Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Staircase Striptease

The first floor of Salem Hospital bustles. Roman tells Abe, "The ventilation system up there is working. I want an update!"

Abe updates him, "The ventilation system is working."

Roman wonders, "What the hell is going on up there?"

Sami and EJ, that's what's going on. Nicole watches.

Chloe and Lucas are unconscious. Lucas wakes and checks her out. He also checks to see if she is OK. Chloe chokes, "I'm so dizzy."

"Thank God you're back to normal," says Lucas.

"My head feels like someone is hitting it with a hammer," she says, "Yours looks like someone hit it with a hammer. Do you think this is over?" Lucas doesn't think it's over if Stefano is behind it.

Patch and Kayla wail, bang on doors, slobber and blubber. Patch comforts her. "Our baby is gone," bawls Kayla.

"He probably left because he couldn't stand the overacting," says Patch.

Kayla thinks Stefano may be behind L'il Joe's disappearance. Patch turns on the afterburners, "IF THAT SOB TOUCHED OUR BABY I WILL KILL HIM WITH MY BARE HANDS." More screaming and banging...

Nicole watches the staircase striptease. She starts to go but Roman stops her. An officer interrupts. Nicole goes back to the video.

EJ and Sami get busy. Between the heaving and the panting, EJ says, "We can't do this."

"That's my line," says Sami.

"I'm sorry," says EJ.

Sami chuckles, "You have nothing to be sorry about."

Lexie updates Abe on the patients being moved from the rest of the floors. Abe tells her he thinks Stefano is behind this.

Lexie is shocked, "The last time I examined him he was in a paralytic coma. I tested myself."

Abe asks, "But did you think to have a doctor test him? This is too coincidental to be random. Stefano has to be behind this. When we catch him he will wish he had never awakened from that coma."

Kate badgers Roman for information. "I really don't know," says Roman.

"You have to know more than the news," says Kate, "My son is up there."

Roman says, "So is Stefano DiMera."

Kate says, "OMG! Then they're going to go after Lucas for trying to kill EJ."


Lucas watches out the window and gives Chloe a play by play. Chloe whines, "My head is killing me and I'm still dizzy."

"Take short, shallow breaths," says Lucas. He goes through his bedside table and finds a barf bag for her to breathe into.

Chloe breathes. Lucas asks, "Is that any better?"

"You didn't tell me it was used," says Chloe.

"Someone from the audience must've gotten to it first," says Lucas.

Chloe recovers and thanks him. They leave the room. Chloe whimpers, "The thought of running into Stefano really scares me."

Stefano steps out of the shadows, "As well it should my dear."

Officer Tim tells Roman he got the video working. Everyone gathers around and watches EJ and Sami. Roman tells Officer Tim to get the other cameras activated.

Kate soaks it in, "I knew something was going on between EJ and Sami. Lucas is so much better off without her."

Sami is distant. EJ wants to know what's up, "I just want to know that wasn't a mistake."

"It wasn't," whispers Sami, "It was because of the gas in here. It was because we were trapped here. What happened... happened. I know what I said and meant it. I couldn't imagine my life without you, EJ."

EJ says, "Thank you." He pauses, "I couldn't imagine my life without you either." Hugs.

Lucas steps in front of Chloe to protect her. Stefano says he is happy to see chivalry is not dead. He wonders what Lucas is doing there with the lovely Miss Lane. Stefano says he isn't the one who will cause Lucas pain. Lucas wants to know what he means by that. Stefano hands Lucas his cell phone, "This will show you everything you want to know."

Lucas watches the video of Sami and EJ's tender moment. "As I said," gloats Stefano, "I am not the one who is going to hurt you."

"I'm not surprised," says Chloe.

"Neither am I," says Lucas.

Kate asks Lexie where Roman is. Lexie dunno. Kate launches into a tirade, "If your father is behind this, he will go after Lucas."

"He will go after whomever wronged him," says Lexie.

Lucas plays it tough, "Whadya want me to do lose my mind?"

"Too late for that," says Stefano.

Lucas says he already told Sami it's over, "So what are you doing, old man?"

"I don't think its' wise for you to insult me," says Stefano, "I'm not going to punish you for shooting Elvis. You got off pretty easily for attempted murder. I just think it's a good idea you are moving on with the lovely Miss Lane and Samantha realizes her place is by Elvis' side. They will be the future of my family."

Lucas snorts, "You go to hell."

"At least I won't be alone."

Roman busts into the staircase with Abe. Sami rushes up and hugs him. EJ tells them about the gas. Abe wonders who got the exhaust system working. Roman sends his boys up to see if they can get through the door. Sami tells them Stefano may have been up and around. Abe sends EJ and Sami downstairs to get checked out by Lexie.

Downstairs, Nicole watches as they come out of the stairwell.

Patch and Kayla blubber and whine. Patch assures her they will make it through this. That's more than we can say for the audience. Suddenly, Kayla hears a baby crying.

Lucas can't understand why he and Chloe seem to be the only ones up there. He says they have to be ready if Stefano tries something else. They go back into his room. Lucas checks the phone, which is still dead. He suggests they sit tight. He vows not to let anything happen to her. Hugs.

EJ and Sami both insist they are fine. Lexie wants them to get tested. Abe and Roman report the guys are using acetylene to get through the door.

Sami updates Lexie and Kate. They both think Stefano is behind this. They also fill Kate and Lexie in on Marlena's escapades. "She injected Stefano with the same toxin she has been injected with," says EJ.

"That can't be," says Lexie. Sami tells them Marlena admitted it. EJ tells them physically Stefano was immobile but conscious.

Sami spews, "She should have killed him!"

Kate asks, "Was Lucas up there?"

"Lucas who," asks Sami.

"Do you care about him at all," asks Kate.

"Of course," says Sami. Kate and Sami get into it and Lexie referees. EJ assures Sami everyone will be OK. Hugs.

Lucas tells Chloe he is sick of jumping through hoops for Sami. He mocks her, "Lucas or EJ... EJ or Lucas... EJ and I have a son... Lucas and I have a daughter... I just don't know." Lucas rages on, "The only time Sami is honest is when it benefits Sami. Things will never change with her."

Chloe whines, "I'm sorry..." Translation: Hot dog! Time to move in.

"I'm not," says Lucas, "I have my freedom."

Janis Joplin steps into the room, "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose."

As she leaves, Don Henley steps in, "Freedom... that's just some people talkin'."

Lucas says, "I can concentrate on my future now – My daughter and my son."

Chloe gets out her meathooks,, "I could be a part of that future if you play your cards right." Translation: subtlety isn't one of Chloe's strong points.

"I'd better play my cards right," says the poor schmuck.

A crying baby interrupts their conversation. Patch and Kayla hear it too. They ramp up the pounding and banging.

Chloe and Lucas search. Patch and Kayla pound. Patch decides to try to break the door. He grabs a bedpan and starts chopping away at the handle. The handle wins. Lucas and Chloe hear the commotion and run up to the door. Lucas yells through the door and tells them who he is. Kayla gives him the code, "2013."

"Give them to me one at a time," says Lucas, "That's all I can handle." Lucas opens the door and Patch and Kayla pour out of the room. They rush toward the baby sound.

Lexie tells Nicole she knows she cares for her brother. Nicole says, "I can't bear to see him being blinded by that..."

Lexie interrupts, "If there is any way you can get him from Sami, go for it." Nicole tells her she's been down that road before. EJ interrupts and says Sami is ready for her exam. Lexie leaves. EJ and Nicole share an uncomfortable moment.

EJ consults the Guy Manual and then rushes up and hugs her like he's just found a long-lost friend, "Oh, it's so good to see you. I didn't know you were here."

Nicole pours out the sarcasm, "I don't know what's worse – being trapped with Stefano or stuck in a stairwell with Sami."

"Oh," says EJ, "So you know about that."

Nicole tells him about the video feed, "Your open shirt... the clinging... Kissing... that visual is buried deep in my brain."

"Fortunately," says EJ, "If it's in your brain it can't be too deep."

Lexie checks out Sami. Sami somehow survives and tells her she hallucinated after breathing the gas, "Then we escaped to the stairwell and were breathing fresh air. Heavily, as a matter of fact."

Lexie goes to run tests.

Outside, Kate worries that Lucas might be in danger. Lexie tries to comfort her, "He might be all right. We don't know what's going on. We don't know what's going on upstairs either."

Chloe and Lucas go one way, Patch and Kayla go another. Kayla hears the baby again. She and Patch run into a supply room. Kayla finds L'il Joe and picks him up. Hugs and kisses.

"Ya win some, ya lose some," says L'il Joe.

Abe Roman and a cop rush into Stefano's empty room. Abe wonders what Stefano wants with the baby.

Stefano comes on the TV, "Hello gentlemen. It's about time you got here."

Patch and Kayla huff and puff over L'il Joe. Kayla wonders what the point of all this was. So does the audience. Kayla finds a mark on his wrist.

"Maybe it's just a freckle," says Patch.

Roman dispatches the cops who came into Stefano's room with them. Stefano lectures them for showing up late. He says he heard there was a dire situation up there, "I was able to get away. There are others, I've been told, who weren't as lucky."

"Yeah," screams the audience in unison, "US!"

Stefano says, "I hope the gas will have no long lasting affects. Oh yes, Dr. Marlena Evans... I want her to be arrested for assault and attempted murder. She did it to me. If you do not see her brought to justice. I will punish her myself."

Kate is with Lucas and Chloe. Lucas tells her, "We don't know how Sami and EJ got in the stairwell."

"Do you care," asks Kate.

"No," says Lucas, "We're through."

Lexie says she wants to examine EJ. EJ is reluctant. Sami tells him not to take any chances. EJ is still reluctant, but Lexie hauls him off. She has him put on one of those tiny, tiny, all-revealing hospital gowns. Ratings go through the roof.

Nicole stands alone and stress at the video of the empty stairwell. Oh! The metaphor!


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lexie examines Sami. Uh huh. I bet she finds out she is pregnant.

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved it, but man are you a tease today: "She has him put on one of those tiny, tiny, all-revealing hospital gowns."
I got excited until I saw it was in italics!

I also had to read this 3 times:
Lucas tells Chloe he is sick of jumping through hoops for Sami. He mocks her, "Lucas or EJ... EJ or Lucas... EJ and I have a son... Lucas and I have a daughter... I just don't know."

Apparently someone else gets it too!

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if that mark on Joe's wrist is a cafe au lait mark that Stefano can give him cancer whenever he so chooses at a later date? Hey, we are talking about Rolf and Stefano, whom both seem to know how to do things no one else has ever done but God. Wake up DOOL writers. Make both these jerks get what they deserve and get them off the show, or DOOL cannot last much longer. It's just so ridiculous and fantastical what these two have gotten away with on DOOL for so many years. It's time to pay the piper now.

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

At least they finally tossed in the sentence "get the other security cameras up and working". I was beginning to think a camera in a stairwell was all the crack tech staff at the hospital had installed. How conveeeeeenient it just happened to be focused on EJami.

The mark on L'il Joe is probably a minute "pawn chip". In a couple of years when L'il Joe is a fully grown Big L'il Joe, he and Patch can duke it out in a good vs. evil duel with Kayla blubbering in the middle.

And, let's see how long before Pard, Abe and everyone in town starts making excuses for Marlena's actions.

Loved the Ho and Dope picture. And my favorite Prevuism - the audience's used barf bag. HAHAHA

Great Prevuze today. :D

6:33 AM  
Anonymous 69 Eyes said...

I think the excuses for Marlena started long ago. Of course she'll still be the sainted woman who can do no wrong even though she acts like Stefano. Isn't it time for that character to join the others before her and take a never ending cruise?

Sami finds out she's pregnant? Whoa! If only.

6:53 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Great pictorial Bo-Snark-athon this morning. And talk about Freudian about the caption where Pard says that hot air is "pourning" out of Lucas's room? I took that as a subconscious desire of Prevuze to combine pour with porn. HAHAHA

Other treats were the bad BAD censored link and another Guy Manual consultation.

Bulldog beat me to my HUH!? moment (although Stefano getting the security camera feed on his cell phone was a close second).

And some of my favorite Prevuisms:
"He probably left because he couldn't stand the overacting," says Patch.

My thoughts exactly!

Lexie is shocked, "The last time I examined him he was in a paralytic coma. I tested myself." Abe asks, "But did you think to have a doctor test him?

THAT brought out the paper towels to wipe off my keyboard.

"I was able to get away. There are others, I've been told, who weren't as lucky." "Yeah," screams the audience in unison, "US!"

Au contraire my dear Prevuze. Because of your sterling efforts I can get away from a lot of the drivel that goes on. Although, this episode seems to have its redeeming moments.

6:55 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Applecheeks said...
"Although, this episode seems to have its redeeming moments."

Hey, any time we get to see EJ in any state of undress, the show gets redeemed in my eyes!!

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lexie to EJ "drop your drawers and cough" - now that could get rise in the ratings!

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how is it that Stefano was in Jail when he went into his Coma but was able to be transferred all over the state and all over the hospital and escape without police watching him or standing guard. Awful. Great continuity.

Read next weeks spoilers, that Lucas tells Sami that he's taking allie and leaving (broken record much).
Nick finds Melanie and they have an instant connection.
John asks Marlena to come home with him when she's released.
Tiffany kisses Max, even though he told her he has a girlfriend.



9:03 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

"Bulldog beat me to my HUH!? moment (although Stefano getting the security camera feed on his cell phone was a close second)." Security camera feeds are hard wired to a video control panel, there is NO way Stefano or anybody else can get those signals on the cell phone, they are NOT wireless broadcasts. I have been in too many hospitals and know how they work. Most hospitals do have wireless service, but it is not connected to the security system.


11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After seeing DOOL today, and seeing both Johns together, I would have to choose the old John over the new one. I don't like the robotic unemotional John, but it was good to see tears in his eyes again today over talking to his Dad. So that's twice he has cried real tears, once when Colleen died and now.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks prevuze for your constant efforts to get the transcript to us on time...hope DOOL get their act together. And if you happen to get a good view of Fred's rear end, make sure you kick his sorry butt for not showing up to work on time today:)

2:52 PM  

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