Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too Little, Too Late

Note:  Click here to read yesterday's "lost" episode.

Bo and Hope are in the pub. They walk across the room discussing the Hollingsworth case. They have 48 hours to find out who is responsible for Paul's disappearance. If they don't, Bo thinks Phillip goes to jail and the real perp, i.e. John, goes free. Hope thinks Bo could lose his badge if they don't solve the case. Bo reminds her she's in as deep as he is. "That's OK," says Hope, "neither of us is particularly deep."

Bo says, "Phillip told me he didn't want me to take the fall. I wonder what he had in mind."

Outside, Phillip runs into Morgan and asks how she is doing. Morgan snaps, "Not too good."

Chelsea walks in on Daniel and Kate hugging. She wonders what's going on. Kate makes excuses and tells her they were talking about the lockdown situation. Chelsea doesn't want to talk about that. Talk moves to the fact that the dreaded Stefano is out there somewhere and then they talk about Chelsea's job. Chelsea asks Daniel to sneak away with him. He suggests dinner. Chelsea says she had something more immediate in mind. Kate takes that as her cue to scram and goes to get Phillip. Chelsea suggests meeting at Daniel's place, "Then we can see what happens." Daniel gives her a key to his apartment and skips off.

John visits Marlena. He tells her he didn't mean to upset her earlier. He vows to protect her from Stefano and wants her to come home with him. She tells him she can't do that. "If it's the cigars," says John, "I'll go outside to smoke."

Marlena says it's not that. It's just that she's not ready, "I should tell you... I wasn't in a coma. I was paralyzed but my mind was wake and alert."

"And now it's just the opposite," says John.

Marlena says, "Thing is... when you're like that all these thoughts run around your brain."

"Thoughts in your brain," says John, "Bold new concept."

Marlena becomes uneasy and pulls all he wiring away, "As much as you don't want to accept it, you aren't the man I married and you never will be."

John says, "I've been doing some thinking myself and when the gas hit I realized I care about you. That gas must've really made me hallucinate. But I know the new John can protect you as well as the old John." Alas, Marlena doesn't want them to be together.

John tells her she's not making sense. He thinks the fumes from the lockdown have affected her. Marlena insists that's not the case, "I have loved you over half of my life."

"That's a long time," says John, "Fifty-two years. I think you'll change your mind when you're thinking clearly again."

Roman interrupts. Marlena tells him she's OK. "I don't think so," says John. Marlena explains John thinks she's still under the influence of the toxins. Marlena tells them she's finally thinking clearly for the first time in a long time. She's made decisions about the person with whom she wants to spend her future, "I'm sorry, John, but right now you don't seem to be that person."

"Drat the bad luck," says Roman.

Chelsea rambles around Daniel's bedroom and arranges things.

Daniel finds Kate who tells him Phillip went off on his own. She tells him she thinks Chelsea suspects something.

Phillip and Morgan bicker. Morgan asks, "How did you kill him? Did you strangle him or shoot him and then throw his body in the river? I know you aren't a man of idle threats."

"You really don't know me at all, do you," asks Phillip.

"Apparently not ,"says Morgan. She says she wishes she believed Phillip. Phillip insists he cares and he wasn't playing her. She says she had a fantasy but that's all it will ever be. Phillip walks off as Morgan has a flashback to her fantasy. Phillip has a flashback to a flashback where he was flashing back to a flashback.

Inside the pub, Phillip meets Bo and Hope. He tells them the situation has gone far enough. He says he has to take responsibility even if that means getting arrested.

Daniel tells Kate she's paranoid, "Chelsea and I weren't even together when you and I were..."

Kate helps him out, "Banging away like a screen door in a hurricane? Chelsea must never know. She would never forgive us.

Chelsea has lit candles and slinks around in a revealing nightie. Under most circumstances, this would get the show thrown off the air, but in this case, there's not much to reveal.

Roman thinks John has had a change of heart himself. Marlena says she has vowed to make changes in her life, "I've done this before. You weren't the only great love of my life. Before you there was Roman... and Don... And Eugene... And Alex... And a couple of stints with the old John... Roman and John sit down and fall asleep in their chairs as Marlena completes the list.

John is stunned, "Roman? You can't be serious."

Roman jumps in, "Well... we were married, John."

"I knew that," says John, "I just never thought she loved you. So what happened between you two?"

"You happened," says Marlena, "I can turn it on and off like a light switch."

If that's the case, John wonders why she can't pull the old switcheroo now, "Maybe you need to sleep on it... Back at the mansion... with me."

Roman tells Marlena it's no time for her to be alone, but it wouldn't be good for her to be at the mansion. Marlena tells them they are both upsetting her. They back off and John asks for a word with Roman outside.

Out in the hall, John suggests Roman is enjoying this, "You think maybe you can have another shot at her." Roman says all he wants is what's best for Marlena and that's not John right now. John tells him to stay away from her.

Chelsea positions herself on the bed in a seductive pose. It takes a long, long time for her to find one. Daniel comes in, "I'm, us... you weren't in the... living room... I thought we were gonna have dinner."

Chelsea slinks up to him, "I think what I have planned might be just as satisfying. More so." She moves in. Hot 'n heavy.

Daniel stops things, "Do not move. I'll be right back." He rushes into the bathroom to be sick. After he leaves, his phone rings. The brat, of course, nearly trips over herself picking it up. She reads the text message and drops her jaw.

Phillip thinks Victor was wrong to put Bo in this position. As they talk, a woman walks up and delivers a grand jury summons to Phillip.

Hope finds Morgan at a table. As she butts in she says, "I hope you don't mind me butting in. I can only imagine what you're going through, but Bo and I are working hard to find out what really happened." Morgan is peeved. She heard about the incident at the church. Hope tells her Phillip is not a killer.

Chelsea pulls on her jeans. The guys in the audience let out a sigh of relief.

Daniel comes back a-rarin' to go. He sees she's dressed and asks, "Did something happen?"

"I started without you," says Chelsea, "Then I saw that text message. It's from Kate." she picks up the phone and reads, "Daniel — thank you for tonight. Never speak of what happened between us again."

Daniel fumbles through the guy manual and comes up with one of the old tried and true standards, "I can explain."

"Don't," says Chelsea, "You're an SOB. And I'm the granddaughter of one."

John and Roman go back into Marlena's room. John apologizes for the way he treated her. He said she's made him feel he's been competing with a ghost, so he fought to form his own identity and pushed her away. John thinks maybe the old John can be brought back. Marlena says there is no way since Stefano now has the disc, "He somehow got it from the ISA. You will never be your old self again."

"I could try Viagra."

John says he will get the disc back from Stefano and will never give up. "You're wasting your time," says Marlena.

John says she has told him many times the old John is still inside of him and he wants to get that back, "I (say it with him) want to be there for you now, just like you tried to (say it with him) be there for me before. Come back with me until we apprehend Stefano."

Marlena says she needs time. John agrees and starts to go. He turns to Roman, "Let's go." Marlena says she wants a word with Roman alone.

Chelsea meets Kate and tells her there has been a change of plans, "I know about you and Daniel."

Bo meets Abe and they discuss their 48-Hour deadline. Bo also tells Abe about Phillip being subpoenaed.

Morgan panics and runs after someone, "Daddy! Daddy!" Hope comes up and Morgan tells her she saw her father, "Now he's gone."

"If I were your parent, I'd run, too," says Hope.

Bo says he wants to believe Phillip is innocent, but he's still a suspect. Bo thinks John was responsible. Hope comes up and tells them about the Paul sighting. Morgan does what Morgan does best. She runs around screaming and yelling.

Marlena tells Roman she's still feeling confused. She asks Roman if she's doing the right thing. Roman says she's asking the wrong guy. He thinks she's smart to hold off going over and living at John's. Marlena says in that case she will go home alone. Roman vetoes that since Stefano is still on the loose, "You go home but I go with you and stay with you — as your police guard. Just like when we met. We've gone full circle."

A nurse comes in for a blood screen. Roman says he will wait outside.

Later, Roman comes back in to say goodbye. Marlena is woozy. John comes back, "I'm still waiting for my answer."

"Too little, too late," says Marlena. The answer is still no." She yawns. Roman suggests leaving and letting her rest. Marlena practically passes out. John says he is sorry and Roman tells her not to worry. He'll make sure she is safe just like the old days.

Outside Marlena's room, John snorts, "Congratulations, Commander, you may have your shot after all."

John walks off and gets a call,, "You what? No! He could not have escaped! Find him!"

Morgan insists she saw her father. Abe tells her he has issued an APB and the SPD is on the job. Morgan whines, "Oh, no. I was hoping there was a chance to find him."

"I hope he's still alive," says Phillip.

Morgan sneers, "Then you'd be off the hook."

"I wasn't thinking that," says Phillip, "I know you love him and I know how much you want him back. I also know how much it would mean for us."

Kate says this isn't the time or place. Chelsea rants. Daniel runs up, "Chelsea, I'm sorry!"

The rattlesnake strikes, "Sorry about what? Sorry you got caught?"

Kate tries to shut Daniel up. "It's no use, Kate," says Daniel, "It's already out there. She knows you and I slept together."



You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.


Blogger Applecheeks said...

What a relief! Even vacation wouldn't have alleviated the pain of two days without Prevuze.

But it's back and in fine form with pics and Prevuisms galore.

If it's the cigars...I can smoke outside.

Phillip has a flashback to a flashback where he was flashing back to a flashback.

Chelsea has lit candles and slinks around in a revealing nightie. Under most circumstances, this would get the show thrown off the air, but in this case, there's not much to reveal.


In true DAYS' style, first Marlena makes a fool of herself, throwing herself at Jawn and begging him to be HER John. The minute he decides he wants to make their relationship work, she decides she doesn't want him. Yeah. Sure. Like we believe that.

Thank goodness you are back today, Prevuze!

6:28 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Chelsea rambles around Daniel's bedroom and arranges things.

If she keeps looking, she just might find one of Kate’s monogrammed bras.

Chelsea has lit candles and slinks around in a revealing nightie. Under most circumstances, this would get the show thrown off the air, but in this case, there's not much to reveal.

Not the black thingie!!!! ZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea positions herself on the bed in a seductive pose. It takes a long, long time for her to find one.

I’m guessing that’s never.

John walks off and gets a call,, "You what? No! He could not have escaped! Find him!"

Does John have guards at the DiMera mansion? These are the same guys that let Stefano get past them. How does not expect them to keep Paul contained in the mansion?

Hmm, I bet Prevuze wishes the feed hadn’t come through for this episode either. Yawn. The triangles continue with Daniel/Chelsea/Kate and now Marlena/John/Jawn. I almost added Roman to the last one but that would have made it a quadrangle. Anyway, Roman was emasculated a long time ago or so it seems. It’s nice to have Prevuze back in rare form even if DOOL is as mundane as ever.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I was so relieved that the evil minions who caused the problems with Prevuze yesterday didn't prevail!

Even if Jawn is caught as the one who held Paul it still shouldn't get Bo off the hook for tampering with evidence. But we all know as a sainted BRADY it will.

LOL over "Phillip has a flashback to a flashback." This is the standard DOOL trick for killing time instead of coming up with a new script.

Evil, you really are a genius. DOOL's 40's noir...a hint as to Marlena's true age, no? HAHAHHA

Prevuze - welcome back. A great one today! :D

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Just goes to show what Chelsea thinks of her Grandmother. It never occured to her that it had something to do with a medical problem (tests she didn't want anyone to know about etc. etc) she just assumed it was sex. Guess she knows Kate and her sleazy boyfriend well.Get that poor girl therapy and real therapy not Marlena...Glad Prevuze is back, sure missed you.

8:42 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Based on spoilers that I've read, I'm assuming the unidentified female voice heard in today's PREVUZE II is Tiffany, Melanie's friend.

10:01 AM  
Blogger fwickafwee said...

it seems the writers forgot about Ava and the footage from the Java Cafe security camera and the trace from the anonymous email to Ava's computer...How come Bope can't check that lead out? Oh that's right--they work for the Salem PD. They can't possibly thoroughly investigate.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I take some time off from all things DOOL and the plot has not moved forward an iota. It's nice to know I can count on one thing not changing in this day and age.

So, now we're to believe that Paul didn't drown but is being held captive by new John? Ok--maybe some things have changed.

Glad to see Kate is still not able to keep her hands off any good looking male that comes to Salem. Great strategy for keeping it hidden from Chelsea--Talk about it at every possible opportunity and text damaging messages.

Marlena, John and Roman. This has to be the oldest triangle in soap history. It's so old the triangle itself needs botox and support hose.

Great Prevuze as usual

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Haha, Chelsea really needs a "did you sleep with my mom?" questionnaire. It's so sad, and hilarious.

I don't really care who Marlena picks as she's going to be cheating on him with the other soon enough. Though I like newish mean Marlena, she's so curt with John it makes me lol.

Talk about it at every possible opportunity and text damaging messages.
That's exactly what I was thinking.

And how is it Hope doesn't know about this... she probably does.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Lily Luna said...

"I don't really care who Marlena picks as she's going to be cheating on him with the other soon enough. Though I like newish mean Marlena, she's so curt with John it makes me lol. "

Haha, yes... but it's so tiring; we all know that she belongs with John... and DAMN, that triangle - it's just - sad, by now. We all know exactly where this is headed. Roman and Marlena won't *do* it, but Robo will think they do, and it hinders his recovery of old John, and some other s**t than everyone and their GRANDMOTHER has already seen.
Urgh. Why do they put us THROUGH this?

Chelsea and Daniel... more than a little disturbing. I'm glad the sex didn't go through. The authorities might have had to step in, and something's creepy about the thought of Chelsea's own father arresting her lover. That is, if Bo hasn't been demoted into an even worse soap.

Eh. I bash Days of Our Lives and yet I spend 20 minutes each day figuring out what happened with it. Eh. I guess we just can't give up... there's a glimmer of good somewhere many (MANY) years back, that we just can't let go of...

Oh. And between the Salem "PD", "hospital" + Marlena, Robo and Philip, why are the only two people any good at their jobs ANNA DIMERA and CHELSEA?


4:07 PM  

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