Roman supervises. He offers to take Kate to the hospital but Kate refuses. Roman is surprised the casings are right by the car, but the cars were moving and the casings should be back down the road. Kate says she can't explain that one, "Things just happened so fast."

Roman inspects the driver's seat in Kate's vehicle. There is a bullet hole right in the middle of it, "Just how far down did you duck?"

"Clear under the dash," lies Kate.

Lucas rushes up, "What's going on? Mom! Are you OK?" Kate says she never thought he would come. Hugs.

EJ brings flowers and gifts to Sami's room. The chocolates are for the nurses, for taking such good care of Sami. Sami wants him out, "Lucas will be right back, in case you feel industrious and decide to mop the floor."

EJ asks, "You haven't heard. There was some kind of an emergency with Kate." Sami panics and starts to call Lucas. EJ tells her Roman is involved and he just assumed Lucas would call her when he got the chance. Sami decides to call later. EJ asks about Santo Domingo.

"Lucas won't go," says Sami.

EJ is smug, "Maybe today will be the day he changes his mind."

Roman announces they are wrapping things up. Lucas gestures, postures and struts, "I know who did this and why."

Roman tells Kate he probably will want her to come to the station later to make a statement. Kate says she has told him everything there is to tell. "You'd be surprised what comes back to you," says Roman.

He leaves. Lucas asks why Kate is way out there, "You hate the country."

"I was just driving to relax," says Kate.

Lucas thinks the DiMeras are getting desperate, "You're not even a Brady."

"But you're my son and you're married to one," says Kate, "I suppose that's close enough. But you need to be with Sami. I can take care of myself."

Lucas wants her to have something that will help her take care of herself. He pulls out a gun, "Take this and use it if you have to."

Hope says it's human nature to want revenge. Marlena says she has been fanaticizing about ways to kill EJ, "These are more than fantasies. If I had acted on them last year, John would be alive today. If EJ dies the DiMera dynasty dies." Hope tries to talk her out of it as SSK music plays in the background, as if we need that to realize Marlena is completely wigging out.

"These thoughts are not going away," drones the possessed Marlena.

Hope assures her, "They will."

"Hope, I'm a psychiatrist," says Marlena, "I testify in trials. I know how to set up an insanity plea. You know – The grieving widow at the breaking point, terrified her children and grandchildren are in danger. Juries just eat..."

Hope cuts her off, "Stop it! This isn't you. You haven't been a serial killer in years. If you kill EJ it would ignite more violence. You need to rely on Roman and Bo."

Marlena doesn't think so, "I don't trust Roman and Bo anymore."

Hope thinks it's time for food. Maybe she'd better get a couple more drinks while she's at it. "I’m going to get something for us to eat," she says.

Marlena goes completely off the deep end, "NO! YOU'RE NOT! The DiMeras only understand one kind of justice. I hope I have the courage to dispense it."

Sami kicks EJ out again. He smirks and leaves. Belle says, "There's a weird vibe in the room when you are together."

"You're imagining it," says Sami, "The only feelings I have for him are hate, loathing and disgust. I'm just marrying him for my family and my kids."

Belle leaves. Sami huffs. Bo comes in. He announces that he's there to keep her from marrying a DiMera.

Kate doesn't want the gun. Lucas says he will get himself another one. Kate refuses. Lucas thinks this is the only way she can protect herself. Kate insists, "I will reason with Stefano." Lucas makes her shove it into her purse.

Kate apologizes for what she said to Sami. She vows it will never be business as usual again. She wants Lucas to go back to Sami because she needs him, "I have screwed a lot of things up in my life but you weren't one of them. You managed to do that all by yourself."

EJ announces to Stefano that Lucas will be ready to go to Santo Domingo soon. Stefano is ecstatic. He wants EJ and Sami to honeymoon at the villa. EJ also tells him they're doing another DNA test, "The boy may be mine."

"This could be such a blessing," says Stefano.

"More than that," says EJ, "His stem cells could save your life." Stefano decides they should keep all this to themselves.

Rolf announces a visitor, "The lovely miss Roberts."

"Is Kate here too," asks EJ.

Kate bounces in. Stefano kisses her and asks about the wounds on her forehead. Kate claims it was just a minor auto accident. Rolf volunteers to examine her, but Kate doesn't want him to bother. Rolf wants Stefano to rest. Stefano argues, but relents. On the way out, he tells EJ he's proud of him. "I love you, father," says EJ.

Once Stefano leaves, EJ asks, "How did you know I'd be here?"

"Lucky guess," says Kate. She tells him Lucas showed up, "I should never have doubted his gullibility. He's a wonderful son."

EJ says, "Now Lucas will divorce Sami and that will pave the way for my wedding."

Kate is pensive, "And Lucas will get hurt."

"In every game there are winners and losers," says EJ, "Unfortunately for Lucas, it's checkmate."

Sami says, "I've heard all the arguments."

"But not listened," says Bo. So here we go again. Bo goes over all the reasons she shouldn't marry EJ. Sami goes through all the reasons she should.

"There is something you could do for me," says Sami.

"Besides shut up," asks Bo.

"You could support me," says Sami, "My mind is made up." Bo asks what he should tell Marlena. "Tell her I'm a grown woman who can make up her own mind," says Sami, "She could use a good laugh."

Lucas comes in and says Kate will be fine. He asks for a moment alone with Sami. Bo hugs her and leaves. Lucas tells Sami what happened to Kate. Sami is glad he went to be by Mommie Dearest's side. This whole scary incident has convinced Lucas, "We have to go to Santo Domingo and get a divorce."

Bo is back in the pub smooching Hope. He asks where Marlena is. "She left to go check on her SSK knife collection," says Hope.

Bo tells her things didn't go well with Sami, "It's time for the alternative."

Hope asks, "How did Marlena look to you?"

"Like a woman who just lost her husband," says Bo. Hope tells him about the evil Marlena and her plans to murder EJ. "We want this over," says Bo, "But not by murdering."

"Marlena wouldn't do that."

"I'd understand if she did," says Bo, "Vigilante justice could be the only way out, especially in a town where the police force is so incompetent."

Lucas says, "This whole situation made me think."

"Now we're really in trouble," says Sami.

"If I agree to this," says Lucas, "You have to make EJ look like an idiot."

"It hasn't been hard to do with you," says Sami.

"I want to take you wherever I want," says Lucas, "I want to meet you and have you in my arms as much as I can."

"We will be together for all the Days Of Our Lives," says Sami, "I promise." Translation: We may never see them together again.

"Every time you come though that door of his," says Lucas, "I want him to get that sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. I want him to know he's not the right man for you."

"And EJ is so full of himself he'll have to suffer in silence because he will never admit defeat," says Sami.

And so it is. Little Johnny and the girl with no name won't even make it home for their first night. Steve and Kayla will watch them while Sami and Lucas fly off to Santo Domingo. Patch has taken to them already. He's calling them Cuff and Inseam. Sami says the sooner they get this done, the sooner they can start meeting in romantic places, "Lucas, thank you for being the most perfect almost-ex-husband a girl could ask for." She kisses him.

Lucas says, "I love you, Sami." More passion ensues.

Kate shows EJ the gun Lucas gave her. He asks if she knows how to use it.

"Yes," says Kate as she points it toward his temple, "Just aim and shoot."

EJ moves the gun away, "Let's just hope for the time being it remains a token of Lucas' affection, OK?"

Kate says, "Well, if Lucas ever learns the truth and you are responsible, you will find out what a good shot I really am."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Oh boy! Here we go again. Everyone who CAN'T see a "Who Shot EJ?" plot comming raise your hand.

So now the divorce is ON again? I have such a hard time keeping track.

And Belle telling Sami she slept with Phillip, then asking Sami for advice?
Because Sami has such luck keeping a marriage together right?
And Sami tells Belle to come clean to Shawn about it?
Has everyone forgotten that Shawn divorced Mimi because she didn't tell him she knew Claire was his child? His big excuse was that she LIED and he couldn't trust her.
So now we are supposed to believe that Belle telling Shawn about her little "afternoon delight" with Phillip is a GOOD thing? That Shawn is going to be okay with it and just forgive her???

And just because I couldn't help myself:

5:07 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Divorce on again. Please just do it or kill EJ. Marlena has lost her cool and mind. "Who Shot EJ?" Can anyone feel the sledgehammers beating you on the head?

Didn't Sami tell Belle not to tell Shawn and stay away from Phillip? We all know Shawn will find out.

Ciara, Claire and Pocket are in the Kiddie Kate Zone.

Loved your censored link Deb.

5:46 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

Kate as a whimp bothers me. What was in the botox they gave her?? She's kinder gentler kate now, and I cant' stand it.
So the divorce is set---yippee. Who shot EJ? Who cares?
Loved all the prevuisms today--especially Steve's new names for Sami's twins.

5:51 AM  
Anonymous gordon said...

A question occurred to me and I was hoping you might be able to answer.

What happened to Celeste's heinous accent? She used to speak in a
really... uhm... weird accent.

6:40 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Max's "Success for Dummies" was ROFL good! I was thinking just about the same thing when Max was whining to Morgan about his unworthiness to date her. When he first came on the show he was a famous race driver who had to beat the girls off with a stick!!

The twins disowning Kate was great too.

Evil Genius - loved the separated at birth pic.

Gordon - with the two lousy sentences that they actually gave Celeste to say the other day, it was hard to tell what kind of accent she was using now. ;-)

Great Prevuze!

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Kate is really getting on my nerves... don't get me wrong - she finally HAS a part and now she keeps 'flip-flopping' about this whole plot...??? Oh I forgot, she's Lucas' mom - now I get it...
Kate's CAR being shot up made Lucas to decide to get the divorce? 'Cmon writers, even this is pretty LAME for you guys!

And their going to fly off to 'wherever' to get their divorce? Uhhhhh, hello? Sami JUST had twins... I think those that have given birth know what a person can AND can't do... This is soooo stupid! Their not going to go home first????? OMG - duh...

It seems like almost everyone in Salem will be going after EJ... what they should do is go after the writers of this 'garbage'.... Just kidding!!!!!

Loved the twins - disowning Kate (they grow up so fast... in Salem - literally)!

Great job Prevuze, as usual!
Thanks for taking ridiculous storylines and keeping us laughing!!!!!!

7:32 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Is it that time already? Time for Marlena to become possessed/a "killer"/you name it? My how the time flies. Guess we better dust off those old scripts.

Deb, love your censored link. Exactly what I was thinking too.

And Belle coming to Sami, of all people, for marriage advice. Give me a break!

Speaking of Sami, after spending 11 months protecting the unborn twins, now she's hopping on the first plane out of the country and leaving them in the care of somebody else??? Not to mention Kayla and Steve just had a baby taken away from them. Oh please!

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Loved Prevuze today, especially Cuff and Inseam. HAHAHAHA

Glad I found a computer on the road where I could get my Prevuze fix!


11:18 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

According to the spoilers, Hope practically tells everybody and their brother about Belle and Philip. I would love for Belle and Phil to get back together.

It seems like EJ isn't interested in Sami's daughter or does she not resemble him or something? It just seems like he's totally focused on the boy.

And get a name for your daughter Sami. I'm surprised she's not named Johna or Joan or something. I actually did like Jezebel.

I think Celeste got her accent the same place Stefano did.

I still love EJ and Sami and want to see them married for real. But I think the show needs other good storylines. Give a story to Tony and Anna and something decent to Steph and Chels and Nick. Dump Jett.

What are they going to do with that I Wanna Be A Soap Star winner? I mean, the last think Days needs is another woman.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe they haven't named the girl yet! This is ridiculous! They are leaving the hospital, taking off for another country, but they can't bother to name their daughter? What quack parents!
It's like the girl doesn't matter. Why does EJ assume that the girl isn't his, just the son. This whole thing is so silly!

I am hoping that the girl turns out to be EJ's and he gets to name her...although I am loving Johnny Dimera. Jezebel is cute too, but come on! Give the girl a name already...especially if you are leaving her!


12:20 PM  
Blogger Gordon Davidescu said...

Okay, check it out. I'm not talking about a slight change in accent on Celeste's part. I mean in 1995 (for everyone who watched the Marlena's Possession marathon on soapnet you know what I mean) she is barely understandable due to the thick Creole accent. Flash forward to now - she speaks with no accent at all!

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Pizzywix said...

I think they have just let Celeste's accent drop. I bet if Colleen turns up and hangs around for awhile they will do the same with her.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Salemnite said...

You have got to love the [i]"Daughters of Marlena"[/i]...

Both of them just a loopy as Marlena! Belle and Samantha. Giving each other "Anti-Advice" lol. Priceless. Belle- [i]"I'm in love with Shawn. But I REALLY want to be a 'Secret-Freak' with Phillip.[/i] And Samantha is no better- [i]"I'm Secretly in love with My Family's Blood Enemy. If I can keep Lucas and Mom screaming that He raped me in Public on a daily bases? Perhaps I'll Believe it to?[/i] Oy, Vey...

"Oh, Boy... Not more Lumi-loving. I think I'm going to hurl. I mean, Who writes this stuff?! The Writers on Days are freaking incompetent! it's only a Soap, but come on!? Stefano already told Samantha that he will not tolerate any disrespect. What's the point of Marrying EJ. Just to run around with 'Pukas'. Now let's see a Girl's choice between the little annoying [i]"Yapping Poodle"?[/i] Or A Strapping Grecian God, like EJ?!! Do the Math?!:P Can this show get any worse? Don't answer that...

I really enjoyed the Prevuze today, made me laugh. Especially the censored link, lol.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Well Deb, I always assumed Shawn used the 'OMG She's a liar!!' as an excuse to leave her.

That he was looking for a way, any way, to divorce her and not look like a tool, because he obviously wanted Belle then. The lying thing was that way.

Combined with his macho attitude, overbearing pride, I can't see forgiveness but it's a soap so anything can happen.

And good job on the Dummies pic. heh

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Also I have to say, once Sami named that boy John, I knew he was going to be the suspected spawn of a DiMera.

It was just too excellent of a chance to pass up.

Johnny: Well, my namesake was my mothers stepfather. He was murdered by my father's family. I am a constant reminder of hated John Black to the DiMera's and a constant reminder of the hated DiMera's to the Brady's. Woo hoo!

5:05 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Hate, Loathing and Disgust totally describes how parts of Days has been hitting me. Bless your heart for making it easier on all of us with your Prevuze and the always awesome photos and captions!!

I can now recite the why Sami should marry EJ, why Sami shouldn't marry EJ, and the lucas agrees and doesn't agree arguments in my sleep.

That is NOT a good thing; in fact it's so bad I'm considering taping myself and sending to Days. Maybe hearing it from a viewer will help them realize how bad it is - or at the very least they'll see they're making me freaking insane!

Just imagine how many hot Phillip and Belle love scenes we could have had instead of this repetitive garbage - or romance with Bo and Hope or Steve and Kayla. For that matter just watching the babies would be more interesting than hearing the same tired arguments nearly every episode. (loved the disowning Kate caption btw!)

I guess the "good" folks of Salem realize their PD isn't worth much by the way they're tossing guns and vigilante justice around.

And Marlena lapsing back into SSK mode isn't a pretty thought - maybe she could just be possessed again. Levitating Marlena might stop all those stupid arguments and shut lucas up once and for all(goodness knows nothing else can!)

At least EJ and Kate have original conversations. Gotta love EJ - or at least I know I do!! =}

8:47 PM  

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