Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Old School Tactics

Nicole and Trent sit together at the pub. Nicole wonders what's so wrong with a brother finding his sister. She also wants to know why he keeping them apart.

Melanie says she wouldn't have come with Nick if she had known he was connected with Max and Stephanie. Melanie is sorry they are in there but says she isn't made of euros so she can't bail them out.

Caroline chats with Chelsea at the pub, "Soon you will be a licensed therapist. It seems like you found your calling." Victor finds Caroline. More chitchat. Then Victor sits with Henderson. Caroline walks up and Victor asks, "Can we have menus?"

"No," says Caroline, "I want you to leave. You're not welcome here any more."

Daniel tells Phillip he's healing nicely. He tells him he's pretty much cleared to go home. Kate shows up to pick him up.

Bo and Hope wait for Roman. They're having second thoughts. "I'm sorry I dragged you into this," says Bo.

"I’m used to it," says Hope, "It happens a lot. That must be why people keep telling me I look like something the cat dragged in."

Kate and Phillip waste time bickering over whether she should take him home. Kate gets a call and leaves. Daniel leaves too. He catches up with Kate and tells her Phillip will be a few more minutes. Kate says she's a little stressed, "I have this sense of dread that Chelsea will find out about us." Daniel tries to tell her things will be OK. "How do you know that," asks Kate.

Henderson sees the storm brewing between Caroline and Victor and like a coward, heads for the hills. Caroline says she is upset for Victor putting their son at risk. She thinks Victor knows more about the situation than he's said, "A reporter accused Bo of tampering with the evidence and I think you know why."

Victor says he does. He tells her the evidence cast suspicion on Phillip. He also tells her he has destroyed the evidence. Caroline flames. She thinks Bo could lose everything now. She also thinks Victor manipulated Bo.

Roman says he can't talk about the Hollingsworth case. Bo wants to throw away the book.

"I don't think you've ever read the book," says Roman.

Bo says, "I need to talk to you not as my boss but as my brother."

"Sure," says Roman, "But just remember who's boss." Hope begs Roman to hear him out. Roman no-can-do.

"Get off your moral high horse and hear what I have to say," snarls Bo.

Trent gets a call and says he will be there ASAP. Nicole challenges him to answer her question before leaving. He gets nasty. She starts to stomp off. Trent grabs her and tells her to sit. He threatens to go over and introduce himself to Victor if she doesn't straighten up.

Stephanie suggests Melanie call her friend George to help bail them out. Melanie says he's on his way to boarding school, "Wait. I'm sure your BFF Nick can come up with something."

Phillip joins Chelsea in the hall. Chelsea is waiting with Erin, one of her patients. She introduces the two of them and shows us how great she is with the kids. Then a nurse whisks Erin away. "Thank God," says Chelsea, "I'd have exploded if I had to be around that little brat another minute." She asks about Daniel. Phillip says he's with Kate.

Kate and Daniel bicker. Kate worries that secrets like this have a way of coming out. Daniel thinks she resents that he moved on. Kate says she doesn't want Chelsea to go through pain.

A gal in the audience stands up and shouts, "WE DO!"

Daniel vows to do whatever it takes to protect Chelsea. Kate says that's all she asks. Daniel takes that as his signal, and starts to hug her. "No," yells Kate, "Don't touch me."

Victor says he feels terrible about this. That doesn't matter to Caroline who sits there and cuts him to ribbons. Victor gets up to go. Caroline gives her best parting shot, "I wish Bo had never found out you were his father."

Chelsea wonders if what happened at the church had something to do with Victor. She asks if Phillip knows about it. He's silent. She assumes that means he knows and asks him what that is. Phillip tells her the evidence had to do with him. She can't believe Phillip let Bo take the rap for it while Phillip just stood by and did nothing. Phillip says, "Your father... my brother... sometimes... people make bad choices."

Bo wonders if he's talking to his boss or his brother. "You're talking to your bossy brother," says Roman. Bo tells him about the tape. He pulls an envelope out of his Pocket and says it contains the original tape. He says it was a duplicate that was destroyed. This, of course, was all Bo's master plan to smoke out John Black.

Nicole tells Trent to go ahead and tell Victor, then he won't have anything to hold over her. Trent gets a call, "Which card? Maxed out? OK. Pay off the card and then cancel it."

Nicole wonders if it was Melanie who maxed out his credit card, "If you let her keep that up she'll put dear old Daddy in the poorhouse."

Melanie asks Nick why he can't chip in with some of the big bucks he gets for that invention she heard him talking about. Nick tells her the money doesn't come all at once. He takes her aside to talk.

Max turns to Stephanie, "I'm starting to get a major headache. In fact, I'm locked up with one." She tries to call Patch and Kayla and worries because she can't contact them. Max decides to call Caroline.

Nick says he thinks Melanie should be able to help but Melanie says she is broke. "This isn't about money, is it," asks Nick.

Daniel says, "Kate, I'm sorry if I hurt you..."

Kate nukes, "IF?"

Daniel insists he cares about her. Granny cares too, "But I have no regrets we ended our affair. I have enough experience to know it's all for the best."

"You mean," gasps Daniel, "I'm not your first?"

Kate tells Daniel she knows about the evidence Bo tampered with and Daniel shouldn't ask any more questions about that, "But we did what we did... we did it to protect the people we love."

Caroline continues to lecture Victor, "If Bo hadn't found out you were his father I’m sure this would never have happened. It's all your fault." Caroline had nothing to do with it, of course. In her world, it's takes one to tango.

Pete interrupts and tells Caroline she has a phone call from Max. Caroline says she wants Victor gone when she gets back.

Chelsea thinks Bo made a horrible decision in wanting to protect Phillip. Phillip says he cares about that but didn't ask Bo to do it. Chelsea thinks Phillip should accept part of the responsibility. She's on new ground here. It's the first time she was ever on this side of a responsibility lecture, "Victor has 'old school' tactics when it comes to business."

"You've been watching too many movies," growls Phillip. Chelsea knows her selfishness cost Bo and Hope their son, "and we have to live with that for all the Days Of Our Lives." You let your Dad do this to Bo and you have to live with that forever, too."

Bo vows not to let Roman down if he bends the rules. He asks for enough time to find Hollingsworth. Roman acts like he's going to do the right thing then completely falls apart and gives them 48 hours to find Paul.

Outside the pub, Henderson goes for the car. Victor comes up and asks to speak to Bo alone. Hope gets snippy.

Nicole takes a powder. Literally. Trent sits alone as Caroline takes Max' call right behind him. She picks up a megaphone and points it toward Trent, "Oh, hello, Max. You're there with Stephanie? And Nick has joined you, too. Of course I won't tell Trent you're all there together." Caroline hangs up. Trent works his beard.

Sebastian the guard tells Stephanie and Max bail is 10,000 euros. Melanie chuckles, "WOW! That's like uh... lotsa dollars." Nick tells her this isn't funny. Max decides to call Trent. Melanie insists he can't do that. She lunges for him as Max gets out the cell phone. The bars stop her.

Kate thinks she tried to do the right thing but then things spiraled out of control. Daniel insists she did what she did to protect the ones she loves. Hugs. Chelsea comes up to the door, looks through the conveniently placed window and soaks it in.

Melanie nukes and tells Max he can't call Trent. "He has money and you don't," says Max, "It's that simple." Max tells her if she doesn't want him to call, she has to come up with the money. She says she'll never live it down if she goes to her friends for money.

Kate. Daniel. Locked in a deadly embrace. Chelsea pops her head in the door.

Victor apologizes for asking Bo to protect Phillip, "If I can help in any way...."

"Got an extra million or two laying around," asks Bo.

Victor tells Bo he spilled the beans to Caroline, too. He walks off. Hope comes up and pries, "What was that all about."

"He's just trying to make himself feel better," says Bo, "Now we have to smoke out the truth."

Hope asks, "If he's dead?"

"Then we know who killed him," says Bo.

Phillip calls and tells Bo they need to talk, "I want you to know I'm not gonna let you take the fall for this. That just can't happen."


Hope asks, "Where is Phillip anyway? Didn't he say he was on his way?" Bo says, "I wonder what he had in mind."

Morgan lectures Phillip, "You saved my life. I thought you cared about me." Phillip says, "I do care." Morgan explodes, "Now I find out that you threatened to kill my father!"

Marlena tells John, "You are not the man I married. The truth is, we barely know each other."


Anonymous Leslie said...

"I’m used to it," says Hope, "It happens a lot. That must be why people keep telling me I look like something the cat dragged in."

Trust me. My cat has much better taste.

"Sure," says Roman, "But just remember who's boss." Hope begs Roman to hear him out. Roman no-can-do.

"Get off your moral high horse and hear what I have to say," snarls Bo.

Trust me. My horse has more sense than to let either one of them get near him.

Chelsea/Kate/Daniel…good lord!! Yuke!!

Prevuze makes like Ernie Banks and says “let’s play two” or is it “double the snark is double the fun”!! Thanks for a twofer!!!

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Yeah! An additional Prevuze has really helped my headache. Especially since I'm still giggling over Caroline and her megaphone. HAHAHAHHA

Caroline chats with the brat and tells her "Soon you will be a licensed therapist." WTH? She isn't? She's shown up at the hospital a couple of times, isn't that enough by now??

You know, this second Prevuze proves you can read or watch a couple of episodes of Daze out of order and it makes no difference at all!

Thanks for the extra Prevuze edition. We greatly appreciate it!

1:32 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Caroline chats with the brat and tells her "Soon you will be a licensed therapist." WTH? She isn't? She's shown up at the hospital a couple of times, isn't that enough by now??

I was watching with a family member and when Caroline made that statement we turned to each other and said basically the same thing. LOLOLOL

Great surprise to get yesterday's errant feed. Prevuze is the best!

7:12 PM  

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