Friday, March 16, 2012

Show Thoughts 03/16/12

So let's see, Nicole is somewhere puking her guts out and Bo is comatose. They must've both been watching today's episode of #Days
I tried that trick of yanking a tablecloth off a table with stuff on it and it worked out just about like Madison's attempt.
When I heard Madison blubbering I thought she might as well have been holding her teddy bear. Then I looked up AND SHE WAS!
What kind of role model were you, Lucas, being in on the plot to frame Sami and send her to the death chamber?  Trying to gaslight her with a Will doll?  Shooting EJ in the head?  Putting limburger cheese on a car engine? (I forget who's car it was.)  And probably a bunch of other things I can't remember.
EJ lets Will go with no strings attached and Will stays with him. Lucas in some circles that's called a BUURRRNNN.
EJ & Will certainly had their own little mutual admiration society going today, didn't they?
If Brady's drowning his sorrows it'll take more than one beer.
Don't worry about Brady throwing the ring into his drink. Beer has been shown to be a very effective cleaning agent.


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