Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sweet Cheeks And Hot Buns

The boys play catch on the beach as Chelsea and Stephanie walk in wearing material that may someday grow into bikinis. Stephanie calls for her boyfriend, "Hot Buns," and runs over to him. Chelsea follows. Hot Buns sees Stephanie running up and yells, "SWEET CHEEKS!" Her outfit leaves no doubt which pair of cheeks he is referring to.

Stephanie runs up and hugs him and then makes introductions, "Chelsea, this is my boyfriend, Jeremy Horton." Jeremy's friend Jett stands beside him and steps in to introduce himself.

Jett is Abe carver's nephew. Jeremy offers them a beer. Chelsea sets herself up to be the episode's stick-in-the-mud by turning it down. She says beer makes her sleepy. Jett says it makes him sleepy, too and shows her he's drinking a can of pop.

Stephanie has a bright idea for the Salem airline. It needs two hot attendants like her and Chelsea. Unfortunately the boys have some bad news. Sweet Cheeks asks, "What are you talking about? What happened?"

Hot Buns says, "We lost our investor. We're grounded."

Lucas is on the phone leaving messages all over town for Sami, telling her to head back to the pub. John tells Bo about the old letter. Larry, Curly and Moe don't like this. Lucas heads out to find Sami. Bo asks John for help. He's going to pay Tony a little visit. John likes the sound of that.

Sami wakes up duct taped to the steering wheel of a car with gas hissing in the background. Hey, on the schlock scale, it's a step above being tied to the railroad tracks with a train coming. Sami cries for help and then fades back out. EJ finds her and screams for her to wake up. Sami comes to and begs him to help. The locomotive steams ever-closer.

Hot Buns and Jett explain they own the plane, but not much else. They don't even have a hangar to put it in. Stephanie says she will make some calls and try to raise some money. They need $25K, which is $23K more than they have. The banks have already turned them down. Jett says, "We can get the money if we don't mind doing business with someone who sees our kneecaps as collateral."

Stephanie thinks of Max, "This sounds like something he would like to get a piece of."

Bart answers the door at the DiMera mansion to find Bo and John, "Well, if it isn't Batman and Boy Wonder. Why the long faces? Did you lose your capes?" Batman and Boy Wonder ask him to get Tony.

Gas spews inside the car as EJ begs Sami to stay awake. Sami blubbers and passes out again. EJ works his way into the sunroof and cuts the duct tape.

Chelsea throws a wet blanket on the party. She says Max doesn't have any money to invest. Stephanie says he has the garage. Chelsea thinks it isn't fair to ask him. She doesn't think friends should go into business together. They work on her, and Stephanie says she will make the call to Max.

Chelsea walks away. Jett goes over and tells her the way she went to bat for Max was impressive, "Uh... I was just gonna ask... if you're seeing anyone." Chelsea gives him a half-smile and considers a membership in the Hunk Of The Month Club.

Bo and John wait inside the mansion. Bo picks up an ugly statue and says, "I forgot, who is the interior decorator here?"


Suddenly, a horse neighs. Bo opens the door and sees Tony ride into the house.

"Mama mia," says Bo.

"Sweet Mother of God," says John.

Tony gets off the horse. He and John banter back and forth about how good each other looks after being away for a while. They exchange a few words about Stefano, but Tony assumes they aren't there to insult his father. Bo asks, "What the hell did you do with my niece... Sami?" Tony gives him a confused look.

EJ cradles Sami and gets no response. He starts giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Lucas runs up and panics like a little girl. He takes over the mouth-to-mouth gig. Sami chokes. She wakes up and gushes over Lucas for saving her.

EJ stands in the background, "Curses foiled again! "

Chelsea tells Jett she is seeing a guy named Nick. Jett guesses Nick must be smart, into science and wears glasses. Chelsea wonders how he knew that. Jett chuckles and says he was just kidding. Jeremy overhears and says he thinks Nick sounds like a total geek. Chelsea stands up for Nick. They get into it, but Stephanie runs up and says Max is on the way. Jeremy attacks Stephanie and then picks her up and carries her off.

Chelsea tells Jett Jeremy is a jerk as they walk off together.

John grabs Tony and asks where Sami is. Tony doesn't know. He mocks John and says he will check the 11 o'clock news and see if he can find anything about her. Bo lays out the scenario in the warehouse. He says Tony was there and was ready to rip Sami's unborn child from her womb to use the stem cells. Tony claims Sami made that story up.

Bo and John tell Tony EJ corroborated the story with a statement. Tony just doesn't know where she is. He looks under the sofa, "What are you gonna do if I don't answer the questions?"

"We'll just talk to your old man," says Bo.

"You can't do that," says Tony.

"Watch us," says Bo. He and John head upstairs. Tony stops them.

"You want to talk now," asks John?

Sami snivels and wonders if the fumes hurt her or the baby. She was so scared she would never see Lucas again. She asks how he found her. He tells her and asks what happened. She gives him the story and tells him about waking up duct taped to the car. EJ comes back and says the ambulance is on the way. Sami is scared. She asks Lucas to call Marlena. Lucas has no signal, so he runs off to get one. Sami yells, "Pick up a clue while you're at it."

After Lucas leaves, Sami tells EJ she knows he is really the one who saved her, not Lucas. She is worried, "Maybe the next time I won't be so lucky."

Jett and Chelsea return to find Sweet Cheeks and Hot Buns playing tonsil hockey. He tells Chelsea he and Jeremy need to find a way to make a living. He likes taking risks. Jett doesn't know Abe very well. He grew up with his mom's family. Chelsea tells him about the Bensons and her biological parents. Jett doesn't know Billie but he has heard of Bo. Max walks up. Jett introduces himself. Stephanie and Jeremy don't join them since they are busy at the moment. Jett tells Max about his plans for Touch The Sky Airlines, "Our motto is, you can touch the sky as long as you fly by night."

Tony tells Bo and John they are wasting their time since Stefano isn't up there. He calls for Bart. Bart walks in and sees John and Bo halfway up the stairs, "You gonna let them go up to see Stefano?"

Tony rolls his eyes, "My God, Bart, I forgot how stupid you are."

Bart tries to stop Bo and John from going up. Tony steps in, "Where is your warrant?"

"Warrant," asks Bo, "Dang! I keep forgetting about those things."

Tony laughs, "I just love this country."

EJ says this was a warning. Sami thinks it was more than that. EJ tells her he received a phone call telling him where she was. They did it to frighten her. Sami says that certainly worked and tells him Tony is crazy. She and Lucas and Will have to get out of Dodge. EJ vows to look after her.

Lucas runs up. He says he heard that. He swears he will be the one to take care of Sami. EJ tells him he can't go up against the DiMeras. The only person who can fix things is EJ. Lucas accuses him of setting this up because he is in love with Sami.

The boys draw their business plan in the sand and show Max the projected earnings. Max grills them about the business and wonders how they can compete with the big airlines and charter services. They claim they have advantages over the other companies, "We have a lot of booze and sexy flight attendants. Chelsea, too." Max decides he is interested. Chelsea encourages him to back out. Max ignores her and says he has decided to go in with them. Chelsea rolls her eyes.

Bo and John stand at Tony's door. Bo says, "We'll be back with that thingamabob we have to get." Tony says it will take time to get a warrant. In the meantime anything can happen. He is heartbroken over EJ's disloyalty, but claims they aren't as close as the Brady's. Bo threatens him if he touches Sami. He and John leave. Tony shuts the door and smirks.

"The DiMeras are back in town and Sami's missing," says Bo, "I think the war with the DiMeras is back on." With the ability to do brilliant reasoning like that, the guy ought to be a cop.

EJ thinks Lucas can't stand the fact he came to save Sami. Lucas thinks EJ tried to kill her. He tells Sami not to let fear let her forget what is going on here, "EJ is Stefano's son." They all argue. EJ tells him the games are over. Tony won't stop. They are in serious danger. Lucas slugs him, "I take care of my wife! Me and me only!"

They boys high-five. Max just saved Touch The Sky Airlines. Chelsea takes Max aside and suggests he have Frankie look over the scribbling in the sand before he jumps in. Max insists he's in. He tells them to meet him in an hour and he will have a certified check for $25K. More high-fiving.

Sweet Cheeks assumes Hot Buns owes her for her help on this. She asks for a job.

Sami whimpers as she lies on her gurney. They wheel her off. Bo runs up and asks what happened. EJ says exactly what he said would happen, "Her life is in danger." Lucas demands they to arrest EJ. "What for," asks EJ, "Saving Samantha's life?" Lucas shuts up and runs after the ambulance.

John and Bo think EJ didn't just stumble onto this. They think someone called and told him what was going on.

"I can't help you, gentlemen," says EJ.

Bo slugs him in the stomach, "Try." Bo throws another punch for good measure.

EJ doubles over as John tells him they can do this all day, "Try telling the truth next time."

Jeremy tells Stephanie, "A job for you – no problem. Lorna Dune here will scare away the customers." Chelsea doesn't like Max selling his dream to invest in theirs. She's skeptical Max will make his money back, passes on the job and leaves.

Jett comes over to her and apologizes for Jeremy. Chelsea claims Jeremy is a rude, obnoxious woman-hater.

"He's not a misogynist," claims Jett.

"He just thinks women should be seen and not heard," says Chelsea. Jett invites her for a burger. Chelsea reminds him she has a boyfriend. He claims it's not a date. She gives in.

Stephanie says she can't wait to tell people about the airline. Jeremy tells her to keep it quiet until they get it up and running. He just doesn't want her parents to watch him fail if the airline doesn't make it. "For a minute I thought you were hiding something," she says.

"What happens on Touch The Sky stays on Touch The Sky."

Stephanie decides the owner has to give the flight attendant a backrub. Jeremy rubs looks into the distance.

EJ says he got an anonymous phone call. John thinks it probably was Tony. Bo grabs him. He wants the DiMeras to leave the Bradys alone. He orders him to tell Tony and Stefano to back off. EJ says he has to help keep Sami alive. If they were serious they'd start working with him, "This isn't about Brady vs. DiMera. It's about Stefano and Sami." Bo says if he finds out Sami or her baby are hurt, he will bury EJ. He leaves and John follows. EJ grimaces. He makes a call, "I need to talk to you, now." FF.


Chelsea says, "Why, Jett Carver, are you by any chance hitting on me?"

Nick tells Willow, "This stops now. I'm done trusting you. Give me my card back."

Tony yells at EJ, "Samantha is never going to be yours. Not in this lifetime or any other!"

Sami is in her hospital bed. Lucas says, "I didn't give you my name just so you could sign your death warrant with it. Leave this alone, all right?"


Blogger Klaus said...

First. OMG!! "Jett Carver" that name is so.... ridiculous. It sounds like a corny alias for a superhero or a power ranger. And although it's wrong, I can't stop laughing at duct tape strangle hold thing.

I don't think I've ever heard of a 'mean' Horton before either.

6:32 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Oh Joy! DOOL has now officially turned into DOOL 90210.

So now that Brenda and Donna have convinced Dylan to invest in Steve buying the Peach wait...that's wrong isn't it?

Why doesn't Jeremy know who Nick is? Aren't they cousins?

And how exactly does Max even have any money? He hasn't raced in over a year, he lost his car in the race accident, and Titan doesn't sponser him anymore. You can't tell me he makes that much money doing oil changes and tune ups in his little one stall garage that doesn't even have a lift!!

OH yeah that's right since when have the DOOL 90210 writers ever been concerned with details like reality or continuity. Silly me.

Speaking of which; John, two days out of a coma, has jumped into his crime fighing tights and without a badge or any kind of real legal authority is running around with Bo barging into Tony's house demanding they confess everything and turn themselves in.

What happened to all that physical therapy and stuff the doctor said he'd need?

DOOL 90210ism of the day:

"He's not a misogynist," claims Jett

Did someone on the DOOL staff get a "Word of The Day" calander for his birthday? I mean come on!
Who in Salem talks like that?

6:40 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

But when has John (or anyone else) needed a badge, he's secret badass agent. He don't need no frickin' badge!

Cousin's lol. if you can explore through that tangled family line you are a smarter person than I.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forgive my ignorance, but I didn't understand the first pic...could someone please explain? Thanks!

7:08 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

First - Anonymous - Re the first pic: Will was the "photographer" at the wedding and was so taken by Stephanie he took a zillion pictures of her. Max or Nick said something to him about him needing to take pictures of guests other than Steph.

Second - YAAAAHHHHHHH! Bart is back! Prevuze pictures are back (and ALL hilarious)! Prevuisms snap, crackle and pop! (Much like the kneecaps as collateral for a loan.)

And LOLOL at Touch the Sky Airlines motto!

Prevuze has come back from vacation in fine form!

7:20 AM  
Anonymous ChangingLivesForever said...

Finally Days is getting interesting. Personally, I like the name Jett and I'm old enough to be his Nana. Willow be gone as that was such a lame storyline and Stephanie what have you been downing? I love Julie and Doug and can not wait until they are back. Every few years they have to bring in "young hot bodies" to keep ratings for the young hot bodies that are watching interested.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just have to say Julie and Doug suck...they are sooo boring and gross when they are "loving" on each other! Also, Julie is one of the most obnoxious characters I've ever watched, no doubt!!

7:39 AM  
Anonymous MaxS said...

"Bo and John stand at Tony's door. Bo says, "We'll be back with that thingamabob we have to get."

This reminds me of the Simpsons episode where the lawyer calls a mistrial "a bad court thingy."

7:55 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Another DOOLism is how Lucas thinks he's going to take care of his family with no job. Surely turning your boss and his partner into the SEC would be cause for dismissal. Of course this IS Daze....

LOL over the Squints/Bart pic and Angelina saving the day. And Prevuze is right, Sami in the car was about one step higher on the schlock scale than a railroad track. (Was Snidely Whiplash in the background??)

I also love that Bart is back! And Prevuze, too, in rare form. Now we can get thru the long hot summer ahead knowing Prevuze is around. Thanks!! :D

7:58 AM  
Anonymous pizzywix said...

I just have to say Julie and Doug suck...they are sooo boring and gross when they are "loving" on each other! Also, Julie is one of the most obnoxious characters I've ever watched, no doubt!!

What is the maximum age beyond which people are gross if they love on each other?

8:44 AM  
Blogger trixie1134 said...

The max age for me is 60, although watching DOC & John drool all over each other is hard on the stomach, UGH!Thinking about Doug & Julie going at it.....there goes breakfast.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Karren said...

I am Cracking up at the Angelina Pic! I Love this site. Keep up the great work...

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucas is annoying more and more. He's a little twerp of a man who has mother issues. He's no prize.
I understand DOOL is trying to make Chelsea more likeable, but they are making Stepahnie so unlikeable!!! Did the body snatchers come down or something?? Jeez, before Stephanie left for Dayton, or Daytona, or whatever it was that she was going, she was such a goody goody, now she's obnoxious. Enough already!! And I agree about John and Doc slobbering all over one another. There is a time and place people!!!

9:35 AM  
Blogger Tom Selleck said...


You've sprung this on me awfully suddenly, since I'm already 62. Because I wasn't aware of this until I read your post, Would it be too much to ask Your Highness for a year's grace period to taper off instead of going cold turkey?

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Felis said...

je ne suis pas fou

9:59 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

je ne suis pas fou

Dans ce cas, votre nom n'est pas Shawn.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

Agreed on Lucas, he reminds me of a peacock. Everytime Ej shows up he has to puff his feathers out, strut around, showing how superior his plumage is. More like a rooster though.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

je ne suis pas fou

Dans ce cas, votre nom n'est pas Shawn.

Ni est il belle.

L'espoir que vous êtes heureux, j'a dû aller à Babelfish !

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...


You've sprung this on me awfully suddenly, since I'm already 62. Because I wasn't aware of this until I read your post, Would it be too much to ask Your Highness for a year's grace period to taper off instead of going cold turkey?

Dude, you can go at it until you are 100 just don't be putting your bare booty on the TeeVee.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

Two things.... UH, what is with all the posts in french, and Did Tony REALLY ride in on a HORSE??? or was that a Prevuzism????

4:13 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Two things.... UH, what is with all the posts in french, and Did Tony REALLY ride in on a HORSE??? or was that a Prevuzism????

Felis apparently is a native French speaker. The conversation (loosely defined) went something like this:

Felis: I'm not an idiot.

Prevuze: In that case, your name is not Shawn.

Teresa: Nor is it Belle. I hope you're happy. I had to go to Babel Fish!

Babel Fish is a language translation site. (

So now you know what you missed - nothing.

As far as the horse scene goes, yes Tony did ride a horse into the house. Although at one time, looking at it from the back, it was hard to tell if that was a horse's ass or EJ.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

Thanks for clarifying!

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else but I just love EJ and I just wanted to throw that out there.

9:41 PM  
Blogger luvpumpkns said...

are they kidding me with the lorna doone reference? who has ever even read that book?

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Sami is evil and obnoxious! I wish they would put duct tape over her mouth!!!!

8:47 PM  

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