Monday, May 31, 2010

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn

Sami bops down the stairs of the DiMera mansion as the doorbell rings. She answers it to find Gabi, who is there looking for Rafe. She tells Sami about Arianna being in trouble.

Brady comes to see Arianna, who is in the interrogation room with EJ. Arianna tells him EJ is her lawyer and Brady goes all 'guy' on her, "You won't accept my help, but you'll take his."

"He believes I'm innocent," says Arianna.

"I wouldn't put too much stock in what EJ believes," says Brady, "He believed Nicole was pregnant."

Nicole tells Baker not to threaten her. Dick turns to go, but Nicole calls him back. She tells him they have to destroy evidence linking him to the crime.

"I'm not an idiot, nor is my partner," says Baker.

"You're right," says Nicole, "You'd have to improve to be idiots. So where are the wallets?" Dick flashes back to grabbing a wallet.

Bo and Hope search under the bed and find the big mystery treasure box. Bo opens it and finds it empty, "It's empty," he says. Coming up with deductions like that is why they pay him the big bucks.

Downstairs, Ciara plays with the wallets.

Daniel is at the hospital on the phone with Father Matt. He gets off, turns and tells Carly he and Chloe are getting married tomorrow. Carly has a cow. Daniel wants to know what's going on.

Chloe is with Vivian in the Kiriakis den. Vivian gushes and offers to help Chloe get Carly out of her life for good.

Victor and Maggie sit and chat in her kitchen. Maggie has been crying over losing Mickey. Since he's married to Vivian, Victor thinks there are probably lots of tears in his future, too. Maggie thinks he should go spend the wedding night with his wife, "Does she know you are here?"

Victor does his best Rhett, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Vivian tells Chloe Carly will ruin her happiness if she does nothing, "Please, let me ruin it instead."

Carly says she thinks she owes it to Daniel to be honest. And buttinskimous.

Sami tells Gabi Rafe is on assignment. Gabi says he's not returning her calls. Sami offers to call, but Gabi asks her to talk to Roman instead. Sami says, "I would do anything for Rafe, but..."

Gabi interrupts, "OMG, you think Arianna's guilty, don't you?"

EJ leaves Arianna and Brady alone to catch up. Brady sits and says he believes Arianna. Arianna throws a fit, "You doubted me."

Brady says, "I didn't doubt you. I was trying to process the fact that the DNA came back positive. Don't push me away like this."

Arianna has a conniption and says she needs her lawyer and doesn't want to go back to prison, "Leave me alone."

Baker says his partner has the wallets. Nicole tells him to make sure she knows there can't be more attacks. Dick says if his partner wants to mug someone he can't do much about it. Nicole wants to know who she is.

Hope insists Ciara is making up stories again. Bo thinks they can get through this together. He puts his hand on her shoulder and Hope tells him to back off. She wants to concentrate on Ciara.

Ciara packs the wallets into her backpack, "These are my secrets now."

Chloe says she isn't worried about Carly. "I wouldn't handle that bitch alone," says Vivian. Chloe leaves. "You're scared to death," says Vivian, "Thank God for that."

Maggie tells Victor she misses Mickey, just like she did when he was alive and he was never there.

EJ returns and tells Arianna her arraignment is in two hors. He says he's prepared and asks if she is. Arianna isn't prepared. She says she needs something to wear, "If you're going down in flames, you at least have to look good." Brady offers to get her something to wear. Arianna wants Gabi to do it, but Brady insists on being helpful. He leaves and EJ asks if Arianna is OK. She asks what her chances are for bail. He says he's optimistic, "You don't have to convince me of your innocence."

Arianna says she thinks she's been set up. EJ says he wants to focus on another approach, "I've thought of something that might get you off for good." A new lawyer would be a good start.

Dickey tells Nicky it doesn't matter who his partner is. He leaves. Nicole bumps into Chloe and senses something is amiss. It's Salem. When isn't something amiss?" "What's wrong," asks Nicole.

"Everything," whines Chloe, "I think I'm going to lose Daniel."

Daniel tells Carly for the first time since he lost Rebecca he doesn't hurt any more. "That just means you haven't been around Chloe enough," says Carly.

Daniel elaborates, "She has made it possible for me to be happy again, love again, feel again, grope again."

Chloe says, "And that's why it's going to be so hard for me to tell you what I have to, and destroy your life."

Chloe tells Nicole she did something really terrible. Nicole tells her nothing she has done is as bad as what Nicole has done, "That's one of the benefits of being friends with me."

Chloe turns on the Whine-O-Matic machine, "When my secret is out Daniel will never forgive me." Nicole gives her a pep talk, "He's not the kind of guy who would unmarry* you." Chloe thinks that's a good reason to get married right away.

*Unmarry – that's another word for divorce. DOOL writers have trouble with big words.

Daniel tells Carly he's going home to Chloe and also tells her about his plans to get married tomorrow. Carly says she just wants to help him. Daniel don' wan' no stinkin' help from Carly. He leaves. Carly goes into action.

Gabi lectures Sami for thinking Arianna is guilty and says Rafe will punish her for that. He'll come back to her.

EJ says if Arianna can find an alibi for just one of the muggings it would help her case immensely, and he might be able to get the charges dropped. Arianna tells him not to get his hopes up, "Wait! I've got it!"

"I understand Valtrex cures it," says EJ.

Bo wants Ciara home tonight, instead of going to her sleepover. Hope thinks that's a good idea. She says she's tired and wants to turn in early tonight. Ciara runs in and says everything is ready. She points to her backpack, "It's all here."

Carly shows up at Chloe and Dan's place. You have to talk to him tonight. If you don't tell him, I will." The woman's a saint. She goes on to tell her about Daniel's plans to get married tomorrow.

Chloe wonders how Carly knows her wedding date before she does. She tells Carly to give it up. Carly says she wants to, but her conversation with Kate has spurred her on to keep up all this selfless goodness. Chloe says she can't stand Carly, who insists she has Chloe's best interests at heart. Damn, I'd hate to see what she would do if she didn't care so much. "If you don't tell him, I will." Carly rushes out.

Chloe stares, "OMG, Nicole is right. I know what I have to do. I'll borrow Nicole's fake baby bump and... "

Ciara and Hope say goodbye and Bo takes Ciara away. Hope pops pills.

Maggie tells Victor this is the second wedding she's been to since Mickey died and she wonders if she still remembers the sound of his voice, the touch of his hand or what he even looked like since he was never there. Victor says he had the same problem when Isabella died. Maggie remembers the foundation Victor started in her name. Victor gets a call from Vivian. She asks where the hell he is.

Brady wanders up to Nicole. He tells her he's on a mission to pick up stuff for Arianna. Nicole thinks he's upset. He tells her things are bad with Arianna and him. Nicole says she wouldn't take that to heart and assures him Arianna couldn't be angry with him because she loves him, "Arianna will come back to you. She always comes back, like a bad penny."

Arianna tells EJ there was no way she could have attacked Justin. She says she gave Brady's check to Nicole at the Java Café that evening. "That's odd," says EJ, "Based on that, Nicole could have come to your rescue at any time, but she didn't. So she either doesn't remember or she does remember." With reasoning ability like that, EJ will go about as far as a lawyer as he did as a race driver. Arianna tells him this is the first time she's had hope since she's been in jail. EJ reminds her she's only been there a couple hours. "I don't know how to thank you," says Arianna. EJ rushes out.

Nicole continues to try to convince Brady how much Arianna loves him. Brady thinks it can't be easy for Nicole to say that. "It's not easy. I loved you and let you slip away," says Nicole. She tells him she'll be at the Cheatin' Heart later if he needs a pep talk. He leaves. Nicole prays, "Please let Arianna be stupid and stubborn just a little while longer."

Maggie goes to check her email as Vivian demands Victor come home for her wedding night. He threatens to take her bridal veil and strangle her. He hangs up as Vivian calls out to him.

Chloe flops on her couch and starts to make a call. Daniel busts in with flowers, "Father Matt can marry us tomorrow!"

"Is it legal for three people to be married," asks Chloe. She says she thinks that's wonderful, but tells him she's had time to think and she made some calls and found a place in Brookville that does everything, and if they go that route, they can get married right away. She wants to become husband and wife tonight.

Sami calls Rafe, but gets his voicemail greeting, "If you are calling to find out the answer to y = mx + b, please leave a message."

Daniel says he wants Father Matt to marry them and wants Melanie to be there, so they should wait until tomorrow to get married. He leaves to tell Melanie the good news in person. Smoochie woochie.

Carly welcomes Bo back to Bo and Hope's place. Bo has to remind Ciara to be nice to Carly. They discuss Bo's little talk with Hope and says Ciara has been acting out a little more than he knew, but they can take advantage of being with her this evening, "Tonight," says Bo, "we have some time to bond, so we'll dump Ciara and you and I can bond like crazy."

Hope wakes and Hopeless makes an appearance.

Sami shows up at the cop-shop to support Arianna, who tells her with any luck she should get out of there tonight.

Nicole waits at the Cheatin' Heart, "Come on, Brady. Don't leave me hanging." A man walks up to her table. Nicole says, "I am so glad you..." She turns to see EJ, "came."

Maggie thinks it's a wonderful idea when Victor suggests they start the Mickey Horton Scholarship, which would pay all tuition for the bottom five students applying to Salem U who can't pass the law school entrance exam. "Working with students and mentoring... those were a few of his favorite things, along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens."

Maggie decides she's kept Victor too long, but Victor says it's the most fun he's had all day, "Besides, it's my wedding night with Vivian. If I left now, I'd probably just drive my car off a cliff instead of going home."

Vivian paces and cries. She flops in a chair and cries. That was her pacing, crying and flopping scene.

Chloe whines, "I don't want to lose you, Daniel. I have to find a way to stop Carly. I know Vivian wants to do something awful but... Oh, God, what am I gonna do?" That was her whining scene. She has lots of those.

Bo says he's going to call Caroline and tell her what happened to Victor. Carly tries to bond with Ciara, and asks about her toys. "Leave them alone," yells Ciara, "They're my secrets."

"If you have secrets," says Carly, "You have to tell your boyfriend about them, or I will butt in and do it for you."

Hopeless calls Baker and tells him they have to make up for lost time, "I want to do some serious damage and I know just the place to go."

Arianna tells Sami she knows Brady isn't too happy about it, but EJ took her case.

Nicole tells EJ to move out of the way so she can see the TV. EJ ignores her, "I know what you did to Arianna, but what I don't know is why."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok these storylines are soo contrived, it is not even funny !

Maggie/Victor : ok they are cute and to see some Dool vets to have a front burner storyline is refreshing but their interest for each other come totally out of the blue ! Caroline and Victor made so much more sense..they could find another storyline for Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) to shine.
Ej/Ari/Brady: this story is totally contrived. Why Ej would be interested in Arianna's situation, why he would be so certain she is innocent whereas the other are just (righfully) surprised of all the elements against her ?! And Ari who was so insecure about Brady/Nicole now rejects Brady whereas he is the perfect supporting boyfriend and only cares about her like she so wanted ?!
And Sami : now that she has bonded with her children she could finally be herself and get some revenge against Nicole who after all she did is free as a bird at Salem !
With her behaviour when the Ej scheme will be revealed she should do..actually if they are coherent with their awful writing for her she should do NOTHING ! But a little thing tell me there will be double standards.. Ej punished..Nicole not so much..sigh..writers You suck !!
Ah and Carly/Chloe : Carly is written as totally unsympathetic and busy body for no good reasons..Chloe is manipulated and desperate whereas what the big deal ?! Daniel as supportive as he is should forgive her in a heartbeat (i mean he forgave for far worse..Carly and the Melanie baby mess..remember !).
These storylines are AWFUL !

5:57 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

And, Anonymous, let's add the little twist (we all saw coming) where Ho & Dope FINALLY go look at the treasure box and find it empty. I fully expected Hopeless to have moved/emptied it, but Ciara??

Doesn't she think her Mommy is going to miss the "treasure" and will know who took it? Dumb.

It's great to have Prevuze back and in fine, snarky form. LOL at Rafe's voice-mail message and Bo's deductive powers bringing him the big bucks.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day everyone.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I knew they weren't going to find the stupid "treasure" for some reason. So predictable.

And after viewing the Rafe meets Shane scenes, what I couldn't get over was how easily Shane was convinced Rafe was OK and not a spy planted in there. Just because he knew about Sami and her family? Probably a little Google could've told anyone as much.

I think we've all become puzzled over the instantaneous Maggie/Victor friendship. Although I'd much rather watch them than Danloe or Nathanie or Philanie or Bope.......

Speaking of Bope, at least when Bo is with Carly he actually seems like a more likable character. Whenever he's with Hope (and I mean in the past, too) he's snarly and hostile with everyone.

LOL over Arianna tells him not to get his hopes up, "Wait! I've got it!" "I understand Valtrex cures it," says EJ. and "If you have secrets," says Carly, "You have to tell your boyfriend about them, or I will butt in and do it for you." HAHAHAHA

PS: The Mickey Horton scholarship could be given to the five lowest students as you suggest - or the five students with the greatest absentee record.

So grateful to find a report this morning! Thanks and have a happy Memorial Day everyone.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"I wouldn't put too much stock in what EJ believes," says Brady, "He believed Nicole was pregnant."

Isn’t that the truth! LOL!!!!!!!!

Downstairs, Ciara plays with the wallets.

Like mother like daughter.

Sami tells Gabi Rafe is on assignment. Gabi says he's not returning her calls.

If Rafe is on assignment, it is reasonable to expect he that he wouldn't be able to take or return calls. I would bet the FBI has a contact person for situations like Arianna finding herself behind bars. That's who Gabi should be trying to contact.

"Wait! I've got it!"

"I understand Valtrex cures it," says EJ.

You’re toooooooooo much Prevuze!!!!!

Chloe says she can't stand Carly, who insists she has Chloe's best interests at heart. Damn, I'd hate to see what she would do if she didn't care so much.

You’re right Prevuze. The only connection Carly has with Daniel is Melanie. That little connection is the result of a one night stand when Carly cheated on Lawrence. Carly should mind her own business.

Sami calls Rafe, but gets his voicemail greeting, "If you are calling to find out the answer to y = mx + b, please leave a message."

Very snarky Prevuze! LOL!!!!!!!

Most kids wouldn’t have taken those wallets. Instead they would have presented them to their parents as proof they exist. It’s called “show and tell”.

Thanks for the holiday update Prevuze and remember the troops this Memorial Day.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

LMAO at all the EJ snark today. My fave: "I wouldn't put too much stock in what EJ believes," says Brady, "He believed Nicole was pregnant." Yaaah!!! Oh, the "challenging roles" he chose to take on the last couple of years...from banging bimbos in elevators to going out comparison shopping on different sizes of plastic baby bumps. Those drama school lessons must have come in handy, ey!?.

My second LOL moment was when Sami calls Rafe and gets his voicemail saying "If you are calling to find out the answer to y = mx + b, please leave a message." That was superlative! I believe we've got our 1st math whiz ever on DOOL!

Happy Memorial day to all my fellow Prevuzites!

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:47 AM  

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