Friday, December 18, 2009

Early Dementia

Bo is at the hospital with Carly discussing the spare corpse she found. Daniel comes up and says they know who put the body in the room and why.

Will visits Mia at Maggie's, "When should I pick you up for the dance — around seven?"

"Yeah," says Mia as her phone rings.

It's Chad, "Hey, Mia, what time should I pick you up for the dance — around seven?"

Brady and Arianna uh... cuddle. She thinks they should get going. In another sense, that's exactly what Brady wants to do, too. Arianna wins and Brady gets up for a shower. Arianna suggests in the future just skipping the fighting and going straight to the making up part. Brady leaves. Someone knocks. Arianna answers. EJ stands there frowning.

Chloe is back visiting Nicole. She tells her she brought her a book, but doesn't have it with her because the guards are inspecting it, "I figure there's an even chance they won't find the file and gun inside." Nicole says all she wants is for Sydney to be safe and sound.

Rafe plays with his toy reindeer as Sami comes out. He tells her he went to see Stefano and got him to tell the truth, "Stefano doesn't have Sydney."

"Who has her," gasps Sami.

"Somebody else does."

"OMG, you're so brilliant," says Sami, "How do you figure this stuff out? I can't believe the FBI dumped you."

Anna paces with Sydney. She babbles. So does Sydney. "Your Auntie adores you," says Anna, "And I'm sure I did the right thing."

EJ forces his way in and says he wants answers. He asks why Arianna went to Cleveland, "I think you know more than you're letting on."

Rafe tells Sami about his visit with Stefano, "I gave him sod... sodium... sodium pen... truth serum." He says he's sorry, but they're now at a dead end. Sami pops her cork and the tears flow.

Anna tells Sydney her uncle Tony would be crazy about her, "In fact, in this town, in a few years he'd probably want to date you."

Daniel says a new orderly was responsible for the mixup. Bo chimes in, "Then he should be fired. Give me his number, I'll see if I can get him on at the SPD. We need guys who can manage a SNAFU like that."

Daniel agrees the guy should be fired, "But he called this morning and quit."

Carly figures the little prank is over and thinks they should all get on with things, "This is a big hospital. Do you expect the administration to keep track of all it's dead bodies? " She leaves. Daniel and Bo discuss the un-phasable Carly. Daniel tells Bo Carly introduced him to his former wife Rebecca. Bo tells him Carly is a good friend.

Mia hangs up and stammers around. Will senses something is wrong and tells her if she doesn't want to go to the dance, that's OK. Mia is silent. Will decides he has to leave, "Do you want to go with me?"

"No," says Mia, "There's some stuff I have to get done before the dance, like maybe having myself cloned."

Nicole doesn't think the cops are doing everything they could to find Sydney, because they didn't believe her story. She tells Chloe about the boots. She still thinks Stefano is behind the Syd-napping, "Roman doesn't believe me but Rafe does, oddly enough."

"He's odd enough for sure," says Chloe.

Arianna thinks EJ may be accusing her of being involved in Sydney's disappearance. EJ says he's looking at the only lead he has and directly accuses her. Arianna says she went to Cleveland to see Brady. EJ totally jumps to conclusions, "AHA! So Brady was involved, too!"

Arianna tries to throw him out as SuperBrady comes in to save the day, "Hey, EJ, back off! Now!"

Bo finds Carly and says he's going to go talk to Vivian. Carly thinks they should drop the whole thing. Bo wants her to go to his place so they can discuss things in private because there isn't a single private place in the entire hospital. Carly hesitates but Bo hauls her off.

EJ tells Brady they now know it was not Stefano who took Sydney. He tosses accusations around. Arianna tells him she was at the Java Café with Melanie when the Syd-napping took place and he can check the surveillance cameras. EJ backs off. He slumps down onto the bed and apologizes, blaming his unrealistic and unbelievable hysteria on everything he's been through recently. "I understand," says Arianna.

Hysterical Sami wants Rafe to give Nicole truth serum, too. Rafe wants to give Sami STFU-serum, "The woman who took Sydney... Nicole remembers seeing her boots, which are very distinctive. And they are looking for them in high end stores right now."

Sami goes apoplectic, "Boots! Boots! My child's life hangs on a pair of boots? We are running out of time! We just have to think, who would want my child?"

Anna shows Sydney a picture of Tony. She sings his praises and says he suffered with being a DiMera his whole life, "Thank God you'll never have to suffer like that."

Gabi and Will meet at the pier. Gabi figures it's not easy for Will to get into the holiday spirit this year because of the situation with his little sister. He tells her he's off to the dance and says he has a date with Mia.

T-Man shows up at Mia's door, "I was gonna call but the reason I didn't is because I can't." That's good enough reason for Mia. She lets him in and the T-ster explains that he left his phone there. "I also wanted to thank you for organizing the study group. I'm sorry the way it ended but Kinzie is kind of... she's oblivious. She doesn't think a whole lot before she says things and that's why it comes out mean. Or maybe she is mean... that's a possibility, too. Anyway, I felt bad she was trying to make you talk about stuff you wanna forget about.. not that you can't forget about it anyways..." Mia is currently visiting another universe. T-Man asks, "Are you even listening to me?"

Mia snaps out of it, "T... I did something really stupid and I don't know how to fix it."

"What did you do?"

"I let you come inside the house."

Chloe decides to leave, assuring Nicole she will keep her updated. Nicole says Chloe shouldn't be on a downer because she's in jail. She also says Chloe doesn't need to ask Brady about coming to see her again.

EJ zones, drones and moans about Sydney. He says his behavior was inexcusable, "That's what I get for rejecting my daughter. I just Hope I have the chance to make it right."

Anna tells Sydney she figures everyone must be suffering right now, "But soon they will be suffering much more. Especially if they watch the rerun of this episode on Soapnet."

Carly and Bo get back to Bo and Hope's house arguing like... uh... Bo and Hope. Bo finally settles her down enough to get a word in, "OK, let's... uh... I forgot what I was going to say."

"Well," says Carly, "There's a break."

They chuckle about it and Bo accuses her of being stubborn, "After all these years, you're still impossible."

"I'd better go," says Carly. She stops on her way out. "Hey, there used to be a family picture sitting on this table. What happened to it?"

"Hope took it"

"Why? What aren't you telling me?"

Bo sighs, "I think it's over between the two of us."

Mia has told T-Man about her dilemma, "I feel like a total idiot."

"Feelings don't lie," says T-Man, "Whattsamatta with you? Do you have early dementia or something?"

Stupid, cartoonish music plays in the background so we, the nitwits who watch this tripe will understand this is the comic-relief part of the program. T-Man suggests she call Chad and tell him she's double-booked. He figures Chad will throw a fit and then Mia will have to come clean with Will and he'll be upset, too. Mia whines, "T... Let's just not tell Kinzie about this."

"She won't hear it form me," says T-Man, "But I figure she'll hear it form someone, especially if Maggie finds out."

Chad finds Gabi at the pier and tells her he's going to the dance with Mia. Gabi is confused, "You're going with Mia? And Will? Isn't he taking Mia to the dance."

Sami erupts. Rafe paints a picture of Christmas morning with Sydney opening presents and a few dogs playing poker. Sami calms down and says she will try to remain calm. EJ calls and asks her and Rafe to come to the mansion, "I have a plan."

Bo says he shouldn't have said that, "Hope would be upset to know I confided in you. It's just not right to talk to someone else about our problems. I wish I understood how this happened."

Carly asks, "You mean other than the fact that you're married to a criminally insane shrew?"

Bo just can't figure it out. He apologizes for burdening her with it. Carly cries and Bo asks why she's so upset. Carly cries, "Because I'm standing here listening to you tell me your marriage is over and I regret how it makes me feel."

"How does it make you feel?"

"Blubber-blubber-snot-snork... Happy... snivel-sob..."

Chad says he doesn't know where Gabi got that idea. Gabi backpedals, "I must've misunderstood Will. English is my second language, you know, and boys mumble."

Will is back at Maggie's. "I have to tell you something," says Mia. I Hope you'll forgive me, "The weirdest thing happened."

Nicole lies in her cell and broods. A shadowy figure walks into the hall and comes up to the bars.


Arianna decorates the tree at the pub. Gabi walks up to her, "You seem to be in a good mood."

"It's Christmas time," says Arianna.

"You seem to be in a good mood anyway," says Gabi.

Arianna asks a favor, "I want to do something nice for Brady, but I need your help."

Dear Guy Manual Advisor:

My girlfriend and I have been having some issues. Yesterday she told me she wanted to talk things over. I suggested we go to the Java Café and have one of those great Holiday Peppermint Mocha Lattés they serve while we worked things out. Instead, she drug me to her apartment and we had sex until my brains exploded. Now it looks like I've missed my chance at one of the Holiday Lattés since they only serve them the week before Christmas. I'm really bummed about this. What should I do?

Brady in Salem

* * * * *
Dear Brady:

Just who wears the pants in your relationship? There are still a few days left before Christmas, so get your butt over to the Java Café and drink up.

The Guy Manual Advisor

P.S. Ditch the girl immediately.

P.P.S. Please send me her phone number. For... uh... research purposes.

P.P.P.S. That must have been the smallest explosion ever.

Nicole says she thought she'd never see Brady again. He tells her they don't think Stefano was involved in the Syd-napping. Nicole frets, "I know I have no right to ask you this, but I need you to promise me something."

Rafe and Sami bounce into the DiMera mansion. EJ tells them about apologizing to Arianna, and suggests they need a public announcement about Sydney, "I think it should involve a very large cash reward, maybe as much as $25."

Rafe gets a call. He listens and says, "That's unbelievable!"

Carly bawls, "Justin accused me of something and I acted badly, but now I know that's because I knew he was right. I'm falling in love with you... again." You could drive a semi into Bo's mouth. "I have to go," says Carly.

Bo gets ideas, "No you don't."

Will gets off the phone and a knock interrupts Mia's speech. Chad walks in, "Will, I'm so glad you're here. I think we should have a little chat. Let's have Mia clear things up." He turns to her, "Who are you taking to the dance, me or Will?"

Arianna decides to make homemade tamales for Christmas. Gabi thinks its a great idea. They break into Spanish, but fear not, Prevuze will translate...

"Do you really speak Spanish," asks Arianna.

"Not a word," says Gabi, "How about you?"

"I flunked the first semester in high school," says Arianna, "but I do think it's really cool if I say Me-he-co instead of Mexico."

Nicole begs Brady not to stop searching for Sydney even if everyone else gives up. Brady promises.

Rafe says, "The description Nicole gave matches up with a very rare pair of boots that was only sold to one person in Salem. It's a person you will know very well."

"OMG NO," gasps gasps EJ, "Not..."

"You got it," says Rafe, "She saw OJ's Bruno Maglis."

Anna slops together an ominous note made out of magazine letters. She goes over to the crib and tells Sydney, "I've been so busy this morning, but as soon as I get finished with my Christmas greeting, I'll sing you some carols. Oh, darling, sweet Sydney. You and I are about to spend our first Christmas together. And Auntie Anna will make it the very best Christmas of all the Days Of Our Lives."

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Anonymous Berg said...

First - I laughed so hard, I cried. A Monkey writer. Then I said, hey that's not so funny, because the Monkey can write a better episode than most DOOL writers. So it's not fair to the Monkey.

"OMG, you're so brilliant," says Sami, "How do you figure this stuff out? I can't believe the FBI dumped you." I know, I know I too am in awe of how stupid this show has gotten that they think we will fall for how brilliant Rafe is. If we believe he is brillant we will accept the entire Hernandez family as the best thing that could have happened to the show. Ah yes, the DOOL writers have been drinking the koolaid again.

Monkeys, Rafe, Carly crying that she is soo Happy Bo is now single, ah the Monkeys have their hands full. I can hear them singing now...this sh*t is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.....

There is one bright moment in all of this. It's Friday!!!! TGIF!!!!

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

It looked to me like Anna had Sydney at the Horton cabin. Why not? Everyone in the world waltzes over there whenever they want. They must keep it unlocked for the person who goes in and keeps it all clean and stocked with food and firewood. HAHAHA

I don't give a hoot about Bo and Carly being together or not other than it serves Hope right. So go for it Barly!

I also didn't comprehend the total ridiculousness of what all Rafe had set up at Sami's place just in the time she went to talk to Will until I saw yesterday's. OMG! That many decorations and that big a tree takes me at least a week. I think that monkey writer is working too hard.

Loved that picture and Rafe wants to give Sami STFU-serum. I had to think about that and then just burst out laughing. I can't wait to hear the cartoonish music they're playing during the Mia/T scenes so we'll know it's the comic relief.

Thanks for getting us to TGIF, Prevuze. And happy weekend everyone! :D

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Mia hangs up and stammers around. Will senses something is wrong and tells her if she doesn't want to go to the dance, that's OK.

Mia is a teenaged girl. There’s always something wrong with her.

Bo wants her to go to his place so they can discuss things in private because there isn't a single private place in the entire hospital.

…and the hospital isn’t the most likely of places where Hope can walk in on them.

Arianna tells him she was at the Java Café with Melanie when the Syd-napping took place and he can check the surveillance cameras.

A super tiny place like the Java Café has surveillance cameras? Is the owner worried that a customer is going to swipe a latte? It’s more likely that an employee will be caught killing time. Geez!

"We just have to think, who would want my child?"

…the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services perhaps?

"But soon they will be suffering much more. Especially if they watch the rerun of this episode on Soapnet."

Since Prevuze has given us ample warning, we’ll be suffering if we watch the first run on NBC.

EJ calls and asks her and Rafe to come to the mansion, "I have a plan."

Are Sami and Rafe bringing the twins or do they leave them in bed so Anna can grab them too?

You could drive a semi into Bo's mouth. "I have to go," says Carly.

Bo gets ideas, "No you don't."

Run Carly! Bo hasn’t gotten any for a loooooooooong time!

"It's a person you will know very well."

"OMG NO," gasps gasps EJ, "Not..."

"You got it," says Rafe, "She saw OJ's Bruno Maglis."

LOL!!!!! When Anna bade her fond adieu to Stefano, she had Tony’s ashes and disappeared to parts unknown. Now we are being asked to believe that Anna has been living in Salem all this time. How the hell does Rafe know who she is? It also makes my head ache to think that Sydney was kidnapped in Cleveland but Rafe is checking for the designer boots in the stores in Podunk Salem. The fact that he actually finds them is freakin‘ ridiculous! However, since those boots are so ugly, I will buy into the concept that the store only sold one pair. They had to be on the “reduced for quick sale” rack. Monkey writers? Yep!

TGIF and TGFP!!!!!!!

8:15 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Whoa! Opened up Prevuze to those two fabulous cartoon pics and almost fell off my chair laughing. Great start to a great Prevuze.

Carly's diagnosis in her picture was on the right track. But as long as Bo continues to stand up to Hope (sorta), those scenes have been worth watching. I'd diagnosis under-zapping of any Mellipnathasteph scenes. HAHA

STFU-serum LOL - We all would have use of some of that from time to time.

We are running out of time! I would say HUH?! except Sami's right. They have to find Sydney so it can be Salem's "Christmas Miracle". They have one just about every year you know.

Prevuze Spanish translation and the Guy Manual Advisor section were hilarious. I'm afraid it's brilliance like this that makes the DOOL drivel even more unbearable.

TGIP indeed!

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Lori said...

Bulldog, I like the Barly name for Bo and Carly; much better than Cope.

And Leslie, if I were Bo I'd be careful of Carly too. If Lawrence Alamain was as incapacitated as they have us believe, Carly is probably also in great need of some love...

And I'm even more sick of SuperRafe than I am of Hope.

Great Prevuse. I can't wait to watch the show. Oh I forgot -- I can.

10:07 AM  
Blogger jeremy said...

ones again the citizens of Salem is doing a investigation that the cops should be doing lol

what a concept you have the ex fbi agent,and a criminal teaming up i smell a sitcom throw in Lucas it could be a hit lol
my word today is "PAWSESPO " it should be read "the cesspool" which explains alot about salem

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze you have done it again totally nailed Maggies personality. Loved it you always make my day.c

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am late getting to Prevuze today... but I can't live without my daily dose. I was glad I wansn't drinking my diet DP when I read, "Rafe plays with his toy reindeer". I about fell over in my chair laughing! And then I wondered why there wasn't a censored link?.? Thanks, Prevuze, for the laughs... even if I am getting them late today. I needed it!

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

It would be nice to believe that Rafe was so super smart if it didn't make the rest of Salem look like a bunch of slack jawed dilberts.

The fact that Roman and Sami are so impressed by his brilliance really makes them look like losers.

4:00 AM  

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