Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That Homicidal Bitch

Chaos reigns on the rooftop of the Kiriakis mansion.

They drag Carly off of unconscious Melanie and Lexie takes over. Vivian decides this would be a good time to throw a little gasoline on the fire, "Did Carly say Melanie is her daughter?"

"I am her mother," screams Carly, "Let me hold my child. What's left of her, anyway."

Despondent, depressed, disappointed Sami is with Rafe at the pub. Rafe asks if something is wrong. "It's just my throat," says Sami.

"I see," says Rafe, "The way you're constantly screaming, I'm surprised you have any vocal chords left at all." He pats his lap, "Come here." Sami walks around the table and settles in. They share a public grope-fest. "I love you," says Rafe, "I always will." He follows that up with yet another empty promise to get Sydney back.

EJ rants at Anna and says he's not going to have Sami killed. He asks her to talk to Rafe as they rehearsed. Anna salutes like a Continental Soldier as EJ barks more commands. As she turns to leave EJ asks if she got Sydney's clothes. She says she did and also says she washed them to get rid of any DNA evidence. "Go and get them," he orders.

Chloe and Daniel are together in the examining room where they have just received the bad news that Chloe isn't pregnant. Daniel explains things and Chloe is in total denial, "How could you say something like that?" Daniel gives her the hormone lecture. Chloe denies and explodes. Daniel tries to quiet the raging sea. He finally calms her down and we get the hysterical pregnancy talk, "You're not pregnant. Your body is mimicking pregnancy."

Chloe asks, "What are you saying?"

"I'm saying You're not pregnant. Your body is mimicking pregnancy."

"No... no... no... wwaaaahhhhhh..." Hugs.

The paramedics rush into the Kiriakis mansion with a stretcher. Justin announces Carly was the shooter.

Lexie barks orders as they wheel Melanie out.

A cop starts to arrest Carly, but She insists her arm hurts and they decide she has to go to the hospital, too. Victor stops Vivian from following.

Stephanie contemplates as Nathan comes back in. Stephanie pops out of it, "It's time to make myself into a fantasy."

"I can handle that," says Nathan, "And, in fact, I plan to." Stephanie goes into the other room. Nathan struggles with his suitcase and we have the requisite crash with Melanie's purse. The contents spill all over the floor. Nathan starts picking things up.

Victor whoas Vivian up and tells her he knows about the poison comb, "You tried to kill Melanie. What did you do, bring her up here to throw her off the roof? One more lie and you're the one going off the roof. I'll bet Carly was shooting at you. Two times you've tried to kill her. If Melanie dies, it's going to go very badly for you."

"If Melanie lives," says Vivian, "It'll go very badly for all of us."

"If she lives," says Victor, "it could turn out very well for you."

Chloe blubbers. Daniel comforts, "We have other options. We can have a hysterical adoption instead."

"I feel like an idiot," bawls Chloe.

"You should be used to that," says Daniel.

"Now we have nothing," she whines.

"Let's not discuss your IQ.," says Daniel, "I promise one day we will have children."

Suddenly, Dr. White bursts into the room, "Dr. Jonas, they need you for an emergency." Daniel leaves. Chloe cries and stares.

They wheel Melanie in. Maxine joins the crowd. Daniel walks in, "What the hell? What happened?"

"She shot her," says Lexie. All eyes on Carly.

EJ wanders at the pier. He takes the clothes out of a plastic bag and chucks them into the river.

Rafe ends his interview with Harold and they walk out to find Anna. EJ escorts her into the inquisition chamber and selects a rubber hose. She's surprised he's recording it. "Yes," says Rafe, "It's an official FBI interview. You seem nervous. Why?"

EJ continues to throw the bloody clothes into the river. He scowls and flashes back to a conversation with Anna when we find there are nosebleed stains on them. He calls Sami and asks to talk. Sami don' wanna, but she agrees to meet him at the mansion.

Maxine joins Bo and Hope. She tells him Melanie was brought in, "It's just awful."

Victor lays it out for Vivian, "If Melanie dies Phillip will be heartbroken and I will seek revenge, but if she survives Phillip will be happy and Carly will spend years in prison, so pray for life." The audience boos.

"Yes," agrees Vivian, "I'll pray." They head for the hospital.

They roll Melanie into an OR. Lexie drags Daniel in so there will be a doctor there, too.

Phillip yells at Carly, "Is Melanie your daughter?"


"Why did you shoot her?"

"I was trying to stop Vivian from killing her," wails Carly, "I wanted to save her."

Phillip threatens, "If she dies, I wills ave you the same way."

Anna says she just has a lot of bad memories at the cop-shop. She says if Roman were to walk in it would be awkward. Rafe tells her Roman is away.

Sami arrives at the DiMera mansion. EJ answers the door and they walk into the rumpus room where he shows her a framed picture of Sydney.

Nathan picks things up as Stephanie comes out sporting her teensy-weensy thingie. She lectures him for looking through her stuff and then backs off, "I'm just nervous."

"So," asks Nathan, "This is your first time?"

"First time today."

"Are you nervous about us," asks Nathan.

"It's either that or global warming," says Stephanie. Nathan soaks in the view. He isn't nervous, but vows to take it slow as he dives in full speed ahead.

Victor and Vivian join Lucas and Kate int the foyer. They wonder why Carly would shoot her own daughter.

"Because she has a screw loose," says Vivian. Victor and Vivian leave for the hospital. Kate wonders what Vivian had to do with the shooting.

Kate tells Lucas, "If she hurts Phillip, she is going to pay. Prosthetics don't come cheap, you know." She and Lucas leave.

Brady restrains Phillip as he flies into a rage.

Chloe joins the party and asks what happened.

Phillip goes off the deep end, "That homicidal bitch shot her! If Melanie dies what will I do?"

A gal in the audience yells, "Count your blessings."

Arianna invites Chloe to go to the pub and help her get take-out food for the growing throng in the waiting room, "What better place to eat chowdah, but in a hospital with all the stomach pumps standing by?"

Daniel operates, "Quick, give me two more units."

"This isn't good," says Lexie. Lexie's medical assessment always boggles the mind.

Rafe continues to grill Anna. "Whoever did this deserves to be put away forever," says Anna.

EJ gives Sami the picture. Sami asks why. "Call it an apology," says EJ, "I understand you and Rafe have reconciled. You are right. When you said I said what I said out of grief and anger... it's not my place to judge. Live your life as you see fit."

"I have to follow my heart," says Sami.

"It's a sure bet you don't follow your brain," says EJ.

Maggie tells Phillip, "Carly would never hurt Melanie."

"Coulda fooled me," says Phillip.

A cop questions Carly. Abe steps in and tells her to call a lawyer.

"Daniel gasps, "The bullet is too close to the heart. If we remove it she will die on the table. If we don't she'll die in an hour or two."

Audience members are on the edge of their seats, "Sounds like a win-win situation to me."

We don't have a choice," gasps Daniel, "SCALPEL! Let's kill her now."

EJ says he doesn't want Rafe around Johnny, "I won't lose my son the way I lost my daughter."

"You haven't lost her," says Sami, "We will get Sydney back. Rafe will find her."

EJ sighs, "OK. if Rafe finds Sydney, I will drop it."

Anna weaves her tale and claims not to know anything about the Syd-napping. Rafe gets a call and bolts.

Nathan and Stephanie grab and writhe.

Anna is with Chloe at the pub preparing the takeout. She tells Chloe not to let this spoil the good news about her pregnancy. Chloe zones out.

Maxine tells Bo that Melanie is in surgery, "Who would want to kill her?"

"It's only an hour-long show," says Bo, "Let me save time by telling you who wouldn't want to kill her."

Victor growls, "Melanie's life is in my godson's hands, Vivian. So is yours."

Bo comes out and asks Carly how the shooting happened. Justin learns Hope has been hurt and rushes into her room.

Carly sees Vivian, "How dare you show your face here? I will kill you!" Apparently, one murder per day isn't enough for Carly.

The doorbell interrupts Sami's tirade. EJ answers to find Rafe. He makes the dreadful announcement, "We found clothes we believe to be Sydney's floating in the river."

"But," says EJ, "She was kidnapped in Cleveland."

"On this show," says Rafe, "We don't let little things like that get in the way. I recognized the dress as one she was wearing when she was kidnapped."

"I'm sure a lot of little girls wear the same dress," says EJ.

Rafe keeps the bad news coming, "There was blood on the clothes."

Tsunami Sami makes an appearance, "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Rafe says the guys in forensics are analyzing the clothes now. He says he has photos of them for EJ to ID. EJ looks at the photos and confirms they are Sydney's clothes. Sami interrupts her breakdown for a total loss of control.

Chloe tells Arianna she isn't pregnant. Arianna hugs, "There is always a next time."

"No," blubbers Chloe, "There won't be a next time. Never."

Justin sits with Hope. Hope mumbles, "I love you... I love you... Bo."

Bo asks Carly what happened. She explains that Melanie was shot. Bo vows, "Vivian will pay."

Phillip jumps in, "Vivian didn't shoot Melanie. Carly did." Bo's eyes pop out.

Stephanie and Nathan bask in the afterglow of their soft-core porn scene. She asks Nathan if he's glad they came. "There is nowhere else I'd rather be," says Nathan.

Daniel finishes operating. As he wraps things up, Melanie's machines flatline...


Bo gasps, "That's impossible!"

Carly whines, "My baby..."

Bo asks, "You told them?" Carly rants at Vivian as Bo tries to shut her up.

Melanie's machines continue to beep. As she flatlines, Daniel huffs and puffs, "Stay with us, Melanie... stay with us. Get the de-fib!"

Anna is back at the hideout playing peek-a-boo with Sydney.

Sami blubbers. EJ says the dress wasn't unique and the evidence isn't conclusive. Rafe agrees that they won't be sure until they hear from forensics.

"I just know my baby girl is out there somewhere. I have faith and you have to have that, too," says Reverend Elvis.

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Anonymous Berg said...

I laughed, I cried, I was mad, I oh wait, sorry I was watching something else on tv.

Sounds like tsumani Sami might be fun to watch. Maybe I will turn in.

Vivienne is the greatest! I love that Victor hasn't blown his stack yet. Because it could still work out in his favor.

The rest of the show...mah take it or leave it.

4:37 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"It's just my throat," says Sami.

"I see," says Rafe, "The way you're constantly screaming, I'm surprised you have any vocal chords left at all."

Sami’s blood pressure must be through the roof too.

"You're not pregnant. Your body is mimicking pregnancy."

The EPT strips weren’t buying into that concept. They are rarely wrong, and Chloe took three tests.

If Melanie dies, it's going to go very badly for you."

"If Melanie lives," says Vivian, "It'll go very badly for all of us."

Right on Prevuze!!!

"It's an official FBI interview. You seem nervous. Why?"

What a dumb a@@ question! People who are being questioned by law enforcement officials tend to be a tad bit nervous. Since Rafe insists on taking an accusatory approach to his questioning, what does he expect? Rafe grilling Anna is really ridiculous because she has given him no cause to suspect her of being involved in the Sydnapping.

He isn't nervous, but vows to take it slow as he dives in full speed ahead.

Nathan has the hots for Melanie, and she has just been hauled off to the ER sporting a gunshot wound. Somehow this life or death event doesn’t bother either Stephanie or Nathan. Instead their libidos are in over drive. If I were shot at my wedding, I would certainly hope all of my bride’s maids would be a little more concerned about me. On top of that, how did they get to Alpine Valley so quickly?

Arianna invites Chloe to go to the pub and help her get take-out food for the growing throng in the waiting room.

Why the pub? Ship the reception food.

"I have to follow my heart," says Sami.

"It's a sure bet you don't follow your brain," says EJ.

First, Sami would have to have a brain.

The U.S. Olympic Internet bedroom calisthenics team is going for gold, and Prevuze’s return to action is outstanding!!!

5:48 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

"This isn't good," says Lexie. Lexie's medical assessment always boggles the mind.

As does the usual stupidity of any of the medical scenes on this show.

The minute someone asked why she shot Melanie anyone else would have said, "Vivian was trying to push her off the roof. I was trying to shoot her." But does Carly? No. She hems & haws for most of the show. Puh-leeze.

Melanie will now be the last one to know about Carly. Wonder how long they'll drag out that reveal? Poor bastard children are always the last to know, aren't they?

For the first time in a long time a couple of the Prevuze pics didn't come up for me. Oh well, I'll just think of it as a chance to get a little more Prevuze fun later today.

Loved the recap. Thanks, Prevuze

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another day - same crap on this show. Tsumani Sami strikes again and Stephanie is still a whore. Vivian is the only entertainment on Days lately.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Everyone involved knows Nicole said the woman's voice she heard was familiar. So did Rafe even bother to ask Nicole "Could it have been Anna? Yay or nay."??! No, he's just grilling Anna, as Leslie pointed out, for no reason whatsoever. Surely there's a legal term for that - false questioning or something.

Leslie - I don't think Nathanie know about the tragic shooting yet. But can't you see St. Stephanie wracked with guilt that it's her fault because she didn't give Nathan the letter and it could've all been prevented, yada yada. Maybe she'll turn to alcohol due to the guilt and end up in rehab about the same time Maggie does.

LOL over the fact "I feel like an idiot," bawls Chloe. "You should be used to that," says Daniel. wasn't italicized. I know he didn't say it but wish he had. HAHAHAHA

The center bottom picture hasn't come thru for me either but there were enough great one I could see. Thank you, Prevuze!

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Medical scenes on soap opera : bouahahhaha...too funny
Euh when people are questioned on a police office by the FBI they are usually a little bit nervous Rafe ! Euh maybe should i say dumbass Rafe ?!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Never did get those two pictures at work, but they popped up here at home. LOL at Hope finding some was to blame Bo for her accident.

Great job, Prevuze!

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Same for me - those two didn't appear until I got home. Loved the bad mother-in-law one, too. HA

6:57 PM  

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