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Sami finds Will leaving the DiMera mansion for a party. She forbids him to go anywhere this late. "Why not," asks Will.

"You tell me," says Mommie Dearest.

Stefano and EJ argue in the rumpus room. EJ wants to know why Anna didn't check in. Stefano says it was as he expected, "Rafe got to her." Rafe kind of gets to everybody.

Rafe is with the doctor, who tells him Anna may never regain consciousness. Dr. Rafe tells him that is the wrong answer.

Melanie and Stephanie argue over the birth control pills. Melanie demands to see if they are in Stephanie's purse. Stephanie refuses and Melanie grabs for her purse. IT'S A TUGGING, ROLLING, SCRATCHING, HAIR PULLING, PURSE YANKING, FULL BLOWN CAT FIGHT! Enough crap flies out of the purse to start a flea market.

Phillip flashes back to his romp with Chloe, "So Nathan knows. I wonder what else Chloe told him." He starts to leave, but when he opens the door...


Phillip backpedals into the next county, "I swear I didn't mean for it to happen!"

"It happened," booms Daniel, "Now I want answers."

Chloe opens the door for Nathan to leave, "I don't need sex therapy. What I need is for to keep your mouth shut!" Nathan gives her a look and Chloe turns around to find...


Carly asks, "Is something wrong?"

Sami lectures, "Do the words 'advanced algebra' mean anything to you? You have a D average!" Will makes excuses, but Sami wants to talk about it. Studying algebra might help more than talking, in my opinion.

Will says he was getting an A in the class because Rafe was tutoring him, "He made it seem easy."

Rafe lectures the doctor and throws in a few advanced algebra equations for good measure. The doc says there is one thing they might try.

Carly says she's moving back into Bo's place and came by for things. Chloe says they were talking about Lucas and hopes Nathan won't make a big deal about it.

EJ wants to know why Stefano didn't tell him that. Stefano tries to reassure him and says Anna will never talk, "She is alive, but won't talk." EJ doesn't like the way Stefano is so controlling. Stefano says in that case he'll leave him on his own with his problems, "Including your precious Samantha."

Sami and Will argue. Sami plays every parent's trump card, "You're grounded!" She throws in other forms of torture for good measure.

Will has a comeback, "Your life is in the toilet, so you punish me because I'm flunking algebra."

EJ comes out, "What's the problem?"

Sami points at Will, "He is."

At the same time, Will points at Sami, "She is."

The audience points at the writers, "They are."

Stephanie tries to pick up the mountain of bric-a-brac that has spewed out of her purse as Melanie keeps clawing at her. Maxine and Maggie come up and pull them apart. The girls keep up the yelling. "STOP SCREAMING," screams Maggie, "What is going on?"

Melanie asks, "Do you want to tell her or should I, Stephanie?"

Chloe assures Carly she and Nathan are OK. Carly goes to get her things. Chloe freaks and gets on Nathan for almost giving everything away.

Daniel asks Phillip, "How could you do something like that?"

Phillip says he never meant to hurt Melanie. "That's a hell of a way to show her," says Daniel, "Making her have dinner with the woman who tried to kill her."


"What did you think I was talking about," asks Daniel.

EJ goes for the Nobel Peace Prize. Will gets upset and thinks he's siding with Sami. We hear Sydney crying upstairs. EJ sends Sami up to do some mothering, and asks to have a word with Will. He escorts him back into the rumpus room.

Will jumps on it, "Just because we had one decent conversation doesn't mean you are my father."

"But Samantha is your mother," says EJ. EJ reminds him Rafe isn't here.

"I can blame my mom for that," says Will, "But maybe it's your fault instead." We hear Sydney cry again. As usual, Sami's mothering skills aren't so sharp. EJ goes up to help. Will turns and crushes his fist into the chessboard, adding a broken hand to his long list of problems. Stefano comes in and offers to help.

Nathan insists he didn't do anything wrong. Chloe whines, "You think accusing someone of being a sex addict is helping? I only cheated once and it won't happen again."

Nathan thinks there is a pattern and brings up her cheating on Lucas, "You have a problem with commitment."

"No," insists Chloe, "You have the problem because you're still hoping that you have a shot with Melanie."

Stephanie suggests Melanie to tell them how she's still into Nathan, "Or else why would you care what I do with him."

Phillip says he never meant to get Melanie so upset. He says he just said OK to get Vivian to shut up. Daniel is relieved, "I didn't mean to jump all over you."

"I didn't mean to jump all over Chloe," says Phillip.

"I'm off my game," says Daniel, "because I think Chloe is keeping something from me."

"It'll work itself out," says Dr. Phil.

"You know what it is," asks Daniel, "Tell me."

Will tells Stefano he's been grounded because of his D in algebra. EJ watches as Stefano suggests, "Perhaps we can make that D disappear."

The doc says, "There is a strong stimulant that could be administered. It's the new Java Café Triple-caf Jumbo." Rafe orders him to do it.

Melanie steams. Stephanie asks, "Cat got your tongue?"

Melanie has an intelligent comeback for that one, "Bitch!"

Stefano lectures, "Next time you want to start acting out your fantasies you might think about the people who will get hurt." She leaves.

Maxine tells Melanie her shift is over. Maggie wants to talk about it. Melanie says she thinks Stephanie will hurt Nathan. Maggie says, "I want details, and I mean right now. My bridge club meets in an hour and the girls are going to love this."

Phillip says, "I'm not exactly up on what Chloe's thinking."

"Chloe's not exactly up on what Chloe's thinking," says Daniel, "I'm not trying to go behind her back, but she hasn't been herself lately."

"Who has she been," asks Phillip.

"I don't know," says Daniel.

"Whoever it is," says Phillip, "She sure gets around."

Phillip suggests maybe it's that Chloe really loves Daniel and never wants to lose him, "Love can make you do weird things. I'm living proof of that. I married Melanie."

Daniel has an epiphany, "I'm an idiot. I just realized the problem. I gotta change her insecurities about Carly." He leaves. Phillip lets out a sigh of relief.

Nathan continues to say he has no interest in Melanie, but doesn't want her to get hurt. "Then back off," says Chloe, "That will happen if this gets out."

"Whoa," gasps Nathan, "What are you talking about? What does Melanie have to do with this?"

The doc administers the miracle drug, "We have to monitor her very closely." So he leaves. Rafe tells Anna she has to wake up. Anna vegetates.

EJ butts in and asks if Stefano is trying to control things again. Stefano says he was talking about hard work, not strong-arming someone into making the D disappear. EJ turns to Will, "Hard work and perseverance is what will bring you success."

Will asks, "Is that how you got where you are today — hard work and perseverance?" He leaves.

Stefano says he thinks Will isn't too crazy about EJ, "Maybe that's your plan — Seduce the mother by winning over the son." EJ blows up and says Stefano will never convert Will to the DiMera way of life.

Maggie orders Melanie to sit and talk. Melanie tells her Stephanie has plans for Nathan. She says she doesn't want to talk about it and leaves. Maggie huffs.

Chloe removes her foot from her mouth and says she's talking about Daniel. Nathan doesn't buy it. He says he's not going to tell Melanie, however. He tells Chloe to deal with this herself and leaves. Chloe sits and stares, "OMG. At least he has no idea it was Phillip. Maybe things are looking up." Translation: I'm in the toilet, but no one has flushed it yet.

That flushing sound you hear is Carly back at the door., "Now that Nathan is gone, I think we need to talk."

Stefano reminds EJ how wealthy and powerful he is. EJ says he won't lie in order to suck Will into Stefano's orbit. "Since my son won't have anything to do with me I don't have anyone to mentor," says Stefano, "And I can't do that with Giovanni until he is old enough to know the difference between a rock and a pond. So if not you, then William."

"Absolutely not," insists EJ. Sami listens as EJ tells Stefano, "I will not do that to William. You can't corrupt him like you corrupted me."

Nathan meets Stephanie at the Cheatin' Heart. He sits at the table across from her and typically stares at her boobs, "You lost a button."

"You might as well hear it from me," says Stephanie, "Melanie and I fought."

"What about?"

Melanie arrives back at Maggie's place. Phillip greets her with a kiss. She tells him about the fight. "What was it about," asks Phillip.

"It was about Nathan."

Father Matt meets Daniel at the hospital. Daniel says he needs help and tells him Chloe is going through tough times mainly because of things he's done, "I'm lost, father. I really am."

"You must be," says Father Matt, "Every Sunday I notice you can't find the church."

Carly invites herself in. She says she pretended not to hear anything but actually knows why Chloe and Nathan were arguing.

EJ says there will be severe consequences if Stefano tries to counsel Will. Sami listens. Stefano reminds EJ he doesn't have a right to complain after what he has done. Sami interrupts and says she's on EJ's side and doesn't want Stefano near her children, "I don't want Will to wind up being a creepy junior version of you. If you try that, it won't be the diabetes that kills you."

Stefano says he wouldn't think of that, "I will just let your children learn by their father's shining example." He leaves.

"How much of that did you hear," says EJ.

"Enough to know you have my back," says Sami.

"Good," says EJ, "Now I can go to work on getting the rest of you."

Rafe encourages Anna to live, "I promise I will protect you."

Anna wakes up temporarily, "You haven't exactly been doing a great job of that so far."

"Do it for Sydney," he urges, "Do it for Tony." Anna wiggles her finger.

Stephanie says, "Melanie and I were fighting about..." Nathan don' wanna know. He wants to go home with her. Stephanie OK's that and they leave.

Melanie tells Phillip Stephanie is trying to trap Nathan and tells him about the birth control pills. Phillip thinks that doesn't sound like Stephanie. Melanie says she just wants to stay out of it and wouldn't have told him but they have promised to be open and honest.

Carly says, "Nathan suggested sex therapy..."

Chloe gasps, "OMG! It only happened once! I thought Daniel was cheating on me. You can't tell Daniel." Once again, Chloe proves she has an intellect rivaled only by garden tools.

Carly asks, "I can't tell Daniel what?"

T-Man calls Will. Will tells him about being grounded. T-Man tells him about the party and suggests he sneak out. Will hangs up and broods. He remembers playing chess with Stefano, "Maybe Stefano isn't such a bad guy."

Sami and EJ have wine on the couch. Sami does a product placement commercial for Boraxo, which will get wine off of any couch and remove the fabric, too. Sami says she heard what EJ said to his dad, "I want you to know you are not your father's son."

"That could be true," says EJ, " Nobody in Salem really knows who his father is for sure."

Sami says, "You did a good thing by standing up to Stefano. You are a good man." Here we go again... Closer... Closer... Closer... This is getting so ridiculous even the Safes in the audience start screaming for him to kiss her and get it over with.

Rafe calls for Anna. Anna wakes up.

Nathan and Stephanie romp. Stephanie stares at the ceiling and recalls her fight with Melanie. Nathan senses something is wrong. Stephanie assures him nothing is wrong and dives in.

Melanie dishes ice cream and thinks deciding to tell the truth is the best thing they ever did. Phillip jumps all over her and tells her he loves her. "I didn't know being honest was such a turn on," cackles Melanie. Phillip picks her up and heads upstairs.

Father Matt says he's not surprised Chloe is having to deal with stress. Daniel says he has to do something. Father Matt asks if he has a plan. Daniel says yes, but it's extreme and asks for Father Matt's help.

Carly says she thought the sex therapy had to do with the false pregnancy, "You said it was only one time."

Chloe is frantic, "Look, Carly, whatever you think you know..."

Carly gasps, "OMG! did you cheat on Daniel?

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Anonymous Berg said...

Really stupid question many people carry their birth control in their purse? Mine are in my bathroom...

Chloe is duch a dolt. Now just about everyone in Salem knows she cheated.

I am siding with the Safes on this one, this has to stop. No more almost kissses, let's get it over with.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous Frustrated In Salem said...

Dumber than a rock Rafe was helping Will with Advanced algebra? Seriously?????? Wow, that is a stretch even for the DOOL writers!

And I agree Berg! I can't wait much longer-these teases are killing me!! Come on-it has been TWO LONG YEARS!!!!!

4:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The propping of the Rafe character will never cease to amaze me.. can they do more than that ?! (John back in the day did have as much ?!)
My my my ... Will speaks about Rafe like he is his father and the worse in all of this it is that there are actually mentions of Lucas in the same episode..but poor Lucas is only talked as the cuckhold insta-husband/ex-husband of Chloe but not as a father...sigh..

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Anon, what's up with that?
Will was always very close to Lucas, why all of a sudden is Rafe "daddy"? Especially when he was only around for a couple of months-and during that short time I thought he was working on Sydney's case 24/7!!! Shouldn't have left a lot of time for tutoring Will.......

5:04 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Chloe opens the door for Nathan to leave, "I don't need sex therapy.”

I have to agree with Chloe on this one. Chloe’s not a serial cheater, so I don’t think she needs to join Tiger Woods in therapy. Prevuzite - Always finding a way to work in a sports analogy.®

Will says he was getting an A in the class because Rafe was tutoring him.

What?!!! Rafe can’t even put two and two together without coming up with three. Of all the incredibly outlandish scenarios that the writers have tossed our way, this one takes the cake. I’m more inclined to believe that Ford Decker’s body can be stuffed into a water heater than Rafe having the brain power to tutor Will in advanced algebra. Geez!!!

EJ doesn't like the way Stefano is so controlling.

News flash to EJ – Stefano is always controlling.

The girls keep up the yelling.

…in a hospital as well as their place of employment. Good heavens!! They both should be canned.

Melanie asks, "Do you want to tell her or should I, Stephanie?"

This is pure unmitigated nonsense. Stephanie doesn’t have her birth control pills in her purse. So what?!!! For wanting to bring Maxine and Maggie into the argument, Melanie is a self-righteous little twit.

"Maybe things are looking up." Translation: I'm in the toilet, but no one has flushed it yet.

That flushing sound you hear is Carly back at the door.

Prevuze – Always finding a way to work in a plumbing analogy.® LOL!!!

Nathan and Stephanie romp. Stephanie stares at the ceiling and recalls her fight with Melanie. Nathan senses something is wrong.

If Stephanie is thinking about Melanie after her romp with Nathan, he had better consider sex therapy because apparently his technique is rather underwhelming.

I have to agree with all the Rafe/Lucas/Will comments. Although Lucas is currently overseas, it’s not like he’s no longer in his son’s life. He’s still very much Will’s father. Since Rafe has pulled so many disappearing acts on Sami, it’s really hard to understand Will’s connection to him. Will was jilted by Mia, so he should be able to recognize that Rafe keeps doing the same thing to Sami. If Sami had any self-respect, she would stop mooning over a man who continues to walk out on her when things get a little tough. Oh yes, and the almost kisses are getting old. It would seem that “been there, done that” is the DOOL writing team’s mantra.

Prevuze - Thanks for the excellent recap and virtual soap box!!!

6:02 AM  
Anonymous daysisdum said...

I haven't watched in a while. So, forgive me if I ask a stupid question...but are we to assume that Stefanie is trying to get knocked up by Nathan so that Nathan will stop thinking about Melanie? Can the writers really not do better than this? We went through endless years of this via Sami/Austin/Lucas.

7:20 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Who's at fault? The audience points at the writers, "They are."

While I totally agree with that statement I must say this is one of the more entertaining scenes I've seen lately - a parent and a teenager battling over bad grades. Wouldn’t want to listen to it every day, but it’s at least more believable than teens involved in baby switching, in snooping into their parents’ distant pasts, or being kidnapped.

The doc administers the miracle drug, "We have to monitor her very closely." So he leaves.

Are we sure they aren't back at Salem Hospital? HA

I thought the same thing as previous commentors at the jaw-droppingly improbable statement that Will's great grades was due to Rafe's tutoring. Another improbable scene:

"You lost a button."

I don't care if Nathan was staring at Steponme's chest, no straight man (unless he was a tailor) would notice a missing button on a woman's top unless that button was no longer holding the top shut. And then, what would be the odds he'd actually point it out?

Other LOL moments: "You must be," says Father Matt, "Every Sunday I notice you can't find the church." and Once again, Chloe proves she has an intellect rivaled only by garden tools.

Everyone can identify with Imogene's pain in Bulldog's pic and mourn Carly's bad aim in Prevuze picture of Nathan.

Prevuze - always finding a way to bring joy and laughter to Prevuze fans!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous square said...

I've got to echo everyone here about Rafe tutoring advanced algebra (ha ha ha) and the almost kisses.

Sami should just offer to find Will a professional tutor or take him to one of those learning centers they advertise on TV (slightly less annoying product placement). I don't know what grounding the kid is going to do if it takes help from Rafe (Rafe!) for him to grasp the subject. And while she's at it, where is Will's therapist/counselor? As annoying as he is, even I realize that Will has just been through a ringer of a year (mom goes into Witness Protection, returns, gets a new sister, sister dies, gets a new sister, sister is kidnapped). She doesn't want Stefano to provide his own brand of help and yet she isn't exactly trying to help him herself.

On the near-kissing front, It's as if DOOL writers asked themselves "how do we tease certain fans in the most blatant and annoying way possible" because they figure anyone who has kept watching to this point will surely watch until the bitter end. I'm certain there will be some interruption, perhaps EJ himself will stop this almost kiss because guilt has defanged him and made the pair utterly unwatchable.

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. Will she and the rest of Salem ever learn to stop blurting their secrets everywhere? On the cellphone, in open doorways, in hospital waiting rooms...egads!

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Hear, hear, Applecheeks. So nice to have some kind of family atmosphere on this show, even if it's on Stefano's turf. The other s/l's are so lacking in substance, it's refreshing to see EJ & Sami thrown into full fledged parenting issues. Besides, the only reason Will got any turoring from Rafe is because he was unemployed most of the time he was living at Sami's place. Now that he's FBI, he won't have much time for Will's Algebra. I hate to say it, but Stefano's the one to go to on this. He can hire the best tutors for Will.

lol over father Matt telling Daniel he knows he's lost because he can't find his way to Church of Sundays! Perhaps if Dan prayed some more, his wife would give up her adulterous ways!

If Safe's are frustrated just think of us poor Ejami's!!! Screaming at my TV is getting to be a regular thing in my home.

This is definitely a must see eppisode. Finally!

10:58 AM  
Blogger Klaus said...

Rafe is with the doctor, who tells him Anna may never regain consciousness.
Oh, wow. Gone for a bit and wtf?? I'm going to catch up, eventually. I lol'd, but still...

Will says he was getting an A in the class because Rafe was tutoring him, "He made it seem easy."
Maybe you should be studying rather than going to a party. Just sayin'

And allow me to join in on the absurdity of Rafe tutoring anyone in advanced algebra. Barring his intellect or lack thereof. When did he have time to do this? While he was holding people against their will, while he was holding inquisitions, or while he was at the office?

And Lucas was a CFO, just like that, math should be in your veins!

"Maybe Stefano isn't such a bad guy."
What? Is he serious!? Multiple people despise or/and dislike Stefano, including his real dad, his gangster wannabe-dad, his FBI wannabe-dad and his Temp-Dad in Switzerland probably hates Stefano as well. I suppose Stefano is just that charismatic.

Carly gasps, "OMG! did you cheat on Daniel?
How is Chloe so stupid? Seriously, like how? Why not just put an ad in the paper.

how many people carry their birth control in their purse?
Since you said people and not just women, I feel compelled to answer. I do not use nor own birth control or purses.

~Seeing as I am not an Ejami fan they near-kiss it up to the apocalypse.

~I am still waiting for Stephanie to end up alone. Make it happen writers!

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

My favorite Prevuisms aren't mentioned yet:I want you to know you are not your father's son." "That could be true," says EJ, "Nobody in Salem really knows who his father is for sure." And Enough crap flies out of the purse to start a flea market. Probably Steponme's purse is also crammed with Nathan's sunglasses, Nathan's regular glasses, Nathan's wallet, aspirin for Nathan, kleenexes for Nathan. Oops, sorry. I was thinking of my own purse and the junk of my husband's that ends up in it - while he makes fun of how heavy it is. HA

Now, now, just think. If the Rafester is smart enough to tell the doctor what he needs to do to save Anna he could handle a simple thing like Advanced Algebra. ;)

Being late to comments today I'm amused by how clever comments there are. Isn't it great to have Prevuze to release our inner snark? Otherwise the frustration would build like that unpronounceable volcano in Iceland and we'd explode while watching DOOL. Prevuze - best geography blog in the Internet

Excellent prevuze, pictures and comments today. Thanks, and Friday's comin'!

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Rafe's a math wiz? Really? REALLY?

Is there nothing that man can't do?

Another almost kiss. And another scene that's hotter than any drunken sex scene any instant romance sex scene.

Even an almost kiss between Ej and Sami is HOT.

2:04 AM  

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