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Sami rambles on about what she wants to do when she is released. She wants to stop by Grandma's on the way home and get some French toast. She's had cravings recently for grits. Speaking of which, Lucas grits his teeth. He is distant. Sami asks if he is still mad at her. He tells her he's not mad, but he's worried about her.

Lucas says she might not be so lucky next time. He loves her but he can't keep doing this. She keeps making stupid decisions. Apparently some of Lucas' decision-making capability is rubbing off on her. Sami objects. She thinks she's the right person to take this on. She would never endanger the child, though. Lucas says he can't deal with this any more. He wonders how he will ever know she is telling the truth. He doesn't trust Sami.

Meanwhile, since Lucas went back for his cell phone instead of going home and helping Will study, Will passes his test with flying colors. Thank heaven," says Will, "The last time Dad helped me study, I had to repeat the seventh grade."

Belle meets Phillip in the pub. Phillip has asked a guy named George Stemmer to meet them there. George caught a glimpse of someone in a parking lot with a girl who might have been Claire, so Phillip has flown him halfway around the globe to ask him about it. Belle says Shawn had to stop by Bo's house. Phillip thinks Shawn is peeved about moving into the mansion. He takes her hand, "I hope things work out for you. And... what's his name, too."

Hope comes back from her run. Bo holds up Ciara in one hand and a dirty diaper in the other. He asks Hope which she wants. Bo can't tell the difference, but Hope takes the baby. Bo goes into the kitchen as Shawn arrives. Shawn tells Ciara how much fun they will have when Claire gets back. Bo comes back into the living room and Shawn tells them Phillip may have a lead on Claire.

Bo has some news, too, "There is no easy way to say this. There was an accident. Willow is dead."

Bo gives Shawn the details. They are waiting to hear if it was an accident. Willow's baby didn't survive. Shawn says he didn't want anything like this to happen. He tells them he and Willow actually had a decent conversation for the first time in months. Bo thinks they should take care of the funeral arrangements.

Belle tells Phillip how appreciative she and Shawn are for his generosity. There is something about Phillip's house that makes her feel protected, "I just have one question. How come we get to live in the mansion now, but had to live in that dung-hole of an apartment when we were married? " Phillip wishes he could change things. He's amazed at how forgiving Belle has been. He knows they will find Claire. Stemmer might be their big break. The depressive side of Belle's manic-depression hits. Belle doesn't know what possessed her to run away with Claire.

Phillip says, "If we were punished for every mistake we've made, God would have a 24-7 job." Meanwhile, up in heaven, God once again burns the midnight oil.

Stemmer walks in, "I'm looking for a Phillip Kiriakis..."

Sami and Lucas keep it up. Lucas accuses her of forgetting about their family. Sami can't believe he said that. Sami thinks finding the letter in New Orleans was a sign. Lucas walks off. Sami flashes back to meeting Stefano in the ambulance. She tells Lucas she had a strange feeling in the ambulance with Stefano.

Lucas asks, "Like you wanted to hurl?"

"No," says Sami, "I wasn't watching DOOL." She tells him about Colleen. They have to find out who she was.

Lucas wonders if Stefano was out of it when he came to and thought Sami was Colleen. Sami tells him Stefano almost seemed human, even vulnerable when he said that. She thinks if she could get to him he would open up to her. Sami might even be able to bring Colleen back from the dead. She has to try. Lucas forbids it.

Shawn insists he will take care of the funeral expenses – If it was his kid. Bo has ordered another DNA test just to make sure. They will have the results at the inquest in a couple hours.

George, Belle and Phillip sit down. They tell George about Claire. Belle shows him a picture. George recognizes her, "No doubt about it." He gives them details. He saw Claire with a frantic woman. The woman jumped in her car and peeled out. She was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap. Wherever she was going, she was in a big hurry.

Shawn offers to be a character witness for Nick. Bo tells him Nick is in enough trouble already. He says Willow was blackmailing Nick and Chelsea. Shawn heads for the pub.

Hope tells Bo Shawn is strong and will get through this. Chelsea is a different story. Hope asks if Bo believes Chelsea had nothing to do with the fire. Bo thinks this time she isn't lying. Hope believes that, too. The doorbell rings. Doug and Julie walk in with the key to Doug's place.

Sami nukes, "You forbid me? What – am I 12? You don't get to order me like that." Sami starts to call Roman but Lucas reminds her he will explode when he finds out she was with Stefano last night. Sami hangs up the phone. Lucas says he will talk to Bo. Sami thinks that's a perfect idea. She decides to go with him. Lucas says he will talk to Bo alone. Sami protests.

Lucas wants her to stay there. Sami agrees reluctantly. As he leaves he tells her, "No funny business."

Once Lucas is out, Sami huffs, "This is unbelievable." Sami's phone rings. It's EJ. He needs to see her right away.

Sami signs her release papers. Dr. Jacobs tells her to take it easy for the next couple of days. She had a close call. Sami apologizes for being a pain in the butt. Dr. Jacobs leaves. EJ comes in. Sami says she told him not to come there. He says it was important and gives her an envelope from Stefano. EJ says Stefano wants Sami to pay him a visit. Sami reads, "Perhaps we can settle our business once and for all. Warmest regards – Stefano."

Sami thinks it's a forgery. EJ tells her Stefano has had a change of heart. They argue. EJ says, "Stop being so stubborn. Please. My father is offering a truce. Can you really afford not to take it?"

Bo has to go down to the station, so he suggests they all meet at the club, "Remember how to get there?"

"Oh, please," says Doug, "I could drive there with my eyes closed."

Julie butts in, "After the drive over here, I'm the only one getting behind the wheel."

Doug smiles, "I went through one yellow light."

"YELLOW," screams Julie, "It was red as a cayenne pepper!"

Ciara pipes up, "HEY! We're trying to sleep over here!"

Lucas arrives. He didn't realize Jugs and Doolie were back in town. Hugs all around. He tells Bo he's worried about Sami. He thinks Sami is going to get herself killed. Bo tells Lucas to take it easy. Lucas says Sami met with Stefano. He tells them about the Colleen thing, "Do you guys have any idea what Stefano's talking about?"

Bo flashes back to talking to OMB about Colleen.

George says the woman was wearing a backpack. It had lettering on it, which said, "USA-DORABLE." He wishes he could tell them more, but he has to head back. George leaves.

Belle thinks they should Google "USA-DORABLE." She asks if Phillip told Mr. Stemmer Claire was their little girl.

"I might have."

Belle says, "You don't have to explain. I know you love her. She's a lovely little girl."

Phillip sits at one table with his laptop while Shawn and Belle talk. Belle can't believe Willow is dead. Shawn tells her about the new DNA test Bo ordered. He tells her to stay with Phillip while he goes to meet Bo. Belle insists they will find Claire.

Phillip calls them over, "I found it!"

Bo tells Lucas they have heard of Colleen – in the letter he and Sami found. Doug says they are going to start searching for clues at the club. Bo tells Lucas about the tunnel. Lucas asks them not to let Sami get wind of this.

Sami tells EJ she doesn't think the note is suggesting a truce. She thinks all the note means is Stefano wants her baby. "He's very fair," says EJ.

"In comparison to who," asks Sami, "Hitler?"

Sami says she promised Lucas she would stay there. EJ thinks Lucas has her on a tight leash. Sami says it's just that Lucas cares about the baby. EJ asks if Lucas cares about other family members. Sami is the only opportunity to defuse the situation.

Sami insists she can't do this to Lucas again. EJ says she can do it, and he knows she's curious about why Stefano called her Colleen. He says Lucas needs never know and no harm will come to her, because he will be with her. Sami has a meltdown, "You held a gun to my head! You raped me! You are the last person I want to protect me. I don't trust you or anyone related to the DiMeras." EJ says she is making a terrible mistake. She tells him to get out.

Bo says he isn't letting Sami anywhere near this investigation. Hope tells Lucas not to sell Sami short. He should be proud of her. Lucas says he just doesn't want to be a widower. Hope says, "Unlike you, she's not a child. Give her some space. She might surprise you."

Lucas says, Yeah, I know. That's what I'm afraid of."

EJ says Stefano will be disappointed. Sami says he will get over it. EJ makes another pitch. Sami rejects it. EJ tells her, "I thought more of you." He leaves. Sami has a conflicted moment, calls him back and agrees to do it.

EJ wheels Sami out. The guard stops them. Sami tells him she is getting released. She runs back in to leave Lucas a note, "Dear Lucas, I'm off for more rollicking hi-jinx with my rapist – Sami."

Lucas agrees to lighten up. He asks them to promise they won't let Sami do anything crazy. Lucas leaves. The four of them agree to meet in two hours to go through the tunnel and then have dinner afterwards at Chez Rouge.

Doug and Julie leave. Bo wonders what they will find in the tunnel.

"I got your back," says Hope.

"You got my front," says Bo. Smooches.

The kiddie corps discovers USA-DORABLE is a website. They post pictures of babies and give away prizes, but they also put on live pageants, too. Suddenly, Shawn sees the time. He has to go to the police station. He rushes out. Phillip notices there is a pageant today in Chicago. Belle wants to go to the windy city.

Lucas arrives back at the empty room. He reads Sami's note, "Went to see Stefano. Be back soon. Don't hate me. Sami."

A mushroom cloud appears over Salem Hospital, "DAMMIT SAMI!"


Bo says, "Open that thing up. Find out the truth." Shawn rips open the envelope.

Stefano tells Sami, "I would consider those you love and how far you are prepared to keep from mourning them."

Lucas threatens, "If you hurt her, I guarantee I'm gonna kill you. Tony asks, "What is it with everyone that wants to kill me." He snaps his fingers. Bart comes up and points a gun at Lucas. Tony continues, "You were saying?"


Blogger cfish said...

Almost spit tea onto my keyboard at the "fire afficionado" pic -- ah, yes, a day without Prevuze is like a day without sunshine ...

And Philip made some poor schmuck travel halfway around the world and back just to have a 3-minute face-to-face conversation with him? Anybody out there ever heard of "video conferencing" ???

6:42 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I know this seems to be a hot button topic around here, but I really would like to see Sami and EJ end up together.

It isn't like it hasn't been done before, Luke and Laura for instance.

I really hate the direction the writers have taken with Lucas. He is angry all the time and just seems so caveman. Yuck.

I've been surfing some of the spoiler/rumor sites and have some new info:

Willow's baby is not Shawns, and it turns out her baby's stem cells were used on Stefano.

Marlena will make a deal with Stefano after she hypnotizes Steve and gets info.

EJ did not shoot John but will get shot himself by the person who did.

OMB will reveal he has a really shady past back in the old country (IRA? Irish Mafia?) and will go to great lengths to hide it.

Lexie comes back as a "bad girl".
She will move into the mansion with Tony and plot against EJ.

*Remember these spoilers and rumours are not always 100% reliable. But they do provide some great discussion points!

6:52 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Lucas leaves Sami alone again, this time at home.If she is in so much danger and ready to take on the Dimera clan shouldn't she be at the Pub under the watchful eye of the Brainiac Bradys?
Did Island Girl steal Claire only to put her in beauty pageants?
Manic-depressive Belle is so boring. Why the lovefest with Phillip? I almost liked him better when he was a mindless revenge machine.
I hope Tony can pump some life into these uninspried storylines.
Why would there be a clue in the tunnel of Doug and Julie's old club? Do the Dimeras just casually stroll through tunnels to leave clues for the hapless Bradys, much like Hansel and Gretal with bread crumbs?
Still love prevuze, still love my DOOL

6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, Lexi's a bad girl!!!! I'm so excited.
I had read that Lucas may be departing at the end of the summer (please, please please), but's not true.
I would love, love, love to see Sami and EJ end up together. I was really hoping the writers would put her and EJ together way back when...but no, they put her with the whiny little brat.
Anyway, I like the direction the show is going now. I love the Dimeras, they add excitement to teh show. It was sad when they weren't around. And Tony's character is hilarious!!!

7:02 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

If Willow's baby was the source for the stem cells why wasn't she hitting the wealthy DiMeras up for money instead of lowly Nick? And she would've had to donated them before she died unless Rolf snuck into the funeral home or morgue for Pete's sake.

The way Daze plays with time maybe Lexie and Tek had a baby and it came from her if she's back on the DiMera side now.

I LOL over the devil, Squints' souvenir knife (wonder if the Ginzu people offer those?) and Phil and Belle's dung-hole apartment...something we always wondered about. HAHAHAHAA

Excellent Prevuze on a gloomy Thursday! :D

7:41 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Does anyone know what Kate is supposed to be doing? Haven't seen her in awhile. She must be cooking up some fresh devilment for Sami.
I agree with Deb about the direction of Lucas' character. Why can't he team up with Sami and be heroic and adventurous rather than a whiny namby-pamby stick in the mud.
OMB with an interesting past and possible future storyline. They will actually allow him to take off the apron and leave the Pub?

9:04 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

The way Daze plays with time maybe Lexie and Tek had a baby and it came from her if she's back on the DiMera side now.

The way Daze plays with time maybe Lexie and Tek just went out for a pizza.

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deb and Anon...I totally agree. I want Sami and EJ together, too. EJ needs to beat the stuffing out of Lucas, boy would that be satisfying to watch. At least EJami don't just sit around talking about what they should be doing and actually take an effort to sleuth and the shady figures. Everyone else is either at the Brady Pub, the hospital or Chez Rouge. Geez people.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Bulldog dear Bulldog...the Dimeras have been stealing bodies dead or otherwise forever.
Steve? Marlena? Roman? John? Ring any bells?

As far as Willow not knowing she was PG with a Dimera baby, that's not a stretch either. How many story lines have there been about artifical insemination and the hijinx that ensues around it? For that matter how many DOOL women have "forgotten" they even had babies or how they got PG to start with?
Add to the fact that Willow as a total delusional nut case who believed her own lies so strongly she ended up dying!
She could have known all along the Dimera's inseminated her and decided to use the baby to get Shawn as icing on the cake.

Tsk tsk, and I thought you were all into past storylines.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

USA-DORABLE?? Give me a break. Claire is swept overboard by a typhoon in the south pacific and ends up in a beauty pageant ring in Chicago? WTF kind of storyline is that??

11:06 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

The way Daze plays with time maybe Lexie and Tek had a baby and it came from her if she's back on the DiMera side now.
The way Daze plays with time maybe Lexie and Tek just went out for a pizza.

Remember EJ is really only 10 yrs old, and the Dimeras have only been in Salem since 1981.

11:06 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Amy said...
USA-DORABLE?? Give me a break. Claire is swept overboard by a typhoon in the south pacific and ends up in a beauty pageant ring in Chicago? WTF kind of storyline is that??

Brava, Amy!!!! That was my precise reaction when I first read the spoiler a week or so ago.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

cfish and Amy, I agree aboout the unlikelihood of beauty pageant ring sl. DOOL plays with geography and logic like they play with time

12:51 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Does anyone want to make bets about how old Claire will be when we finally catch a glimpse of her again?

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

deb - hot button or not EJ and Sami are pure magic and so much fun to watch!!

after reading, I'm wondering if they might not have been better off with FR being Stefano's TH ending...

oh well things are going better and love the pics!!

4:11 PM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"after reading, I'm wondering if they might not have been better off with FR being Stefano's TH ending..."

What is FR and TH?????? I'm oblivious at the moment.... or maybe I've just lost all logical thinking abilities after the last few years of DAZE.....

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love prevuze!!

What does FR and TH mean?

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay i guess i'm in the minority, but I DO NOT want sami and ej together. I like the fact that sami and lucas FINALLY got married. I like the history behind them and really who hook up with someone who raped her - okay maybe on DOOL. also i think lucas is kinda cute...

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Suz said...

I love Sami and Lucas. I agree that they should team up and be sleuths! am glad Di Meras are all back~!
Give EJ a girlfriend, maybe Isalnd Girl? They would make good couple

7:49 PM  

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