Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Popcorn, Anyone?

Nicole is with EJ in the rumpus room telling him she can help him get his children back. Well, by golly, if she can do that, EJ will give her anything she wants. "Good," says Nicole, "Because I can hand you Sami Brady on a silver platter."

"Even the DiMeras don't own a silver platter that big," says EJ, "We did, however, just buy Weyerhaeuser and Alcoa so I could get you a piece of 4' x 8' plywood covered in tin foil.

Bo walks in on Carly at the pub. Carly's wrapping baby stuff. They get smoochy and gross out everyone in the pub, especially Jennifer, who walks up behind them.

Melanie and Nathan continue to bicker about not working together. Nathan throws up his doctor status, while the viewers simply throw up. Dr. Ben walks in and tells them to grow up. Not likely.

Daniel and Chloe gush over the kid as Phillip comes in. Daniel leaves and Phillip tells her things really worked out well — she got what she wants and Phillip got a freebie.

Stephanie walks into the hospital and Daniel finds her. He asks if everything is OK and, of course, it isn't.

Rafe tells Sami EJ's plan was to take the kids and run, but they got lucky. The kids weren't so lucky, though... they're still stuck with Sami.

Nicole tells EJ she doesn't want his wealth in return. She just wants one thing.

Rafe starts to call Roman but Sami stops him, wanting to know what happened with Nicole.

The one thing Nicole wants is... "Sydney."

EJ says nothing would make him happier, "Make sure your passport is in order and I'll send you there right away, but only if you promise never to come back." He also reminds her he doesn't have his kids right now. Well, this is, of course nothing but a small complication which Nicole suggests she can eliminate. At that, she whips out her trusty video camera-player gizmo and plays Sami's confession.

Stunned EJ nearly collapses, "OMG, that's it. That's Arianna's proof!"

"No," says Nicole, "That was the trailer to Sami's next blockbuster movie."

Jen, Bo and Carly share an uncomfortable moment. Bo the coward scoots. Jennifer sits with Carly and they try to play like everything is OK. Jennifer says she's there to work on Alice's estate but Maggie's out of town. Carly invites her to meet Daniel and Melanie, but Jennifer declines since she's already had such a bad day.

Rafe says he downloaded the virus to Nicole's computer and if she plugs the camera in it will destroy the original file itself.

EJ wonders how Nicole got the camera. She says it was in Arianna's safety deposit box. But Nicole says this is about her love for Sydney, so she tried to deal with Sami and Rafe, but things didn't work out... so she came to EJ.

"I noticed that," says EJ. He's observant like that. Nicole just wants him to give Sami what she deserves and then to be a part of Sydney's life.

Dr. Walters tells Nathan and Melanie to find replacements and sign out for the day. He leaves. Melanie and Nathan give each other looks that could kill.

Step-on-me says nothing is going on, and she heard Daniel's baby was doing well. He confirms that Chloe is doing just fine. Daniel still thinks something is going on with Stephanie. He assures her it would make life easier if she put all the Chloe-Melanie-Nathan stuff aside.

Melanie stammers, insists she loves Phillip, but says she can't work with Nathan, "It hurts too much."

"If you want to talk about pain," says Nathan, "Try working with you."

Rafe doesn't know if Nicole suspects anything. Sami congratulates him on his plan's success before they know it worked.

"Raising children is a really tough job. I don't know how the babysitters do it." -Sami Brady

Nicole says Sydney is the most important person in her life, except for Nicole, of course. She says she wasn't thinking straight by going to Sami and Rafe first.

EJ says, "If I could put the past behind me..."

"Where else would it be," asks Nicole.

"Up yours," snorts EJ.

"Well, I know for sure it's not there," says Nicole.

EJ asks, "If I could do that, do you trust me?" Nicole admits she needs him and knows he will do the right thing.

Stephanie asks about Nathan, and Daniel says he's not there, "If there is anything you need, let me know."

"You mean besides a boatload of self esteem," asks Stephanie. Daniel leaves. Stephanie decides Caroline was out of her mind to switch the results. She decides she has to let the cat out of the bag, but in a way that doesn't hurt Caroline.

Daniel is with Chloe, Phillip and Danchloephil, Jr. He takes the baby and immediately suggests letting brother-in-law-daddy Phillip hold him. Phillip takes him and passes him back to Daniel. The baby gets motion sickness and Daniel goes to see if he can find a doctor.

Rafe gets off the phone and announces the cops will be there shortly, "If you don't know what to say, call me." Meantime, he's off to the Kiriakis mansion to steal the camera. He opens the door.


Daniel and Jennifer are together. Daniel says it's nice to meet her and Jen also asks to meet Melanie. There is no accounting for the lack of taste of some people. "When you have a child with someone it's like you're bound to them for life," says Jennifer.

"Yes," says Daniel, "They call it parenthood."

Stephanie and Phillip bump into each other and Stephanie runs like a scared rabbit.

Nathan orders a beer in the pub.

Maxine tells Dr. Walters that Javier Rodriguez has died. Dr. Walters puts another notch in his stethoscope.

Daniel joins Melanie and Chloe who are faking being able to stand each other. Daniel gets a call and leaves. Carly begs her to forgive her eventually. Melanie no can do. She runs off. Daniel stands behind Carly, "What is going on?"

Rafe showers EJ with expletives-deleted. EJ, however has something to say, "I have it, Samantha... I think you lovebirds will have a really bad day today."

Carly sloughs Daniel off. Translation: pisses him off. Bo congratulates the pair and leaves. Carly tells Daniel to talk to Melanie.

Maxine says Rodriguez was doing OK this morning. Ben asks her to find out about anyone who had contact with him.

Melanie stands alone and wonders why things feel so wrong. This happens to Melanie a lot.

Stephanie finds Nathan in the pub. Nathan lies and says they were overstaffed and he gets to take a break. Stephanie says she needs his help.

It's just Phillip and Chloe. We all know what happened the last time they were alone together: Parker. Phillip leaves as Carly comes in. Chloe thanks her for everything, "You've been an amazing friend." She senses something is wrong. Carly says it's complicated. Chloe tells her to be hopeful, "I think Melanie is going to get past this."

Jennifer stops Ben to apologize for being upset with him earlier, but Dr. Ben just rushes past her.

Rafe tells EJ he's going to jail for what he did to Sami. EJ says he thought Sami and Rafe had won. He pulls out the video camera. Sami and Rafe give us looks of shame and guilt.

EJ struts in ready to play the video, "Popcorn, anyone?"

Stephanie tells Nathan what she is about to say has to stay between them, then tells him Caroline did something awful. "I know says Nathan... and then the world got Bo."

Daniel finds Melanie at the pier. He asks why she's not at the hospital and Melanie says it doesn't matter. She asks him to go back to Parker. Daniel ain' goin' nowhere, "What is bothering you? Let me help you. You should trust me. We're in this together." More than they know.

Nicole joins Carly and Chloe. Carly leaves and Nicole says she wants to meet the Parkster. She gives Chloe a mobile from Auntie Nicole, and asks if Chloe is nervous about Carly and Melanie blabbing. Clhoe says no. Nicole tells her things are looking up.

EJ continues to play the video. Rafe gets macho, but Bo interrupts, "What's going on here?" Somebody solved a crime but once again, it wasn't Bo.

Dr. Ben tells Carly about Mr. Rodriguez dying. "Oh, no," says Carly, "I thought that was supposed to be my kill."

Nathan gets woozy. Stephanie asks if he's OK and puts her hand on his forehead, "HEAL, LORD, HEAL."

Melanie also gets woozy and faints in front of Daniel.

Nicole says Chloe got her miracle and Nicole is about to get her miracle, "It has everything to do with Sydney."

"OMG, Nicole, what have you done," asks Clhoe.

EJ encourages Samantha to tell Bo what's up. Silence. EJ decides to step up to the plate and tell.


Stephanie tells Phillip, "Stop pretending like you even give a damn."

EJ tells Sami, "I have proof that you tried to murder me."

Bo tells Rafe, "I know exactly what Sami's done."

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Anonymous Betyar said...

Great Sami Brady quote Prevuze! Hey, raising 4 kids IS hard for a babysitter ! :)

On another note...I forced myself to watch the show today, and I swear, I thought the s/l's are fast going down the toilet(much like the Eva Longoria/Tony Parker marriage, which I never thought would last from the beginning). Anyway...not even 2 cups of coffee could keep me awake from today's infernal DOOL boredom. I don't think my interest peaked until I saw Nate/Mel get ready to pass out. Think these writers could do something appealing with that s/l? I'm not gonna hold my breath...

And why in the world would EJ go to the Hernandez Hovel? I thought he wanted to fight Sami in court, not hurt her? Well, so much for trusting a word that comes out of his mouth! He's becoming as unpleasant as Nicole.

Oh well, end of rant. Have a nice hump day everyone!

12:02 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Bo interrupts, "What's going on here?" Somebody solved a crime but once again, it wasn't Bo.

So sad. So true. So funny.

I couldn't get over Rafe just going to "break into the mansion and steal the camera". Broad daylight, having no clue the camera is even IN the mansion, our macho hero is all set to go. Puh-leeze!

LMAO at the picture of Rafe panicking over EJ "chlorophyling" Sami. Of course, he never claimed expertise in biology - just algebar.

So Melanie & Nathan will be quarantined in a life-threatening situation (yes, Bulldog, the recycled Payla s/l) because they were exposed to the dead patient*.
How about Daniel, Carly, Stephanie, Philip, Chloe (and through her, Nicole)? They were exposed to Mel & Nathan about as long as the two looney-toons were exposed to the patient.

*Dead patient - watching the show today I couldn't help but wonder if the poor guy would be alive if Melanate had paid more attention to him and less fighting right there in his room. Just a thought....

Thanks Prevuze!

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Well once again, Applecheeks, you took the question right off my keyboard. If Melanate got infected that easily from the patient then they in turn have now possibly contaminated the rest of the hospital, pub and pier. But of course they'll be the only ones quarantined.

And why would Nicole trust EJ? After discussing everything with him first why didn't she go to a lawyer and get some sort of visitation thing in writing before just handing over the tape? Now she's got nothing but his word he'll let her see her. Stef or EJ are just as likely to toss her in the Lexie Memorial Dungeon.

I almost spewed coffee over Caroline did something awful. "I know says Nathan...and then the world got Bo." And the conjugal visit pic, too.

Great recap this afternoon. Thanks!

1:24 PM  
Blogger fwickafwee said...

Yeah Bulldog! The funny thing about the Melanie/Nate quarantined thing is that they will probably be forced to be in a room together!

Love Prevuze!!

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Nathan throws up his doctor status, while the viewers simply throw up. Dr. Ben walks in and tells them to grow up. Not likely.

I can’t make up my mind if the Nathan/Melanie bickering is a step above and a step below the Rafe/Sami witless protection bickering. The one thing that all the exciting repartee has in common is that it’s childish.

The kids weren't so lucky, though... they're still stuck with Sami.

Ya think?

“That's Arianna's proof!"

"No," says Nicole, "That was the trailer to Sami's next blockbuster movie."


"It hurts too much."

"If you want to talk about pain," says Nathan, "Try working with you."

You want pain?! Try watching this stuff!

Rafe doesn't know if Nicole suspects anything.

Male chauvinistic pig that he is - Rafe has a disturbing tendency to underestimate women. Once Nicole checked her computer, she immediately suspected Rafe of duplicity, and he should have been prepared for that. If he had given Nicole credit for having a brain cell or two, Rafe would have considered the likelihood of Nicole offering the camera to EJ. If brains were dynamite, Rafe couldn’t even blow his nose.

Nicole admits she needs him and knows he will do the right thing.

You can bet that EJ will do the right thing – for EJ.

Melanie and Nathan in quarantine = zapper time!!!!!! Bleh!

Thanks for another stellar recap Prevuze!!!

5:44 AM  
Anonymous NeeNee said...

"If brains were dynamite, Rafe couldn’t even blow his nose."


Leslie, you're almost as witty as Prevuze.

I'm 5 weeks behind vs. real time DOOL. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to tape it when this superb site recaps the action/inaction so cuttingly. When the VCR dies, that will be the cue to stop watching at all. Sadly, hubby and I are not techies and have not tried to figure out DVR's or whatever the current recording mode is.

P.S. Word verification is "carcat." Would this be the nickname of the person who flattened Arianna??

9:08 AM  

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