Friday, June 04, 2010

Cherchez La Femme

Johnny comes running onto the rumpus room with Sami chasing him. She tries everything in the book to tire him out but Johnny doesn't want to go to bed. "You've got to settle down," says Sami, "I know you miss Rafe, but..."

Johnny asks, "Why won't Rafe come home?"

"I wonder the same thing," says Sami.

Rafe leans against the bars of his jail cell and calls for water. Shane jokingly complains about the service in the graybar hotel. "Lunch should come with in the hour," says Rafe, "And well be ready for them."

Nicole and Brady are at the pier. Nicole says she will give Arianna the alibi, and hopes it works, "But there could be a hitch."

"What," asks Brady.

"I don't know," says Nicole, "But I'm sure I can think of one sooner or later."

EJ apologizes to Arianna because he was not able to get her arraignment scheduled yet, so she has to spend another night in jail.

Carly stands at the nurses' station and flashes back to Daniel's vow to marry Chloe, "I have to tell you tonight." Lexie comes up and wonders if something is wrong.

Chloe makes the death call, "Hello... my name is..."

The sleazeball on the other end interrupts, "Not a good idea. We don't need names, but you can call me Otis if you want." He tells her not to be nervous and says things are ready to go. He instructs her to be at the hospital tonight, "Get the lady of interest on the elevator when you gets my text. As soon as those elevator doors close, it's game over."

"With me," says Chloe, "When the elevator doors close is when the games begin."

Note: Thanks to an eagle-eyed reader who pointed out that last line was not italicized and should have been.

Nathan finds the morning after pill and asks what it is, "The question is rhetorical. I'm a doctor and I recognize the box." Stephanie stares.

Carly assures Lexie she's fine, but has a little personal problem. Lexie tells her to go and handle it. Carly says, "It's not really my problem."

"Oh," says Lexie, "So you're just being a big buttinski, as usual."

"That's about the size of it," says Carly, "Maybe I should let the chips fall where they may."

Chloe tells Otis she's not sure. He says he'll text her at the appointed time anyway, and she has till then to think it over. Thinking... that's the problem with Chloe.

EJ sits and pats Arianna's knee. "Just one more night," she says, "but at least I have a hotshot lawyer on my side."

"Don't thank me just yet," says hotshot, "I'm worried about things when it comes to Nicole."

Arianna says she doesn't trust Nicole, but she doesn't think she will send her to prison for something she didn't do, "It wouldn't get her anything. If she gets me off she'll have a big fat story with me as lead character."

EJ reminds her, "If you went to prison she'd get you out of the way. This is about Nicole's job and not just Brady. Don't forget, on the job, she has you waiting in the wings to take over for her. With your lack of skills, that's called job security."

He asks how things are going with Arianna and Brady. Arianna says she isn't quite as angry as before, "Could you do me one more favor?"

Nicole says, "I'm the only one who can clear Arianna, but it's not cut and dried. You will have to testify you wrote that check — If you actually wrote it that night. We have to have exactly the same story."

Chloe looks at a picture of her and Daniel and remembers the conversation with Otis. Her whinerator revs up, "OMG, I can't do this."

The little devil inside her eggs her on, "You have to!"

The little angel inside her disagrees, "No! This isn't just about you and Daniel. There are others involved, too, like Phillip."

Chloe's little devil butts in, "Vivian was right. Carly wants everyone to think you are crazy. She's tormenting you. Daniel will hate you and you will be alone."

"No," gasps Chloe, "I can't do this." She rushes to the phone.

The little devil turns to the little angel, "She always liked you best."

Stephanie tells Nathan she stopped taking her birth control pills. Nathan has a conniption. Stephanie claims she lost them and didn't want him to think she was a flake, so she took the morning after pill just in case.

Nathan gasps, "You think you're pregnant?"

Shane and Rafe ramble about things. Shane wonders how Rafe wound up there, "Oh, stupid question... cherchez la femme, especially when it's Sami Brady. I've heard what happens to the men in her life." Rafe grunts. Somehow, Shane completely interprets what the Neanderthal grunt means, "So there is another man in her life?"

"We'll see for how long," says growls Rafe.

EJ joins Sami, Johnny and Sydney in the rumpus room. EJ see Johnny is drawing a picture, "Well, Hello Picasso." Johnny ignores him.

Sami points out Johnny is drawing a family scene. "I have to add Rafe, too," says Johnny.

Carly tells Lexie she's realized things can wait until tomorrow. In that case, Lexie decides to leave, "What could possibly go wrong on a quiet night like this?"

Chloe can't get hold of Otis. She calls Vivian and leaves a message saying they have to stop the murder, then rushes out to make sure Carly doesn't get on the elevator. On her way out she bumps into Daniel.

Rafe and Shane rot in their cell. Shane takes things in stride. Rafe says, "You're composed now, but when you're asleep, all I hear is 'Kimberly, Kimberly, Kimberly.' I assume that means something."

"I have three girlfriends," says Shane, "And I only date girls named Kimberly." He asks if Rafe will get over Sami, "That's the trouble with Brady women. They get under your skin."

Sami and EJ come back after getting the kids in bed. EJ says he just doesn't want to have to deal with Rafe not coming back, "I mean coming back and being part of our extend family."

"Johnny really likes Rafe," says Sami, "And Rafe will always (say it with her) be there for him. He's his friend." Sami talks about Arianna and says she's lucky to have EJ on her side. She says she thinks EJ defending Arianna makes him a good guy." All this goodness is suddenly interrupted...


Gabi comes to visit Arianna. She says EJ told her Arianna wanted to see her. Arianna asks her to deliver a message to Brady, "Tell him I'm sorry."

Nicole and Brady are at the pub. Nicole tells him she threw the check out and asks him if he's sure of the date on the check. Brady says he's pretty sure it was the same night Justin was clobbered.

DA Woods comes in as they continue to talk. Nicole says, "We can lie to the police about that." DA Woods casts a glance.

Chloe tells Daniel she has to go, "I have to get a surprise for the wedding."

"My surprise trumps your surprise," says Daniel, "You're not going anywhere."

Stephanie stammers, "I could be pregnant but I don't know for sure." Apparently in Salem, just like birth control pills, the morning after pill also doesn't work. Nathan is an unhappy camper. Stephanie tells him she's doing everything she can to fix the situation.

Gabi says she'll tell Brady and will enhance things to make sure he really feels sorry for Arianna. Arianna asks her to let her work out the enhancements herself.

Back at the pub, we pan back from DA Woods who listens as Brady tells Nicole she lies about everything. Nicole says she doesn't think she's lying when she says she's totally sure about the check, "I don't have to... say..." She pulls out a megaphone and points it toward DA Woods, "Could you just write another check and backdate it?"

"No," says Brady.

"Yes," says Nicole.

DA Woods comes up to them, "You've just made things much worse for Miss Hernandez."

Daniel gives Chloe her ring. He tells her Maggie liked it and gave them her blessing. He tells her the ring is an antique and will qualify as something old. Along with the groom. Chloe hugs him and Daniel asks if she's OK. Chloe says she's just really happy. "You look tired," says Daniel, "I'll tuck you in bed." Read that sentence very carefully, please. Chloe says she has to go pick up Daniel's gift. The Gropinator gives her a big butt pat as she leaves.

EJ talks to the doctor on the phone as Sami cradles Johnny and tells him not to run down the stairs, "I Hope he doesn't have a concussion."

Rafe says he thinks the DiMeras are behind the kidnapping. He wants to find a way to break out, find Anna, question her and get back to Salem. Well, that will certainly make for a full evening. Not to mention the fact he forgot the part about avoiding execution.

Nicole is indignant that DA Woods was eavesdropping. He's soooo impressed with Nicole's concern for civil liberties. He says what he heard kills Arianna's alibi and walks out. Brady gets upset with Nicole.

Daniel finds his phone gets a message from Carly asking him to call.

Chloe rushes up to Carly at the hospital, "I have to talk to you right now."

Stephanie bawls, "I am so sorry." Nathan is sorry, too. The viewers are sorry they have to watch. Nathan tells the fountain of tears they are in this together.

DA Woods has come to see Arianna. He tells her he heard about her alibi and doesn't want her to go to sleep with any false Hope, "You're alibi is shot."

"Why," whines Arianna.

"Ask your boyfriend," he sneers.

Nicole and Brady are at the Kiriakis mansion door. He apologizes for yelling at her. Nicole thinks he must hate her, but Brady insists he doesn't. He hugs her as Gabi comes up and soaks it in. Oh, the staredown!

Carly insists she's not trying to ruin Chloe's life. Have your zappers ready, because that leads to the same argument they've had over and over.

Daniel is on the phone with a nurse, who tells her Carly isn't available. Gropealong Cassidy heads for Dry Gulch.

Chloe accuses Carly of playing God with her life. Carly tells her if she were her patient and was this distraught (insert crazy) she would do something.

Chloe turns on the afterburners, "Maybe you should watch out for the crazy woman." Carly thinks that is a threat and storms out. Chloe chases.

Carly starts to get on the elevator as Chloe gets a text. Crazed Chloe whines, "Carly, don't go!"

Chloe asks her to tell her she won't say anything to Daniel. Carly says, "There is no other way." She heads for the elevator.

"There is another way," says Chloe...


EJ says he helped Dr. Charles through med school so that's why he made a housecall to see Johnny, "He prefers large payments for housecalls to student loan payments."

Sami says she will sleep with Johnny tonight. Eh thinks he should be the one to do that and turns to Johnny, "Whom would you rather bunk with tonight... Mommy or Daddy?"

"Both," beams Johnny.

The Ejami section goes ballistic, "SQUEEEEEEEEE!"

Rafe and Shane fake a fight in their jail cell as the guard approaches. They tumble across the room with fists flying as the guard rushes in to stop them.

Daniel walks up to an elevator in the hospital and presses the button.

Chloe and Carly keep up the argument. Carly says she thinks Chloe needs help. "You've done this before," says Chloe, "You said your husband was crazy and killed him. Did you tell Bo Hope is crazy too? OMG, she's right. You can't stand to see other people happy."

Chloe gets the big death message from Otis, "GO!"

"I have to go," says Carly as she turns to get onto the elevator.

"Yes, you do," says Chloe the murderess.

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Blogger Applecheeks said...

O.M.G. now we get to suffer through Chloe's TOTAL break from reality when it's Gropealong Cassidy who takes the death plunge and not Carly. We get to suffer through months of Daniel's recovery and certain-temporary-paralysis. We get to wonder why NO ONE but Carly and Daniel are using the elevator in a hospital full of patients, visitors, and staff.

The second I read the improbable scene of Johnny asking when Rafe would be coming home I knew I wasn't going to be missing a thing today by being out of town.

By the time I got to the umpteenth scene of Chloe whining I thanked the good Lord I wasn't going to be watching.

But thank YOU for taking one for the traveling Prevuze fans!

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Frustrated in Salem said...

Johnny can't sleep because he misses Rafe??????? WTF! If the writers would just remember that Sami had to call EJ about a month back because Johnny wanted Daddy! Even I want his

Now interloper Rafe has to be part of their extended family? Shouldn't LUCAS be part of their extended family since he is actually the father of two of Sami's children. The pimping of gaggable Rafe is really getting on my very last nerve!

Chloe, Carly, Daniel, Melanie, Phillip, Stephanho, Nathan-blah, blah, blah-who cares???

TGIF-have a great weekend everyone and remember GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

**sigh** How did I know that Agent Huffy Pants (thank you, Prevuze, for that!) would be idolized again? If EJ and Sami are in an episode, then you can count on the writers inserting Agent HP.

My verification word is so appropriate today - phew! LOL

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The contrived story that Johnny misses Rafe is ridiculous. When did he actually bond with Rafe? Sami was in the safehouse with Rafe while Johnny was bonding with his dad the entire time. When Sami got out - how long was she actually in a stable relationship with Rafe if ever?

I am glad that they brought Shane back but didn't Bo just get back from giving a bone marrow transplant to Kim? Her husband is off galavanting around the country when she is on her death bed? Huh?

These writers need to get their act together! Thank heaven for Prevuze - it is so much entertaining than the actual show :)

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Dear Prevuze -

What is it about your people-at-the-windows pics that drives to fits of laughter? First it was Hope at the door watching the Barly kiss and now Ciara. I will be chuckling over that one all day.

And can we dare to hope that when Dr. Gropefeel goes down the elevator shaft Chloe jumps in after him? Please please!?

Hmm. Lexie. Where has she been? I'd forgotten all about her since Daniel and Carly have become the only doctors we ever see in that place.

Prevuze will have to answer this one - did Nicole see the DA eavesdropping and blew the alibi on purpose? If so, good one Nicole! HAHAHA

LOL over Nathan is sorry, too. The viewers are sorry they have to watch. I'm afraid, tho, I'll typically be zapping any Nathanie scenes.

Great Prevuze and pictures. I hope Leslie and Applecheeks are enjoying their travels and I'm just glad it's TGIF and TGFP! Have a nice weekend everyone.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Love your recap hate your show.

The idolization of Rafe has about put me over the edge.

When was Rafe ever around Johnny for that long a period of time for him not to be able to sleep if it isn't?

I wish Tomlin would just marry GG and move.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on come on writers did Will miss so much Austin and Brandon who actually spent lot's of time with him..he even thought during a long time that Austin was his father ! But we just saw what..two scenes between Rafe and Johnny and even in these scenes they didn't speak to each other and maybe two weeks ago we have Johnny who could not sleep because he wanted only his father ! You really take your viewers for a bunch of idiots...maybe you are right..after all why we still watch this crap ?! lolllll

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh... this Stephaneasy storyline is infuriating!!! Honestly, you can see why all the women are constantly knocked-up in Salem; the writers have absolutely no concept of how contraception works (and therefore neither does soon-to-be-Doctor Nathan). You don't think you're pregnant a day after sex; and you don't take the morning after pill b/c you think you're pregnant. The morning after pill is to ensure you don't get prevents implantation. Way to go NBC; just keep up the far-right's misinformed (being generous) argument that the morning after pill causes an abortion. Put that out in the general public so that people will support these ridiculous pharmacists refusing to fill the prescriptions of women in need. Not to mention; given how many times Stephaneasy's been around the block you'd think Nath would be using condoms...what happened to the PSA days of daytime?

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

I'm joining the Ejami insanity on this one if they show EJ joining Sami and Johnny to bed...but you know they'll find a way to screw it up somehow. I could be wrong though. Sigh!

"With me," says Chloe, "When the elevator doors close is when the games begin." Best line on the show today!!! LMFAO

Happy Friday everyone!!!

12:14 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"With me," says Chloe, "When the elevator doors close is when the games begin." Best line on the show today!!! LMFAO

Oops. That one should have been italicized. I have made the change and thanks much for the heads-up.

Editors... who needs 'em?

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Boston Cream Pie said...

Anonymous above. There isn't any misinformation coming from the far right.

The writers are just idiots.

This Hero worship from both Will and Johnny is gag-worthy.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do they throw any 20-30's female character to Ej but Rafe since his introduction is only in Sami's orbit ?! Test him with other females writers..maybe he will be a little more bearable..try something new, his life and actions only resolve around Sami !
Brandon was also involved with Jennifer and Lexie, Franco with Hope, Austin with Carrie, Nicole and Greta, Lucas with Carrie, Nicole, Cassie, some hookers (lol), Eugenia and Chloe and finally Ej with Kate,some girls, Nicole and now Arianna !

11:05 AM  

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