Monday, June 07, 2010

The Virgin Blushing Bride

EJ sits and contemplates the picture Johnny drew. Sami comes in and EJ insinuates Johnny may become a struggling artist. "Better than a struggling actor," says Sami.

Rafe and Shane roll around their jail cell fighting. A guard comes in and separates them, then Shane bonks him and grabs his key.

Brady comforts Nicole outside the Kiriakis mansion with a big hug. Gabi watches, soaks it in and goes ballistic, "When my sister finds out about this she's going yo-yo."

Phillip and Melanie are in bed. Phillip says he doesn't know what he would do without her. Melanie turns and asks, "How the hell could you cheat on me?" Phillip wakes up. He jumps up and sweats. Melanie sleeps. Phillip huffs.

Daniel walks up to the elevator in the hospital as Carly and Chloe argue upstairs. Chloe decides she's had it with Carly and it's time for Carly to take the plunge. The signal comes in on Chloe's phone and Carly steps into the elevator. Suddenly Chloe has a change of heart. She runs in, grabs Carly and they struggle. With both of them in there, the audience chants, "Drop! Drop! Drop!"

Sami says she checked on Johnny and he's OK. If that's the case, EJ wants to know why she's upset. Sami says it took a while for him to wake up and in that moment she knew she couldn't survive losing another child.

Chloe flings Carly out of the elevator as the doors close. Chloe once again finds herself in the terrifying position of being in an elevator with no one to have sex with.

Downstairs, Daniel stands outside the elevator. Suddenly...


"What," gasps Daniel, "Who's in there?" We hear the ominous dull thud as the elevator crashes. Daniel rushes around like a confused pinball.

Sami broods about all the times she has lost her children, "Something is going to push me over the edge."

EJ steps up for support, but Sami is inconsolable. EJ asks her to trust him.

Gabi becomes a one-girl demolition crew, "Why are you snuggling up to this evil tramp?"

Brady scolds her, "There's no need for name calling, you little potty-mouth slut." Nicole steps in and says this is her fault, not Brady's.

Phillip is downstairs in Maggie's kitchen swilling booze. Maggie finds him and tells him she can't sleep because she's worried about Alice, who is running a fever. She asks why he's there and he says he had a nightmare, "It was about something I've done and am not proud of."

"You mean besides marrying Melanie," asks Maggie.

Victor and Vivian arrive in their hotel room. Victor tells her she was terrible company tonight because of all her fidgeting. Vivian is so out of it, she can't even remember what she ordered when Victor asks her about it, "What are you trying to hide?"

We look into the elevator, where Chloe lies pancaked to the floor.

BULLETIN: Denny's Restaurant renames its "GRAND SLAM" breakfast the "CHLOE LANE."

Rafe covers the guard and the dynamic duo starts to leave the cell, but another guard catches them as they leave.

Sami isn't happy. But she's happy, because she's only happy when she's unhappy. OMG, I'm turning into Kate. What if I become overbearing and wind up poisoning my child's fiancée? EJ says he has a secret way to make her feel better.

Gabi, Brady, and Nicole have taken the drama (I use the term lightly) inside. Gabi tells Brady Arianna wants to see him, but now Gabi has to tell Arianna she was right to doubt Brady.

Maggie the town busybody presses, but Phillip tells her his problem is work related. He says the situation affects a lot of people and if he comes clean it could be a big mess. Maggie digs, "Maybe you should tell the truth. Sometimes the consequences aren't as bad as you think, until I get hold of the story, spread it all over town and ruin your life."

Daniel forces the elevator doors open and finds Chloe the pancake. Chloe always was kind of two-dimensional anyway. Daniel grabs her, "Talk to me. How do you feel? "

"Kind of flat," says Chloe.

Daniel goes into near-panic and begs, "Talk to me. Talk to me." Be careful what you ask for — you might get it.

EJ hovers over Sami who wonders if he's going to hypnotize her. He has her close her eyes, "Clear your mind."

A nanosecond passes. "OK," says Sami, "It's clear."

EJ has her think of good times with her children. It's a stretch, but Sami thinks. She thinks of the time when she got Sydney back. He tells her to lock on to that thought and remember it, "Anytime you feel worried, pull that thought back out and draw strength from it."

Sami opens her eyes, "It worked! Such a simple idea and it worked."

"Simple minds respond to simple ideas," says EJ.

Sami tells him he's a big part of that memory.

Arianna calls EJ and leaves an urgent message, "The DA said my alibi won't hold water."

Brady tries a little reverse psychology. He tells Gabi to go tell Arianna what she saw. Gabi says she thinks Brady should tell Arianna the truth. Brady asks if he shouldn't be the one to tell instead of Gabi. Gabi asks, "Does that mean you saying you don't love her?"

"I love her," says Brady, "But her siblings drive me nuts."

Maggie says Phillip still has Melanie. Phillip says he's not so sure about that. Maggie comforts, "I won't judge, but I want you to have peace of mind. In your case it would have to be a small piece." Melanie joins them. Stares abound.

Vivian insists she's just tense because of the honeymoon. Victor gets sarcastic, "Oh the virgin blushing bride. Don't worry, I'll be gentle." Vivian continues to fret and Victor gets impatient, "If you don't cut it out, I'll throw you on that bed and have my way with you."

"Now you're talking," says Vivian.

Daniel gives Chloe mouth-to-mouth, hand-to-breast. Carly rushes in and surveys the scene, "I'll go get the crash cart."

"No need," says Daniel, "She already crashed."

EJ says he's ashamed of all the hurt he has caused Sami. "None of us is innocent," she says.

"We are not normal, are we," asks EJ.

"All the damage we've done to each other over the years," says Sami, "and now here we are together. I can't imagine my life without you.

EJ asks, "Because of the children?"

"Because we act like children," says Sami, "It's nice seeing this side of you... The charming, sensitive side with no agenda."

"I absolutely have an agenda," says EJ, "Would you like to see it? It's upstairs in the bedroom."

The first guard wakes up as the second guard holds Shane and Rafe. Together, the guards escort them out.

Gabi tosses accusations, but Brady tells her the only person who deserves an answer is Arianna. Gabi threatens to make Brady miserable until Rafe comes back and makes them all miserable. Brady heads off to see Arianna.

Gabi gives Nicole a parting shot, "Loser." She leaves.

"We'll see about that," snorts Nicole.

Vivian rants that Carly is ruining her life. Victor rants back, "I suppose Carly handed you that shovel and forced you to bury alive. I hate that woman, but you are not going to harm her. What are you up to, Vivian? Tell me the truth."

Vivian does her best Jack Nicholson, "You can't handle the truth! But you couldn't stop thinking about Maggie tonight. What is going on Victor? Is she trying to seduce you with knitted sweaters and oatmeal cookies?" Victor leaves for a nightcap.

Lexie joins the team wheeling Chloe in. She stops Daniel from going into surgery with them, thereby eliminating any chance Chloe has to survive.

Brady joins Arianna at her cell. Arianna tells him about DA woods telling her the alibi is bogus, "He said you knew why. What happened to my alibi?"

Delirious Dan paces outside the operating room and begs Chloe not to leave him.

Maggie decides to go up and give sleep another try. Phillip tells Melanie he was too wound up to sleep. Daniel calls and tells Melanie about Chloe. Phillip drops to his knees, "Dear Lord, please let her die!"

One of the guards brings Rafe back to the jail cell. Rafe asks what happened to the other guy. Shane staggers back and Rafe tells the guards they can't put them back in the cell together. One of the guards suggests maybe this time they can kill each other. The guards leave. Shane says he got the information they need.

EJ says his agenda is he wants Sami and the kids to be happy. Sami says the DiMera mansion creeps her out but EJ's company makes up for that. EJ feels the same. Sami gets closer and says his plan really helped. Closer... Closer... Closer...


Nicole searches for Baker at the dock. Baker shows up and tells her his partner agreed there will be no more attacks. "So," says Nicole, "Arianna is going down."

"Not until her next conjugal visit," says Baker. Nicole asks how Baker pulled this off. "It was easy," he says, "My partner is a pretty cool chick."

Nicole mocks, "Aw... does Dicky boy have a girlfriend? Actually, I couldn't care less. I'm just glad I have a shot at Brady."

Brady tells Arianna Nicole threw out the check, "She suggested we lie about that, but DA woods overheard us. We're out of credible alibis, but we'll find another way to prove your innocence."

"I know you're trying to help," whines Arianna, "but that's why I had Gabi come and find you. I never should have doubted your belief in me. What are you thinking right now?"

"Nothing," says Brady, "Thinking requires a brain. I don't think you will like hearing it, but when Gabi found me I was with Nicole."

Vivian is on the phone, "This is Dr. Teresa Lang. I understand there was an accident there at Salem hospital. Is that true."

The nurse on the other end breaks every privacy law in the book and tells "Dr. Lang" about the tragedy of Chloe being in the elevator without having sex. "Was anybody hurt," asks Vivian.

"Chloe was inside the elevator when it dropped," says the nurse, "But don't worry, the elevator wasn't' damaged too much." Vivian asks if she's sure. "Between you and me," says nursie, "They're not sure Chloe will make it."

Phillip and Melanie rush into the waiting area. Carly tells them it's too soon to tell if Chloe will make it, "She saved my life." Phillip runs to the chapel to blow out every candle that has been lit for Chloe.

Daniel and Lexie stand beside Chloe's bed. Lexie comforts. Chloe imitates a pancake.

Sami thanks EJ for everything he's done, "It's just nice being here with you." She moves in on him and this time they kiss big-time.

Cover your ears, folks. The Ejami section reacts...


Brady tells Arianna Gabi is convinced she walked in on something but she didn't. Arianna tells him to stop. "You don't believe me," says Brady, "I can't keep defending myself. It's the truth. I swear to God."

Arianna pouts, "There is nothing left to say." She turns away form him.

Nicole says, "Right now, Brady is breaking things off with Arianna." Baker is sooooo happy for her. Nicole thinks it won't be long before she and Brady are together.

"All you had to do was lie, cheat and steal," says Baker.

"It will be worth it."

Baker asks, "Has Brady ever said those three little words?"

"You mean 'I love you,'" asks Nicole.

"In your case," says Baker, "The three words would be, 'you don't suck.'"

Carly tells Phillip and Melanie what happened and how Chloe saved her life by trying to kill her. Melanie asks what Carly and Chloe were arguing about.

"Whether to go up or down," says Carly.

Daniel tells Chloe he loves her. Chloe stirs, "Daniel... I am sorry..."

Shane says they now know where all the guard towers and exits are.

Sami and EJ devour each other. Suddenly, Sami breaks it off and runs out.

The Squeefest in the Ejami section continues. It's party-party-party until one of the Ejamis, Kathy Killjoy from Hell, Michigan, stands up and screams, "This all looks good now, but have you seen this piece of trash?" She holds up a copy of Ken Corday's latest interview for the Soap Opera Network.

Ejamis read and gasp. They light torches, grab pitchforks and head for Corday's home with tar, feathers and a rail.

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Anonymous Bulldog said...

I enjoyed today's recap, Prevuze, even if it wasn't in the usual form. LOL over the confused Sami picture. Aren't we all??

And may I say as one of the few Safe fans: SSSQQQQUUUUUEEEEEEEEE! Thanks for the link to the Corday article.

I hope Blogger has it's act together tomorrow. We appreciate you posting here - because you know if we didn't see a recap today, with the pace DOOL moves, we'd be totally lost. HAHAHAHAHA


12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would think Denny's would change the name to "Grand Slam-hog."

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh..Just read the Interview Ugh is all i have to say

1:42 PM  
Blogger Tonya said...

Okay, this is my first official comment. I usually just read and LMBO, but I had to pop on to say that I thoroughly enjoyed today's snarky commentary. Kudos to you. You make the recaps so much more enjoyable! That. is. all!

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Corday suffering from a head injury?

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As always, love the recap!! Especially loved the video in Prevuze II, but now it has been spoiled after reading the Corday interview. I feel completely deflated. ;(

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Bulldog, get your squeeeee out now cause it might be short lived. After Corday's house gets tarred and torched they might go after the Safe fans next...and we all know who they are. Don't worry though, we've got your back here since we like you and all :)

Prevuze, great recap today. So much snark! From Chloe finding herself in an elevator with NO ONE to have sex with LOL..OL!!! to Gabi's remark to Brady "Why are you snuggling up to this evil tramp?" and his "There's no need for name calling, you little potty-mouth slut"...atta boy! and then there's EJ having a "secret way to make Sami feel better"...I BET HE DOES!!!(thought this one should have come with a censored link!)...and my favorite, Vic to Viv "if you don't cut it out, I'll throw you on that bed and have my way with you." LMAO just trying to immagine that scenario.

Happy Monday everyone!!! This recap was definitely worth waiting for!

3:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carly's thin??????? In your dreams!!! ROTFLMAO...You meant THICK!!!

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Berg said...

She holds up a copy of Ken Corday's latest interview for the Soap Opera Network. I didn't think it was possible for KC to ruin another year of DOOL for me, and yet, he has. UGH!

SAFE has about as much chemistry (sorry Bulldog) as the Elmer's paste I use to eat in Kindergarten. I can't imagine a September with that box of rocks and his family. Pairing Arianna with EJ is about makin' me lose my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I am not sure which is worse. SAFE or EJianna. So KC just did both. I think he truly hates all EJAMI fans.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Anonymous -"Grand Slam-hog." Great one!!!

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can Ken Corday honestly think Sami & Rafe are 'end game'? Seriously???? Damn, that kiss between Sami & EJ was smokin hot and I'm not even an EJami!!!!
PS-Grand Slam-hog! What more can you say. I'm ordering it the next time I'm at Denny's.

5:56 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Couldn't get to a computer until late. Would have loved to have read it earlier, but it is a nice way to top off the evening.

I must say, my only real comment was going to be the one the first Anonymous already first thought at reading about Denny's Grand Slam was the Grand Slam-Hog. Great minds, eh what?!

I guess I can mention this HUH?! moment:
[Philip} jumps up and sweats.

Did he jump up perfectly balanced on his one leg, or does he sleep with his artificial leg on?? Inquiring minds....

Here's hoping Corday comes down with a particularly vicious form of flesh-eating bacteria and that Blogger cooperates in the morning. Thanks, Prevuze!

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Frustrated in Salem-an apparently I will remain this way..... said...

WOW-is Corday smokin crack????? Safe is what the FANS want????? I think not Mr Corday.
Well, finally I can say goodbye, without regret, to this wasted hour of my day. I would never be able to stomach Safe, have never seen any of their love scenes, and never will.
Why did they have Ejami reconnect in the first place, what was the point? Oh, that's right, there is no point to this show. And no substance either.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

what a supreme ass Korday is. first he hires writers who wouldn't know romance and a decent storyline if it bit them, then hires a producer who has turned this into passions two and thirdly he screws a fanbase that has faithfully hung on since 2006 waiting for ejami to eat oysters and dance again only to screw them one more time by pairing bad girl sami a man who is as exciting as watching water boil. A mini me roman - daddy complex anyone? once labour day hits this viewer is permanently tuning out.

8:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris you comment is just spot on.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep. I'm with Frustrated & Chris. Labor day will be it.

Corday is an idiot. Rafe is the worst character this show has ever seen, not to mention the least talented. I think he works the cheapest, and sometimes cheapest just isn't the wisest decision. Ugh.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze - you should take a poll to see how many Safe, Ejami's and Lumi's there are! Then send the results to Mr. Corday...I have a feeling he will be over-ruled!!! :)

12:32 PM  

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