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We start out where we left off in the Black Forest with EJ making threats, Sami threatening back and the heart-wrenching Sydnapping II. Sami puts on a brave face as EJ and Nicole wrench her children from her. Once they're gone, it's Niagara Falls from Sami.

The cop gives Brady a pen to sign the statement, but Brady just can't.

Roman comes into the pub and finds Will, Allie and Caroline. He wants to know what Sami has done now. "She got married," says Caroline.

"Which one," asks Roman.

"It's about her twelfth, I think," says Caroline.

Rafe tries to console Sami. He promises they will get the kids back, "We'll have them at the babysitter's in no time."

Bo finds Carly at the hospital. He asks about the Dungcootie Fever situation. Carly says Melanie and Nathan need an antiviral. "I've got one on my computer," says Bo.

Back in quarantine, Melanie and Nathan comfort each other. Sort of. "You're a jerk," says Melanie.

"Funny," says Nathan, "I feel the same way about you." Well, we're ALL in agreement.

Maxine finds Daniel, who says he might be making a little progress, "I think I have an idea... If only I had a clue."

Dr. Bo reassures Carly that Melanie will make it. Daniel rushes up and tells her they have work to do.

Nathan and Melanie discuss this "jerk" situation. Melanie thinks Nathan should have come to her when he found out Chloe was sleeping around. Nathan says if they had been together he would have.

Victor is with Detective Hansen, Brady and Vivian. He strong-arms him into leaving so Victor can have a word with "his family." The detective leaves and Vivian says there will be consequences if Brady signs the statement, "If I go down, I take every one of you with me."

"Well, you certainly haven't been going down since you married me," says Victor.

Daniel and Carly do research. Daniel thinks they can manufacture the anti-Dungcootie Fever protein right there in the hospital, "Get my Betty Crocker Cookbook."

Nathan thinks they should resolve things since they might not have much time left. If only... Melanie knows he wouldn't intentionally hurt her, BUT...

Sami and Rafe are outside the pub. Sami just can't go inside and face her family. Rafe promises they will be happy again. Childless, but happy.

Nicole and EJ get back to the DiMera mansion. Mary announces the kids room is ready. Nicole is reluctant to give up Sydney.

Roman tells Caroline he thinks he should have been at the wedding, "Giving Sami away forever would be a pleasure any father would want." Sami comes in and announces EJ has the kids.

"I wondered why you didn't ask me to babysit tonight," says Caroline.

Victor tells Vivian no one will ever believe her. Vivian says Maggie already does. "I'm holding all the cards and you have bupkis," says Vivian. Brady says they don't have much of a choice.

Nathan wakes up from a bad dream. Then he sees Melanie and wishes he was still dreaming. Melanie brings up the letter she wrote on her wedding day. Nathan thinks they may not make it out of this. "There is something I didn't tell you," says Melanie, "I heard you... talking in your sleep. You said 'I love you, Melanie.'"

"That's because I do love you." Man, the fever must be making him delirious.

EJ tells Nicole it's not up to Nicole to decide to keep holding Sydney, but he allows her to get Sydney ready for bed. He sends Mary up to get Johnny ready, then tells Nicole, "It's just like old times, isn't it. I swear I can smell foam rubber." He goes into the rumpus room, pours a drink and toasts, "To Samantha and the wedding you will never forget." OMG, after so many, how can she possibly choose which one that would be?

Sami weaves a tale for the people in the pub and tells them they thought it would be nice for Johnny and Allie to spend time with EJ. Will takes Allie away. Roman wants to hear that drivel again. Sami asks him to trust her, and then leaves. Rafe follows, grabs and hugs. Sami asks him to tell Roman to give her a break. I think the break Roman has in mind is her neck. Rafe goes back to the table as Roman rants. Rafe says he and Sami are doing what they think is best for the children. "Sami did it, didn't she," asks Roman, "And EJ can prove it, can't he?"

Daniel says they have to insert and synthesize the gene. Sounds good, doesn't it.

"Insert it into what and synthesize it how," asks Carly.

"Don't get hung up in the details," says Daniel.

Melanie backtracks and says she loves Phillip, not Nathan. Nathan says he loves Stephanie. Melanie don' wanna be like Chloe. Ho's of a feather flock together.

Sami comes back and asks Roman to trust her. Caroline backs her up, "Some things are best left unspoken."

"Like this entire script," says Roman. But he agrees and wishes Sami and Rafe the best, "I am on your side for all the Days Of Our Lives." They bring on the champagne. Roman toasts, "To Rafe and Sami, the damnedest couple I ever did see."

An Ejami in the audience shouts, "They're damned, all right!"

Victor and Brady argue. Brady says he got Victor into this and will get him out of it. Victor doesn't want Vivian going after Maggie again. Vivian says she has bigger fish to fry. Hansen comes back in and says Bo is on his way there right now. Brady hands Hansen a new statement. Victor asks him to shred the other copy and hands him a wad-o-cash as well as offering him the use of his yacht. Hansen gladly takes the "tip." he leaves and Vivian congratulates him on his maneuver.

Bo walks in and asks what rock Vivian crawled out from under. "Ask your father," says Vivian.

Carly finds Maxine and asks for the latest on Melanie and Nathan. Maxine updates her and Carly rushes into their room as Maxine cautions her not to do that.

Melanie and Nathan decide they're friends. They deserve each other. "My head feels like it's going to explode," says Melanie.

"Vacuums can't explode," says Nathan. He crawls into bed with her.

Rafe and Sami have Allie sleeping in the back room. Rafe sits on the couch with Sami. She talks about the number of times Roman has had to clean up her messes, "What have I done to my family?"

"It's only an hour show," says Rafe, "We don't have enough time to get into that."

Nicole and EJ are in the rumpus room talking about the evening's adventure. She tries to convince him he can't have his children home and happy alone. She tells him the kids are there because of her and he has to change the way he treats her.

Changed EJ takes her drink, pours it into his and, bottoms up.

Nathan and Melanie cuddle as Carly looks in. She knocks. Nathan slowly gets up and limps over to the door. Carly asks, "How are you?"

"You mean besides dying of Dungcootie Fever," asks Nathan. Melanie wakes.

Gabi and Will deal with the aftermath in the pub. Gabi says she thinks EJ was holding something Arianna had over Sami's head and that's now he got the kids.

EJ is cordial. He tells Nicole he's in a good mood. Nicole thinks that's because he got what he wanted, "And I can make sure you keep it."

Rafe pulls Sami in and tells her after everything that's happened, he's happy they're married. "It hasn't sunk in," says Sami.

"It will in 20-30 years," says Rafe.

"Twenty to thirty years," repeats Sami, "That's a long time."

i>"You're right. It's almost a decade," says Rafe. Allie calls and says she can't sleep. Sami says she thinks Allie misses Johnny and Sydney.

Bo reads the statement and says it's hard to swallow. "It's not a donut," says Victor. Bo says he'll talk to Maggie and sends Brady and Victor packing. He detains Vivian and asks why she came back. Vivian says Salem is her home. Bo says he'll be watching her.

Sami sleeps on the couch with Allie. Rafe picks Allie up and carries her into the back room, "You're not getting in the way of my action tonight, kid."

Gabi tells Will they're family now, "If you ever want to talk, I am (say it with her) here for you."

Rafe tucks Allie in and then joins Sami in bed. They cuddle.

Nicole suggests EJ get up to read Johnny his bedtime story soon, "I'm off."

"I know," says EJ, "But are you leaving?"

As she leaves, Nicole asks when she gets to see Sydney again. EJ says she can stop by tomorrow. "I'll see you in the morning," says Nicole. EJ rolls his eyes.

Bo calls for Hansen. Hansen comes in and Bo says Brady's statement is five sentences long and it looks like it was written in a hurry. Bo thinks there was an original statement that Brady "updated." Hansen says Brady wrote the first statement when he was upset. Bo wants to see the statement. Hansen says it no longer exists. Bo growls, "Consider what you have in your pocket your severance," He wads up and tosses the bogus statement as Hansen walks out, contemplating his upcoming Greek adventure.

Victor and Brady are back at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady says he couldn't let Victor and Nicole pay for what he started and he hopes things work out with Victor and Maggie.

Vivian is on the phone with Gus making threats to the people who sarcophagized her.

Daniel works and claims to be on the right track to finding the long-anticipated Dungcootie Fever cure.

Carly tells Nathan and Melanie not to give up. Melanie blows her a kiss.

This episode, on the other hand, merely blows...


Nicole tells Brady, "There is something I have to tell you and you should hear it from me."

EJ yells at Kate, "Don't lie to me."

Daniel tells Chloe, "Melanie and Nathan are going to die if I don't help them."

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Anonymous mR said...

LOL! Still laughing at Doug & Julie!

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'm with mR...don't know how you did that Jugs and Doolie picture, Prevuze, but it's great!

Why did "dying" Nathan have to get up and answer the door? Did that idiot Carly actually go into the isolation room??

OOOHH how I wish the just-fired cop knew Bo and Pard are protecting Sami. Revenge would be sweet.

Loved "I wondered why you didn't ask me to babysit tonight," says Caroline and "Twenty to thirty years," repeats Sami, "That's a long time." "You're right. It's almost a decade," says Rafe. And almost as long as this episode.

So thanks for taking another one on the chin for us, Prevuze. TGIF and TGFP!

3:02 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"If I go down, I take every one of you with me."

"Well, you certainly haven't been going down since you married me," says Victor.

That’s a picture much too horrible to contemplate.

Carly tells Nathan and Melanie not to give up. Melanie blows her a kiss.

This episode, on the other hand, merely blows...

Truer words have never been blogged. This episode is so bad that I keep having to remind myself that this is November sweeps. It probably would have helped if the writers had been checking the calendar too. How corrupt is the SPD? Let me count the ways. Let’s start with Victor paying off the cop with a cruise of the Greek Isles. Actually, that’s a pretty good deal. Detective Hansen should be sure to visit Santorini and ride a mule down to the harbor but I digress. Along with Bo, Roman is turning a blind eye to Sami’s shenanigans. Geez! Who on the SPD doesn't know that Sami shot EJ?

Now that the relatives will be tucked safely in their own beds I'm finally having a chance to catch up with all the hilarity. Thanks for the after Thanksgiving cheer Prevuze!!!!

3:58 PM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

Someone on another blogsite posited the question, "Where is Jennifer living?" and "For that matter, where are Doug and Julie staying?"

Since economic times are tough, why doesn't Days simply put them in Alice's house?? Maybe recover the sofa, but the set should still be there.

I enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Williams even though they take a lot of easy hits. Wish Doug would get to sing once in awhile; that would cancel out a small part of the outrageous storylines & bad dialogue . . . .

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are on FIRE today Prevuze, very funny!! :-0

7:18 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Who on the SPD doesn't know that Sami shot EJ?

There's a German Shepherd over in the K-9 unit...

5:45 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Saved Prevuze for my Saturday morning treat. What a treat it is!

Too many great Prevuisms to list them all, but the following captured exactly what I was thinking when watching yesterday's drivel:

Daniel and Carly do research. Daniel thinks they can manufacture the anti-Dungcootie Fever protein right there in the hospital, "Get my Betty Crocker Cookbook."

Daniel says they have to insert and synthesize the gene. Sounds good, doesn't it. "Insert it into what and synthesize it how," asks Carly. "Don't get hung up in the details," says Daniel

In what universe are we supposed to believe that Salem Hospital has the research facilities to achieve this great breakthrough in medicine? LOL

And Bulldog brought up another thing I thought - Carly knocking on the door of the isolation ward. It was also my OFPS moment: The two inhabitants are sick and feeling terrible. When Carly walks up they are clearly sleeping (and by extension feeling no pain at the moment) and she has to KNOCK ON THE DOOR, make Nathan get up and go over to answer one of the stupidest questions ever asked given the situation, "How are you doing?"!!??

Hansen walks out, contemplating his upcoming Greek adventure.

Actually, Hansen is walking out contemplating his imminent visit to his union rep, the complaint he's going to lodge with the Department of Labor for unfair dismissal, and the huge lawsuit he'll be bringing against Bo Brady, the SPD, and the City of Salem.

I have to run. Bye!

7:02 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Oh yeah, and the picture of poor Roman looking forward to his TSA pat-down....classic!

Word verification: sneursh

Bless you!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

***Hands cab money to Det. Hanson to see his union rep***

Will the hypocrasy of the Brady's never end?

Great job. Now we see why Rafe's blinded by Sami's "goodness".

11:22 AM  
Blogger JenH said...

Check out this Stefano reference on BoingBoing!

Cracked me up! Where are Doug and Julie keeping their circus?

3:00 PM  

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