Thursday, February 19, 2009

Servicing The Client

Little lost Chloe stands in the snow. She sits and prays, "Oh God..."

God says, "The last time I heard you say that you were with Daniel and you screamed it."

Chloe continues, "I don't know if I'm doing this right. If you're there, send me sign."

Maggie tries to bring drunken Lucas back to earth, "Lucas, please, you're not in your right mind!"

"Better make the best of it," says Lucas, "this is the only one I've got." Maggie tries to grab his phone but he gets it away from her. He and Daniel dial Chloe at the same time.

Chloe looks at the caller ID, "OMG, there is my sign!" She picks up and Daniel tells her he needs to talk.

Lucas the lush apologizes for dialing the wrong number. Maggie tries in vain to get him to think rationally. "How can I," he slurs, "when I know the truth? In vino veritas!"

"Don't you mean in doolo crapitas," asks Maggie. Lucas says he just can't wait to tell Chloe what a lying slut she really is.

Brady finds Nicole at the pub going through wedding magazines. Sydney babbles. Brady sits and Nicole babbles. She tells him she talked to Dr. Baker, "He seems to think that you're in love with me."

Stefano's in a good mood. He finds EJ in the rumpus room. EJ says he really enjoys sticking it to people. He tells Stephanie he has the sales contract for the Alternative Fuels Project and plans to get Kiriakis, "Melanie's young, but she's a pretty sharp businesswoman."

"Too bad I can't say the same thing for you," says Stefano.

EJ is crushed, "You mean you don't think I'm a very good businesswoman? "

Phillip and Melanie slurp it up on each other. Stephanie stands outside the door and watches. Melanie looks up and sees Stephanie soaking in the show, and puts her act into overdrive.

Daniel asks Chloe to meet him at his place.

Brady rants about Baker. He goes so far off the deep end in denial, Nicole thinks that must mean Baker is right.

Stephanie practically pukes. She rushes in and gives Phillip both barrels, "You complete bastard!"

Lucas wants to go find Chloe. Maggie won't let him drive. Lucas thinks (I use the term loosely) Maggie is to blame for Chloe having her affair.

Chloe arrives at Daniel's apartment. Suddenly, loud sirens go off. Chloe jumps and asks what it is. "The apartment is equipped with a bad drama warning system," says Daniel, "Funny thing, it goes off around here all the time."

Melanie enjoys the show as Stephanie rakes Phillip over the coals. Then Stephanie turns and takes her wrath out on Melanie, "When they say 'get a room,' they don't mean the kitchen. Melanie, if you weren't such a self-obsessed moron, you'd know that wasn't passion just now. It's just how a Kiriakis does business."

Brady mocks Nicole. Nicole reminds him he even took on Victor for her. She spews her gratitude. Brady goes over the top and tells her how much he pines for her, "I will watch you from afar, heartbroken, and hope for a passing glance." Suddenly, he backs off, "Actually, Nicole, I do love you."

Nicole is flabbergasted. She tires to bring lovestruck Brady down softly. She tells him she loves EJ and he has to accept that. Brady says he knows she did all the dreadful and deceitful things she did for EJ, "And I do love you, but I'm not IN love with you. Too bad you're still in love with me, though."

EJ can't believe Stefano doesn't think he can take care of a little girl with dollar signs in her eyes. Stefano waxes philosophically, "Melanie isn't greedy, she is needy, and there is a big difference."

EJ is a little confused, "What does she need?"

"A personality transplant," says Stefano, "It's like when the high school girl wants the football team quarterback, so she starts dating the class valedictorian to get the quarterback's attention. The minute she tells Phillip she has that contract he will do anything and, believe me, she wants more than a contract."

Stephanie is on a roll, "This man is willing to do anything, and I mean anything, to get that Alternative Fuels Project. Talk about servicing the client."

Phillip bellows, "Shut up, Stephanie!" He turns to Melanie, "She's lying." Melanie tells Stephanie to toddle home and work on her macramé.

Stephanie says says she will go, but not until Phillip makes a choice, "What will it be, Phillip, her or me."

"Isn't there something behind curtain #3," asks Phillip.

The maintenance man finishes the repair and leaves as we watch the unconnected gas pipes seep. Funny, isn't it, how the alarm worked before, but now it doesn't? Just asking.

Daniel tells Chloe Kate's cancer is in remission. He thinks that was the last legitimate reason to keep their relationship a secret, and wonders if she's having second thoughts about him.

"No," says Chloe, "I usually wait until later in the relationship to chuck a guy like yesterday's garbage."

Lucas slurs and threatens. He accuses Maggie of getting Chloe and Daniel together. Maggie nukes, "Well, nothing goes with a binge like a big plate of self pity. Lucas goes for another round. The irresponsible bartender pours him one. He tells Maggie to leave and stop ruining his good time. Suddenly, Maggie steps up to the bar and orders a glass 12 year old scotch. Lucas gasps, "Twelve year old! Just think, that scotch was being made the year you went on social security."

EJ asks, "So which am I, the valedictorian or the captain of the football team."

It was a bad analogy," says Stefano, "Phillip obviously is the football player and with your brain, you'd be lucky to graduate."

"But," protests EJ, "Phillip only has one leg. How can he be a football player?"

"Two words," says Stefano, "Detroit Lions.
Believe me, Phillip is the one Melanie wants."

EJ says, "Nobody is going to sign that contract."

Stefano asks, "How can you be so sure?"

EJ says, "If she crosses us, there is no happy ending for her."

Backed into a corner, Phillip chooses Melanie, "You can't choose who you fall in love with." Stephanie storms out and stands outside hyperventilating.

Lucas begs Maggie not to drink, "I know you're messin' with me.' Maggie lectures Lucas for forgetting about Allie and Will. Lucas snorts, "My children would be better off without me!"


Maggie sends Lucas drink flying across the room, "Don't ever say that to me again!"

Daniel rationalizes about their relationship. Chloe tells him about her day, "I had a walk in the park. It wasn't exactly a walk in the park. I prayed for a sign from God, and then you called. I figured that was almost as good as tablets of stone. I know I'm supposed to be with you." Hugs and moans.

The Brady/Nicole love-fest continues. Now it's Nicole's turn to deny loving him. She finally figures he's making fun of her. Nicole tells him she's developed a conscience. She apologizes for running out when he gave her the money and leaving him to fend for himself with Victor. She says she hopes he can stay clean and sober. She also says she couldn't live with herself if he screws things up with Victor. Brady tells her she doesn't need to worry about that.

Melanie says she didn't see that coming, "She didn't give you a lot of wiggle room." She tells Phillip she won't hold him to what he said.

Phillip gets closer and says it might be a good thing Stephanie showed up and made him choose, "I've had a thing for you ever since I met you. I fought it like hell..."

"I know. I was there."

"I can't get you out of my head," says Phillip. They fall into each other's arms.

Maggie continues her lecture. Lucas turns his wrath to Daniel and vows he won't get away with this. He tells Maggie he doesn't feel so good. Maggie offers to take him home. Lucas puts his head down on the table. Maggie thanks God he passed out and leaves to get her car. Crafty Lucas looks up and chuckles.

A phone interrupts the festivities at the Chloe-Daniel buffet. Daniel says he has to go but wants Chloe to wait there for him, "Soon it will be like a fresh start." Daniel leaves. We pan in on the leaky gas pipe.

Nicole wonders if Brady thinks she's seen the last of Dr. Baker. Brady tells her blackmail is hard to get rid of. She says she's considered killing him. Brady thinks telling EJ the truth is a better idea.

Chelsea jogs through the park and catches up with Stephanie. Stephanie embellishes the story of her visit to Maggie's house, "I walked up to the door and they were on the kitchen table. He got up off of Melanie and told me we were through. I don't think I'll ever feel the same about Maggie's New Year's buffet. Chelsea offers to find Phillip and kill him.

Phillip suggests going someplace more private. Melanie sees through his little game, "If only this whole thing wasn't one big fat lie. Stephanie's an idiot but I'm not."

Stefano advises EJ that he shouldn't have intimidated Melanie. EJ assures Stefano he will close the deal. Stefano brings up the sensitive issue of the pre-nup again

Phillip stammers and backpedals. Melanie thinks Phillip's passion ignited only after she was working with EJ. She gives him her snotty little smile, "Don't trip on your way out." Phillip walks out vowing not to lose.

Stephanie bawls and pours her heart out to Chelsea, "It was my own personal screening of the Postman Always Rings Twice. I'm not going to be the stupid Stephanie any more." She hustles off to do something stupid.

Chelsea makes a face, "The kitchen table?"

Maggie rushes back in to the Cheatin' Heart and finds Lucas missing. She figures he's ducked out on her and the race Is on.

Lucas runs up to Daniel's door and threatens to huff and puff and blow it down. Chloe frets inside.

Melanie rants as she mimics Phillip's tender words, "Oh, Melanie, your hair... your eyes... your Alternative Fuels Project..." A knock interrupts. Melanie rushes to the door and gasps, "Phillip!"

Stephanie stands there and throws a roundhouse right, "Bitch!"


Melanie chuckles.

Stefano and EJ are at the pub. EJ rants about the pre-nup. He insists he's marrying Nicole for love. Stefano says, "So you don't have a thing to worry about. You just keep telling yourself that."

Nicole and Brady arrive back at the mansion with Sydney. She begs Brady to tell her everything will be OK.

Brady obliges, "It will all be OK and EJ will never know what you did." Phillip watches.

Maggie arrives at the hospital, and asks Daniel if he has seen Lucas.

Lucas screams, rants, pounds and makes every accusation in the book, "I know what's going on! Come out here and face me you S..." Chloe walks toward the door...



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Now Chloe won't want to be with Daniel until her scars heal.

So what's up with Kayla and Steve? Will there be some explanation for them moving to Switzerland/Melaswen?

It's kind of weird how Phillip's artificial leg is never mentioned. You'd think some of the shallow chicks he hooks up with would think that was icky.

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my! Prevuze:
God says, "The last time I heard you say that you were with Daniel and you screamed it."

I need to join everybody else and not be drinking while reading !! LOLOLOLOL.


7:35 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Bulldog - I'm glad someone else finally noticed Dr. B's rug.

in doolo crapitas

Ain't that the truth!! LOL

"The apartment is equipped with a bad drama warning system."

I’d suggest the same thing for DOOL, but the alarm would be constantly blaring. Although, come to think of it, that might improve the show.

Lucas gasps, "Twelve year old! Just think, that scotch was being made the year you went on social security."

Yeeouch! Prevuze gets fifteen yards for unnecessary roughness.

WHAP! Maggie sends Lucas drink flying across the room.

Dang! I thought for a second it was going to be Lucas Maggie whomped on.

As for the second WHAP, did Stephanie really slug Melanie?? Hopefully, yes. But the next Prevuze line is, "Melanie smiles." If Mel is smilin', Steph must not have packed that great a punch.

Thanks for the post, late or not!

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"Now Chloe won't want to be with Daniel until her scars heal." I'm still laughing over that, Anon!

Yes, I wanted some clarification on the second whap thing, too. I couldn't tell if Stephanie whapped Melanie, Phillip or it was a fantasy of Melanie's?

Be sure to enter "doolo crapitas' into the Prevuze definitions dictionary. HAHAHAHA

Loved the picture of God's sign for Chloe and "Two words," says Stefano, "Detroit Lions." Thank you, Prev, for not selecting the Chiefs this time. :D

And thanks for the great episode today!!

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how much would you like to bet that she ends up with amnesia. probably will think she's still married to brady or that she's never had an affair with daniel at all.

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I've got to agree with you. Because of the blast, Chloe WILL have amnesia and she'll be thinking she's with Brady and can't figure out why he doesn't love her or why Lucas does! Plus, we all know she WILL wind up with scars and that will take us back in can see this story line coming a mile away!


4:52 PM  

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