Friday, August 22, 2008

Her Mustache Confused Me

Max stands in the jail cell and has a tirade. Stephanie asks, "Where's your sister?"

Max says, "I'm sure she's on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun... WHILE WE ROT IN THIS HOLE!" He sticks his head up to the bars and continues his rant, "At least give us our cell phones so we can call someone to help get us out." He turns to Stephanie, "There's got to be a law against that."

Stephanie says, "I don't think they go by the books here."

Max screams, "Don't these people in France know about the US Constitution?" Max gives up and decides to take a nap, "Wake me when it's time to eat." Stephanie gets an idea.

In one of those coincidences you only find on Daze, Nick arrives from the US and immediately bumps into Melanie and her friend Michelle in a cafe. He recognizes Melanie and overhears Melanie tell Michelle she's broke, "I have to find a new guy to mooch off of. Melanie and Michelle sit down at a table as Michelle tries to come up with names of boys Melanie can prey on, "How about Tristan. OMG, have you seen him in those gym shorts?"

Melanie is skeptical, "Boys that wear that much hair gel tend to bat for the other team if you know what I'm saying."

Nick walks by and talks into his cell phone, "I want six figures or I'll take my prototype elsewhere!"

Melanie's eyes widen, "I think I just found my new man."

Trent joins Nicole. Nicole isn't thrilled to see him. Trent says, "Well, when my wife's not happy, I'm not happy."

Nicole says, "Go to hell."

John looks at Marlena, "Who am I?" Marlena is silent. John tries again, "Who am I? Come on, Blondie, it's me. John Black."

Marlena shakes out the cobwebs, "Oh, sorry, things just got fuzzy there for a moment."

"You gave me a chill," says John.

Marlena scoffs, "You thought I forgot who I am. Wouldn't that have been ironic? It's me. I remember everything. Family... friends... husband... It's enough to make me wish I did have amnesia, but no such luck."

Lucas announces he is taking Allie and leaving. EJ tells him that would be kidnapping, "If you take her, you will go to jail with no 'get out of jail free card' this time."

Lucas backs off and blubbers, "I can't go back to jail until my scars heal." It seems Chloe is starting to rub off on him. Sami wants to talk. Uncharacteristically, Lucas doesn't. Sami encourages him to open up, "Come on, Lucas, this is about us."

Lucas snarls, "There is no us."

EJ starts to leave so they can talk about it alone, "I'm going to go check on the twins."

"Make sure you double-check on them," says Sami.

"What are you so worried about," asks Lucas.

"Nothing," claims Sami. Lucas presses. EJ intervenes and tells Lucas Sami is saying she's had enough. Lucas wants to know if this is about Stefano. The veins in his neck explode, "I'm calling Mickey to end this once and for all."

Stephanie primps and calls the guard. Max thinks she's spinning her wheels, "I will give you $100 if you pull this off."

"You don't have $100," says Stephanie. Stephanie continues to primp and calls again. A woman (?) the size of a Saturn V rocket walks in and scowls. Stephanie is turned facing Max. Max looks at Mt. Bertha standing behind Stephanie and tries to suppress the laughter.

Nick sits at his table and reads the paper.

Michelle checks him out and says, "Send in the geek patrol." Melanie puts on glasses to impress Nick and goes over to his table. She asks to borrow the newspaper. Nick says he only reads the financial section and suggests she join him so they can share.

Big Bertha makes her exit, unimpressed by Stephanie's cleavage. "That went well," chuckles Max, "She really warmed up to you. Was it a she? Her mustache confused me. It takes more than a low cut dress and a smile to con these bozos."

"It worked on one American bozo I can think of," says Stephanie.

A new guard shows up. He seems to be more impressed by Stephanie's package, "My name ees Sebastian. You can call me Seb."

Max' smile fades, "Where did Large Marge go?"

As far as Sebastian is concerned, Max isn't even in the room, "I zink I recognize you. Are you zee race-a-car drivere? I zaw you race at Silverstone."

Helpful Max chimes in, "Was that the time she crashed?"

Stephanie gives him a look, "I try not to think about that. Those Vespas are hard to handle."

Smooth Seb says, "Eet ees amazing zee way you handle your curves."

John asks if Marlena remembers how this happened. She goes through the story. Here's something new: a flashback. Marlena tells John she figures someone found her. John tells her that was Anna and him. Marlena gasps, "Stefano must have been behind it and gave me the same drug I gave him." She tells John Stefano was in her hospital room taunting her. John tells her not to cry.

Trent wants respect from his wife. Nicole wants to be left alone. The audience wants entertainment. Trent remembers what a struggle it was for Nicole to take care of herself when she was younger and thinks it probably still is. He insults her and brings up EJ.

Sami frets but EJ assures her the twins are OK. Sami says it's been a difficult day what with Stefano and Lucas' threats. EJ hugs her and tells her things will be fine.

Lucas greets Mickey and Maggie. Mickey asks if Lucas really wants this. He says sole custody is a lot to ask. Lucas asks, "Can you do it?" Is it legal?"

"I'm not certain," says Mickey, "I'd be able to say for sure if I knew anything about law." He goes in to see Sami and Lucas. Maggie holds Lucas back. Inside, Mickey tells them he thinks Lucas could have a case.

Marlena panics. She wants to find Sami and worries about Johnny. John reassures her. He tells her things will be fine, but Marlena doesn't think so. Another flashback... Stefano taunts her in her hospital room. Marlena says, "Nobody is safe from that madman."

Nicole insists nothing is going on between her and EJ. Trent says he'd hate to tell Victor they are still married. He says he wants one more thing from her. Nicole refuses to do anything more, so Trent pulls out his cell phone and starts to call Victor. Nicole gives in, "OK I'll do it — but no more."

Seb bends the rules for Stephanie and sneaks her cell phone in to her. He points to his cheek. Stephanie puckers up and moves in to kiss it, but Seb makes a quick move and she lands on his lips. Seb walks away and Max has a conniption. He thinks Seb is a slimeball. "Well, I think he's cute," says Stephanie, "compared to Humongous Helga." Stephanie tries to call Patch and Kayla, but gets voicemail, "I'm just calling to check in. Please call me when you get this."

Max suggests calling Bo and Roman. Stephanie don' wanna — she doesn't want Patch and Kayla to hear she is in jail from someone else. Max suggests calling Daphne. "She's the editor of a tabloid," says Stephanie, "You want this spread over the front page." All of a sudden, Stephanie realizes she has a text message from Nick, "He's here!" Max searches the jail cell to see if he can find him.

Melanie tells Michelle Nick is putty in her hands. Nick comes back with drinks. He and Melanie sit together and things are quiet. Nick asks, "Is this how you treat a guy who buys you an overpriced water?" Melanie suggests they get to know each other and tells Nick about herself.

Nick's phone interrupts. Stephanie tells him they are in jail. She also says Max' sister Melanie is a con artist. She tells him how to get over there and bail them out. As Stephanie reels off the directions, Max tells her, "Just tell him to follow the rats and roaches."

Nick hangs up. "So who was that," asks Melanie.

Lexie comes in to see Marlena. She has a few tests she wants to administer, "Follow my fingers." Lexie wags her hand back and forth and watches Marlena's eyes, "Perfect! That will be $395. Now for your orientation test. What is your name?"

"Marlena - Evans - Craig - Bradford - Brady - Black - North - Black - DiMera"

"Great," says Lexie, "That's $29.95 per name."

"Where are you," asks Lexie.

"Trapped in a soap opera masquerading as a dramatic TV show."

"Fantastic," says Lexie, "That's $199, plus tax. What year is it?"

Marlena goes completely blank and stares like a deer looking into headlights. After the long pause, Marlena cackles with laughter, "Just kidding."

"Thank goodness," says Lexie, "That's an extra $250 for messing with the Chief of Staph."

John takes Lexie aside, "Look, I know I'm wealthy beyond anyone's dreams, but one more test and I'll be living in a cardboard box. Just tell me, is Marlena go to go?"

Marlena overhears and insists she's fine, "Why are you so concerned about me?"

Sami insists she has rights. Mickey says they have to discuss Stefano.

Lucas tells Maggie things are over between him and Sami. He doesn't trust her any more. He has to move on. Maggie asks if that will be with Chloe.

John reminds Marlena she'd still be in a coma if not for him. Lexie has him step outside. Out there, she tells him not to get Marlena agitated. She says they don't know the effects of the toxins so she has to take it one step at a time. A phone call interrupts Lexie's lecture. She walks off to take it.

Max hopes Nick can get them out of there, "But this place is better than some of the youth hostels I've been in."


Stephanie can't wait to get back to the states to their own beds. Max announces when he gets out he might stick around because he still wants answers.

Stephanie protests, "What answers? About Melanie? I've seen plenty of girls like her. She's a rude, selfish, manipulative liar."

"Maybe it's all an act," says Max. Stephanie says all Melanie cares about is herself.

Melanie wants to know if that was his girlfriend. He says he doesn't have one. Melanie says she doesn't have a boyfriend today, "But who knows what tomorrow will bring?" Melanie suggests going to lunch. Nick says he would love to but his passport was stolen and he has to go to the police station to pick it up. He invites her. She agrees and goes to tell Michelle.

Trent tells Nicole about Melanie. Nicole worms it out of him that Melanie is his daughter, "You've got kids poppin' up all over the place, don't you?" Trent wants Nicole to find out if Melanie has run into Max. Nicole says, "You're afraid Max will tell his sister what an SOB her father is."

Michelle and Melanie high five over her finding rich, gullible Nick. Nick comes up. He and Melanie leave for the police station.

EJ insists Stefano has nothing to do with this. Mickey thinks Stefano could be a threat to the twins.

Maggie thinks Lucas is rushing things with Chloe, "Slow down until I have time to get the word out."

Lucas says, "We haven't been on an official date, but she has some of the qualities I was interested in in Sami. Without the rage. Or the brain." Maggie tells him it's not good to replace one bad choice with another. Lucas says if Chloe is the real deal that's great but he's not getting his hopes up.

"It sounds like you are falling for her," says Maggie.

John goes back into Marlena's room, "Blondie, what I said earlier... I didn't mean to upset you. Whatever happens I will protect you from Stefano. As soon as they let you out, I want you to come home with me."

Marlena says, "I'm sorry, John, I can't do that."

Trent says he just wants to keep Max away from Melanie. Nicole wants to know why. Trent won't' tell.

Seb escorts Nick and Melanie into the jail. Max and Stephanie jump for joy when they see Nick. Melanie is shocked, "You know each other? What is this, an ambush?"

All Maggie wants is for Lucas to be happy and for the entire town to know every excruciating detail of his love life, "If Chloe can do that for you that's wonderful."

Lucas says, "The only thing that will make me happy is getting my daughter out of here. I care for my kids so much I want to have them all shipped to Europe so I never have to look at them again."

Lucas walks in and tells Sami she's not taking Allie away from him. He goes uber-macho, 'You wanna go to court? You're not gonna win. There is no way in hell."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much do I love that Nick played Melanie? I didn't expect that at all!

4:51 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Nick hangs up. "So who was that," asks Melanie.
OK, Melanie just met Nick, wants to sponge off him, and already asks him about his phone call.  That’s a great way to kick start a relationship.
Trent wants respect from his wife. Nicole wants to be left alone. The audience wants entertainment.
Doesn’t appear to be much of that in this episode.  It’s a darn good thing that we have Prevuze!
Lucas walks in and tells Sami she's not taking Allie away from him. He goes uber-macho, "You wanna go to court? You're not gonna win. There is no way in hell."
Do the Daze writers actually think that the viewers will believe that a jobless ex-con can win custody of his daughter?  Do they think the audience is drinking the same Cool-Aid that they are?  As if!!!!  Oh, silly me, I forgot.  The writers will happily invent a brain dead judge who will gladly hand Allie over to Lucas.  That judge will not even take into consideration that Sami is still involved with the man that Lucas shot in the back.  The same man who is providing Sami with financial support and a place to live.  This should be a great set up for EJ.  He can eagerly employ his legal acumen to keep Allie away from Lucas and win the fair Sami.  Instead, all we are going to get is pure unadulterated drivel.
Oh, Bulldog, that is so true, and thank you Prevuze for sharing Lucas’ x-rays!!!  If it weren’t for Prevuze, I wouldn’t be able to watch this episode.  You keep me laughing while Daze keeps me retching.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Leslie just said (almost verbatim) everything I was going to say. LOLOL

I will pick up on the Lucas x-ray picture. That reminded me of the last comment in yesterday's post about all the x-rays stuck up in the exam rooms. Thing is - the x-rays are ALWAYS stuck up around in the exam rooms. And it's always the SAME x-rays. HAHAHAHA

I loved Lexi's "extensive" and sophisticated exam of Marlena. What a hoot.

"Is it legal?" "I'm not certain," says Mickey, "I'd be able to say for sure if I knew anything about law."

I don’t think being pissed at his ex-wife will entitle Lucas to sole custody of Allie. Of course, this is DOOL so anything is possible.

Mickey thinks Stefano could be a threat to the twins.

Like Allie living with the man who tried to kill Stefano’s son is going to be safe?

Thanks for all the great stuff today Prevuze. Who are you?

6:01 AM  
Anonymous em said...

At least Mickey is consistent in appearing as the dumbest attorney in the world. Lucas has a good chance?

I hope Lucas & Chloe marry, buy a boat, name it "The Scarface" and sail off into the sunset so I don't have to see either of them for a long time. (Rating: My two least favorite characters.)

Is Nick the most endearing, interesting, half-smart character on this show? (Rating: Half smart is as good as it gets on Daze)

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Applecheeks - your comment about yesterday's x-rays comment made me go back and read the ones I hadn't seen before. What a hoot!

Nicole should tell Trent she'll go to France and check things out if he pays. What the heck, get a free trip to France out of him.

I'm so glad I wasn't in the office when I got to Lucas' x-rays. It's still making me laugh! Just think, if that was Chloe's x-rays it would've been completely blank. And Marlena rattling off her last names. HAHAHAHA

Prevuze, always coming up with terms and stuff I'm gonna have to Google. Like Vespas. I hate having to actually learn something, especially in the morning. But I love the morning laughs. Thanks, and TGIP!

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJ the rapist.... now a hero... that's so cute!

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Lucas xray. BWAH. But they got the size wrong. I think its much smaller! More the size of a pea. I dont get how Lucas can get Ali. He is an ex con, no job or money. No where to live. He hasnt been paying child support at all. He should be back in jail for that alone. Deadbeat dad. Sami and EJ have taken care of her and she doesnt even know Lucas. If they let this happen its only because of Dena's plot driven crap. Doesnt matter if it makes any freaking sense.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Anonymous, Jack and Tony are both "heroes" and "rapists" so EJ is in good company. :D

I need someone to explain to me what exactly Chloe and Sami have in common because I'm totally missed it and then I saw the X-Ray of Lucas' brain and it all fell into place.

Great Prevuze and banners today.

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok. Sami goes to bed with EJ, Lucas walks in and we deal with poor victimized broken hearted Lucas being mad at her for doing what he told her to do and moving on. Then, we find Sami devoted to Lucas and arriving at the Salem Inn just after Lucas does the giggity goo with Chloe in the elevator.
Now, Lucas has again told Sami to go play in the highway so to speak.
Then, Stephano shows him the footage of Sami and EJ hugged up in the stairwell. Now, here we see poor victimized Lucas again.
Can nobody see that Lucas is just as much to blame for this ridiculous relationship as Sami?
And, Kate aka (Priscilla Presley wannabe) whines all the time about how he doesn't need to be with Sami. Yet, when Sami is with EJ, she bashes her for being the tramp she is and not caring about Lucas. Then, she turns to her other face and bashes her again because she doesn't want Sami to have anything to do with Lucas. So, when Sami doesn't have anything to do with Lucas, Kate whines that she doesn't care about Lucas. Yet, she wants Sami out of his life. Whoa....I have a headache, gimme some of that purple gas.

7:54 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Who are you?

a. I've been wondering that for years.
b. Barack Obama's new running mate.
c. Clark Kent
d. The gloved hand
e. The guy who's mind is on that disc
f. None of the above
g. All of the above
h. Both f and g.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bulldog - what a great concept! It's got to beat the acid that passes as hospital coffee.

Prevuze, the depth of your self-awareness is staggering. LOLOL

Unfortunately, I laughed so much I managed to wipe my own memory disc clean of whatever I was originally going to comment on. HA


9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone else think Marlena is possessed by her dead sister's ghost?

10:59 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"Anyone else think Marlena is possessed by her dead sister's ghost?"

Funny you should ask that, Lisa -- when I read about Marlena kidding around about her memory when Lexie was examining her, I thought to myself, "That doesn't sound like Marlena, that sounds more like Sam." So I think you may be on to something there...

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Capt. Jack Sparrow said...


I think Marlena is going to have a split personality.

Whenever Marlena has done anything illegal she always has a reason that has nothing to do with 'her'.

The devil made her do it, a mass hallucination and nobody's dead. The drugging and torturing of Stefano won't be Marlena's fault, it'll be her split personality, Samantha. Marlena will retain her sainthood & her doctorate.

Too bad Marlena/Samantha isn't nearly as entertaining as Viki/Niki.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Jules said...

Lucas granted joint custody of Ali is fine, he's her father. I hope he has help watching her or she'll run out the back door again....wait, what back door, he doesn't have a house! Where exactly is he going to take her? Hopefully this custody battle is to tee up a paternity test and we'll find out Ali is EJ's. Stefano has Rolf guarding some "important papers" that he will reveal "when the time is right". I think that time is coming soon - paternity results anyone?

8:36 PM  

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