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Elvis Has Left The Building

Bo asks Chelsea what she is doing out there. The brat hides the brush and tells him she is just chilling out. Bo doesn't buy it. He thinks she is there looking for something that proves Nick was involved in Willow's death.

Roman grills a stunned Nick. He wants to know why Nick would set Willow up in an apartment if he wasn't sleeping with her. Nick claims it's because he is a nice guy and because she was pregnant, and they had a mutual interest in his hairbrush collection. Roman speculates that Willow's baby was Nick's. Nick denies it.

Tony tells his lawyer to get the ambulance back to the mansion, "Let me remind you of a little Shakespeare, Henry VI, Act 4 scene 2." Tony hangs up, as Rolf walks in and listens.

"Ah, yes," says Rolf, "First we kill all the lawyers."

Tony decides to send a forceful reminder to Sami to get her nose out of DiMera business.

Marlena, Belle and John come to the hospital to see Sami and find the room empty. John asks the guard where she is.

EJ lifts Stefano's oxygen tent. Stefano caresses Sami's face, "Colleen... Colleen... you're alive."

EJ tells him he's mistaken, "It's Samantha, Marlena's daughter." Stefano wonders what Sami wants. She tells him she wants peace between the families. She will give the stem cells in exchange.

Roman tells Nick he's losing his patience. Nick tells Roman to lock him up. He isn't saying anything more. Roman thinks only a man in love would protect someone like that, "Tell me how Chelsea was involved."

The brat tells Bo Nick would never deliberately hurt anyone. Bo asks what she was looking for there. Chelsea stammers. Bo wants the truth. She hesitates and Bo loses his patience. He tells her to get out – he has work to do. The brat insists she isn't lying, "FINE! OK! I'll tell you everything. But you won't believe me." She holds up the brush.

John wants to know how Sami slipped past the guard, but then remembers Officer Mike is with the Salem PD. Officer Mike leaves to report the missing patient. Lucas appears. He tells them he came back for his cell phone. Belle tells him Sami is gone. Lucas explodes. He asks to borrow a cell phone so he can call his own phone.

Tony wants to improve security around the mansion. Rolf says he will talk to Bart. Tony tells Rolf to get it done himself. Lucas' phone rings and Tony answers. Lucas recognizes Tony's voice and tells him who he is. He wonders why Tony has his phone, "You'll go to jail for kidnapping!"

"She's not exactly a kid," chuckles Tony, "You should keep a better eye on your bride." Lucas hangs up. "What a rude little twit," says Tony.

Stefano says, "You brought all this pain yourself. Get away from me." EJ begs him to listen. Sami can save his life. Stefano tells EJ he has so much to learn. Sami begs. The EMT replaces the oxygen tent and says Tony has a hell of a lawyer. They have to take Stefano home right now.

Roman works on Nick. He needs answers. Bo, Chelsea and Jerry Springer bust in. Security measures during suspect questioning at the Salem PD are tighter than a drum. Bo brings a guard in and tells him to watch Nick and Chelsea.

Outside, Bo shows Roman the brush. He tells him Nick stole it from the lab. Willow planted it in his house. Roman figures the brush is why Willow was blackmailing Nick – the guy's as sharp as a tack. He decides to turn the heat up on the kids.

Lucas says he's heading for the DiMera mansion. Marlena tells him she thinks he should let the police handle it. Lucas asks why. Marlena says, "The police have to play by the rules."

"I thought you meant the Salem police," says Lucas.

Lucas bolts and John takes off after him.

Belle asks Marlena why she didn't try to stop John. Marlena asks, "Have you ever told Shawn what to do?"

"Yes," says Belle, "And when he doesn’t I give him hell for it."

"Just being around you is hell," says Marlena, "Maybe you should change that tactic. I've been wondering, after all you and Shawn went through, why the first thing you did when you got back was to move in with Phillip."

"I wanted to give him hell, too," says Belle.

EJ lifts the oxygen tent again. He begs Stefano to tell them how they can end the feud. Stefano struggles to talk, "There can never be an end to the vendetta against them unless... One way... only one way."

Belle says moving in with Phillip wasn't their first choice. She did it because it would be a better way to look for Claire. Marlena finds it odd after all the pain Phillip has caused. She wonders if Belle still has feelings for Phillip.

Stefano chugs along, "Not until... vendetta... Bradys... until all the wrongs of the past have been righted."

"What wrongs," asks EJ.

"Ask Shawn Brady," says Stefano, "The old man. He knows." Stefano sinks back to unconsciousness.

Sami wonders why OMB wouldn't say something if he knew what the vendetta is all about. She thinks they should get to him before the Alzheimer's gets worse.

Lucas pounds on Tony's door. Tony answers. John shows up right behind Lucas and tells Tony he thinks he should let Lucas in. Tony wonders if John is still in his coma, "Your eyes look a little more vacant than usual."

"They're busy trying to find my kidney," says John.

Tony says Sami is with EJ. John says in that case Tony won't mind if they look around. Tony lets them in, "It's been a while, John."

"Never long enough," says John.

Roman tells Nick Chelsea told Bo about the brush. Nick claims he did it on his own. Chelsea tells him to stop covering for her and says it was her fault. Nick believes Chelsea is innocent.

Belle insists she is in love with Shawn. Marlena says she isn't asking about her feelings for Shawn. Belle tells her to drop it. That, of course, stokes Marlena's fire. Belle tells her she is her daughter not her patient.

Lucas comes back and announces that he can't find Sami. He smashes a vase and demands Tony tell him where she is. Tony doesn't say anything so Lucas smashes a couple more vases for good measure.

Tony suggests, "Perhaps we should wait until the ten-year-old finishes his tantrum." An insult to ten-year-olds everywhere.

Lucas is on a roll. He picks up a bottle of wine. John grabs his arm, "Not a '45 Rothschild."

The doorbell rings. Tony opens the door to find Sami, EJ and the EMT's with Stefano. Lucas asks where Sami has been.

Nick wonders why Chelsea's dad and uncle can't believe in her. Bo brings up little things like past lies. The brat says she is kind of glad Willow is dead – but not her baby, "She was just so twisted."

Roman agrees Willow was a tortured soul. He grabs the brush, "Good night. I'm going home. I believe these two and I believe Willow's death was an accident. I'm going to throw this brush away and forget all this ever happened." Roman leaves.

"I didn't see that coming," says Nick.

Tony signs for Stefano's return. John sits beside Stefano. Stefano chuckles, "John, my favorite and best pawn. How is the lovely Marlena?"

"She's looking forward to having that dance," says John, "On your grave."

Stefano chuckles again, "That's a good one."

"Soon," says John.

Lucas says he was going nuts looking for Sami. For Lucas, that wasn't much of a stretch. He's much more subtle than Shawn. Instead of driving into a building, he just destroys it piece by piece. Sami tells Lucas they had to move quickly to end the vendetta. Lucas unloads on EJ. EJ backs Sami up and says they were just trying to end the DiMera-Brady feud. Lucas tells Sami EJ is lying to her face.

Bo tells the kids Roman gave them one heck of a gift. Chelsea is grateful, but she still needs to hear that Bo believes her, "I just need to hear you say the words just once – I'm not going to kill you."

Marlena apologizes for treating Belle like a patient. Belle apologizes for losing it earlier. She isn't sure exactly why she moved into Phillip's home. Marlena jumps all over Belle using the word "home" instead of "house." Belle says Phillip always made her feel like no one would hurt her. Marlena thinks maybe Shawn doesn't make her feel secure and she's turning to someone else for those feelings. So much for Marlena not treating Belle like a patient.

John thinks the police need to question Stefano. Tony tells John no one is going to question Stefano in his condition. John will pass that along. He tells them the good old days of trying to destroy the Brady's are over, "If any blood is spilled, I can guarantee you it won't be a Brady's."

Tony says, "That's quite all right, as long as it doesn't come down on me with a tiger nearby." John leaves.

Lucas gets on Sami for running around with EJ. Sami swears this whole thing is bigger than EJ. "Bigger than you and me," asks Lucas.

"Yes," says Sami, "It's about our whole family." Having finished the operation, she hands Lucas his testicles in a bag.

EJ asks if Lucas thinks it's worth finding out what started this. Lucas doesn't think it would be worth it if EJ hangs around. Lucas and Sami argue. John comes back out and tells Sami Belle and Marlena are waiting for her at the hospital. Lucas drags Sami away.

John tells EJ they haven't been alone together since the boathouse. He says everything has come back to him, "as clear as a gunshot. I think I owe you one, don't I?"

Bo says if the brat had told the truth from the beginning they would have saved a lot of trouble. He tells Nick not to leave town, and says he believes Chelsea. Hugs. He's proud of her. He will see her at home. Bo leaves.

Nick says all they have to do now is get through the coroner's inquest. Chelsea will be beside him every step of the way.

Belle wonders how she could love Shawn and not feel safe. Marlena thinks it's because Shawn hasn't found a direction yet, and also because he has a habit of throwing his family into shark-infested waters. Phillip has the means to find Claire and make sure she wants for nothing. Belle thinks all this is confusing, but what else is new? Marlena says, "I think you should tell Shawn what's going on, because heaven knows he can't figure anything out himself. Then he won't misinterpret things."

Lucas and Sami are back at the hospital. They argue. She wonders if he is jealous. Lucas claims he's mad. She reels him in and kisses him. He asks her to stay in one place and do what she's told. Sami realizes why Lucas' marriage to Carrie was shorter than the voyage of the Titanic and had the same ending. He drags her back into the room. Belle and Sami squeal and hug each other. Lucas stares.

John takes out a huge knife and tells EJ it's payback time. EJ doesn't understand. "You took my kidney," says John, "So I'm taking yours. It'll go faster if you just stand still." EJ takes off.

"Yes folks," says John, "Elvis has left the building."

PrevuzeStefano tells Tony the Bradys must never know the truth. He wants Colleen and her story kept a secret at all costs. Tony agrees. He smiles and leaves. Stefano stands up. He goes over to the liquor and pours a drink, "The circumstances are not ideal, but... Salute Salem! It's good to be back! " He chugs the drink. FF Stefano.


Bo tells Shawn, "There is no easy way to say this. There was an accident. Willow is dead."

Belle tells Phillip, "You don't have to explain. I know you love her. She's a lovely little girl."

Hope tells Lucas, "She's not a child. Give her some space. She might surprise you." Lucas says, Yeah, I know. That's what I'm afraid of."

EJ says to Sami, "Stop being so stubborn. Please. My father is offering a truce. Can you really afford not to take it?"

Steve, Kayla and Claire gather 'round the campfire on an island near Tinda Lao and sing Kum Ba Yah.


Blogger jwilhite said...

The comments about Lucas breaking up a house piece by piece, and about Sami handing Lucas' testicles to him in a sack. Too hilarious.

5:43 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I loved those, too, and the disbanding the fire department pic, and Tony and the spilled blood with a tiger nearby -- LMAO!

Just two comments --
If Stefano is in good health, who got John's kidney and who are the stem cells for (and whose fingerprints did Kayla take in Italy -- whatever came of that)?

And what if Willow isn't really pregnant? She's obviously got falsified documents if Shawn's not the father yet she has DNA results that show he is, so maybe all the pregnancy tests were falsified. (I heard Ken Corday stated that he would NEVER kill off a child character again -- I would assume that means unborn ones also, save for natural occurrances like miscarriages). If she really WAS pregnant, the EMTs on the beach would have done CPR on her and taken her to a hospital even though she was dead in an effort to save the baby . . .

5:57 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Wow, I love how the all important hairbrush became just a piece of trash in the hands of crack cop Roman. Isn't that tampering with evidence, just like Nick did?
Somehow I think this will come back to haunt somebody.
Marlena's comment about the police having to play by the rules, when did that ever happen in Salem?
I love Prevuze and my beloved, unbalanced DOOL

6:43 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

cfish: I thought about the same thing, and came up with two possibilities.
First: Since Willow wasn't that far along the baby may not have been able to be saved, thus it's death could be considered a miscarriage.

Second: The baby isn't dead, and the father is really EJ (or Tony, who knows he did seem to smile a lot when EJ was ranking on him for never fathering a child) and THAT'S where Stefano got the stem cells that healed him.

Now on to an even messier subject.
You will really have to follow me on this one, here is a link to the Brady and Dimera family trees if you need a visual reference:

Okay got your scorcards out? Here we go:
Notice we don't know who OMB's mother is, and there is one unknown sister.
Also there is no info on Stefano's parents, other than Santo who we just found out about, and there is one unknown woman who he had Andre with.
Okay assuming for a minute that the woman in the letter was OMB AND Stefano's mother, that of course would make them half brothers. Roman and Kayla would be Stefano's bio niece and nephew,
Bo, Frankie and Max nephews, but not by blood.
Coleen would have left Santo for OMB's dad, leaving Stefano for Santo to raise alone.

NOW: Let's assume Coleen was the unknown sister of OMB who was fathered by Santo and OMB's mother. Think Bo being fathered by Victor but raised a Brady Who was killed at some point.
Possibly an accident caused by OMB when they were young?
This would explain Stefano thinking Sami was Coleen alive again, and the part of the letter that says Coleen was "taken from him".

I personally like the second theory best, because it lends itself to the Brady bunch stumbling blindly around for months looking for a love connection between Santo and this mystery Coleen, when really it was a father's love for his daughter.

6:55 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Tony wonders if John is still in his coma, "Your eyes look a little more vacant than usual."

"They're busy trying to find my kidney," says John.
ROFLMA. I swear, my eyes are still watering from laughing over that one.

Great pictures and I spy a new contributor – the Keystone cops were great.

"I didn't see that coming," says Nick. Now there is the understatement of the week! I’m with Brendamouse. As long as they are going with Shakespearean references that whole storyline was “Much Ado About Nothing”. As usual.

Doolism for the day:
Stefano tells Tony the Bradys must never know the truth. He wants Colleen and her story kept a secret at all costs. Ummmmm, didn’t he just tell Ejami to ask OMB? That he knew all about it? Isn’t he a Brady?

Of course, translated from DOOL-speak what Stefano was really saying, “I can’t tell you why the Brady’s and DiMeras have been feuding all these years ‘cause the writers still don’t have a clue where they are going with all this.” HA

7:02 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Marlena's comment that the police have to play by the rules. I was thinking up great comebacks to that idiotic statement about the Salem PD even before I saw Prevuze response. HAHAHAHA

And, speaking of Marlena, having her grill Belle the way she usually grills Sami was kind of disconcerting. Bet it was for Belle too.

Bulldog - you rock! Another fabulous 'save a tree by recycling scripts' picture. Loved it!

Wonderful Prevuze today!

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as I love Prevuze, Tony wins the prize for the best one-liners today. He has Lucas bang on:
"What a rude little twit,"
The one about the 10 year old throwing a tantrum was hilarious too.

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone else sick and tired of Lucas having to run around town trying to find Sami - only to find her with EJ? What kind of a husband would even let his wife be 'pals' with her rapist? Lucas is a very POOR excuse for a guy!!! He probably should start drinking again... then maybe he could actually raise some sympathy instead of everyone thinking he is a spine-less slug!!! LOL!
Marlena 'treated Belle like a client'? Are you kidding me? They're both total headcases!

And why in the h*ll don't they arrest E.J. (or at least Steve) for being a part of the whole 'kidney stealing' thing? Afterall, Kayla DID the surgery, she's a witness (held under duress). Oh, that's right... She and Steve are held up in Tindo Lao. Isn't funny that Kayla and Max can travel 'to and from' Italy in ONE DAY... Yet while in Tindo Lao, sha and Steve haven't been heard from in days? Writers - GOOF!!!!
And doesn't it seem like they have several different writers handling different storylines? 'Cuz they can't seem to coordinate the residents of Salem and time with one another! Wasn't Lucas leaving Sami at the hospital in the late evening? Because they mentioned the food was a midnight snack... At the same time, Julie and Doug show up at the pub, Nick and Willow are on the beach, Bo leaves the pub to go to Tony's (meanwhile the ambulance comes to the mansion and takes Steffy), Chelsea is able to run over to the beach and dig up the brush...
Good Grief... can't anyone in Salem stay home, order pizza and sit in front of their t.v. watching 'Deal or No Deal' for an evening? LOL! Everyone's life is ALWAYS in horrible turmoil and no one sleeps! They must hand out pills like 'free samples'... SALEMITES: PROZAC FOR EVERYONE!

Done ranting about the ridiculous!!!! Thanks!

Great Prevuze, keep up the good work!

7:16 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Okay got your scorcards out? Here we go:

OK, so the scorecard didn't work. It got too confusing. So I put it all into my computer and now there is black smoke pouring out the back of it.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

As much as I love Prevuze, Tony wins the prize for the best one-liners today. He has Lucas bang on:
"What a rude little twit,"
The one about the 10 year old throwing a tantrum was hilarious too.

Those were both alternate titles for today's episode. But how could we not go with "Elvis Has Left The Building." You know the writers have just been dying to have someone say that. Personally I think they wrote that whole scene just so they could have John give that punch line at the end.

7:24 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

What if Stefano and OMB are fraternal twins given birth to by the mystery "Colleen" -- one fathered by Santo, one by OMB's dad? Kind of brings a poetic twist to the possibility that Sami is carrying twins -- one fathered by E.J., one by Lucas . . .

I, too, loved Tony's "What a rude little twit" line. Made me smile and sigh and say "Thank goodness (or badness!) Tony is back!"

8:06 AM  
Anonymous t67days said...

When Tony tells John, "It's been awhile," didn't they just see each other last week??? Or maybe I just misinterpreted what he said ...

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

t67days, I had the same thought...but really it would've been like the Day before in Salem time. I thought John and Bo went over there, and left saying they were going to get a warrant...

8:26 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I think I speak for everyone when I say WTH?!?? Regarding Pard suddenly letting the brat and Nick go and taking the brush. The Salem PD at its finest.

Who gets up from their supposed death bed to swill some liquor? So I think the new theory Stef wasn't ill at all might be true. On the other hand, who would lie in an oxygen tent in Italy or even at the DiMera mansion for that matter on the off chance Kayla or Squints and Marlena would show up there to find him?

LOL over Claire and Payla singing Kum By Yah and Sami handing Lucas that bag. HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze and Prevuisms today!!

9:06 AM  
Blogger Scolly said...

When they were at the pub going over the letter Julie said in the tunnel they'd run into the family trees of the DiMeras, Bradys and Hortons. Other than Hope being a Horton/Brady, when have the Hortons ever been involved in the big vendetta?

9:51 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Perhaps Tony was being facetious when he made the "been a long time" comment?

10:08 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Scolly -- I can't remember exactly when the "tunnel" storyline happened, but I'm sure at the time Doug and Julie were one of the "star" couples on the show, and since Julie is a Horton, they decided they needed to involve them in the danger . . .

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Pard throwing the brush away was the writers way of wrappng up a really stupid story.
Tony takes the cake for one liners.
While I was watching DOOL yesterday I had a spit coke out my nose moment when E.J said "shut up Lucas". Hopefully the writers will redeem his character and have him actually working with Sami instead of working against her. But, I doubt it.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

From what I've read, Colleen is OMB's sister who had a love affair with Steffy's dad Santo. Now, we have to overlook the fact that OMB and Stefano are close to the same age, but we're used to that SORAS thing anyway.

So, that would mean Santo had this affair with a Brady girl while married to Stef's mother. I can only imagine a baby is involved, but who? John??? Colin???

I've also read there's a murder involved, possibly Colleen's?

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Felis said...

Wy do you all call Shawn sr. OMB?

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

stands for Old Man Brady...

12:29 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Wy do you all call Shawn sr. OMB?

stands for Old Man Brady...

And we tend to look for typing shortcuts wherever we can find them. We did consider OFB but... nevermind.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spoilers are saying that Colleen was killed by a Brady. Other rumours are saying Lucas could be off the show by the end of the summer. But wouldn't it be a bit twisted if Sami hooked up with the guy that raped her?

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

stands for Old Man Brady...

I'm so embarrassed I thought it stood for Old Memory Banks or Old Matza Balls or Outta Manuscripts Buddy.

Roman (using his great Salem dectetive training) speculates that Willow's baby was Nick's.

Nick denies it.

Roman retorts: Give me one more guess....

I'm going to throw this brush away and forget all this ever happened....hey looky here, the gun that shot JR, that's PATRICK's gun not Kristen's! Damn it, leave it" Roman leaves.

"I didn't see that coming," says Nick.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing about poor Lucas's "testicles in a bag." Thanks, Prevuze. I needed a good laugh today!!


1:45 PM  
Anonymous Natalie said...

A random question that has nothing to do with today's Prevuze... is anyone actually looking for Claire? They all keep talking about how they're going to find her and how they're sure she's alive, but is anyone actually looking for her?

Deb - did Stefano already get the stem cells? Did I miss something?

I love your site, all of the funny commentary, and all of the commentors...yay, Prevuze!

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami wanted to jump into bed many times with EJ, Lucas just had a way of stopping them with immature pranks. So even if Sami didn't want to have sex with EJ at that moment, the idea did not always repulse her. Add on to that the fact that Sami is queen for using twisted ways to get what she wants and therefore a part of her would understand EJ's motivations. Add on to that the fact that if it meant Sami getting together with a one eyed monster to get Lucas off the show. Add on to that the fact that EJ is the hottest man DOOL has ever seen and I come to the conclusion that it is not twisted and would be just fine with me if Sami and EJ hook up and Lucas drops off the planet.

2:40 PM  
Blogger doolfan65 said...

Applecheeks..thanks for the comment on my keystone cops:) Look for more this summer...I am on vacation for the summer and have lots of time:) )

I am soooo glad they are FINALLY wrapping up the Willow and hairbrush sl. I am loving everybody's theories on Colleen.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did Roman throw the hairbrush out??? I have a funny feeling that Roman is going to hold onto that hairbrush and it will come back to haunt Nick and Chelsea one day (What da HELL? I didn't really throw it out.)

"What a rude little twit," was the best line ever! I LMAO at that one because that's EXACTLY what I was thinking!!!! Lucas is RUDE, he is LITTLE, and he's a TWIT HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Also I don't think that Stefano is really sick either. I got that feeling today when he was sitting in the living room without his oxygen tent and then got up to help himself to some booze. He could barely breathe in the ambulance. Now he's swilling his drink and chuckling.

4:40 PM  

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