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EJ tries to prevent Sami from eating her food. He tells Sami and Lucas the guy who brought the tray into Sami's room is Rolf and he works for Tony. Sami protests, "That guy is dead!" She should know by now that means nothing in Salem. Lucas calls for the officer to come into the room. He orders him to arrest EJ.

EJ turns to Sami, "I just saved your life. For the sake of your child, tell him."

Doodlebug sleeps. She's probably watching DOOL on her video iPod. Bo tells Hope Shawn and Belle are moving into Victor's place. Hope thinks that's OK. At least they are both home. Bo tells her Claire could still be alive. Hope isn't giving up. Bo shows Hope the letter he found in Sami's car. Hope recognizes it and shows him where it mentions the Bradys. "It's just a letter," says Bo.

Hope says, "We have to start somewhere."

"What's this we, Kemo Sabe," asks Bo. Hope tells him they are in this together.

Nick rushes up to Willow. She shows him the brush and says she wants money. Nick refuses. Willow threatens, "The next noise you hear will be the slamming of your cell door, Nick."

Hope says they should get the letter translated and then do some good old-fashioned detective work. "You and me," says Bo.

"And a detective, if we can find one," says Hope.

Willow rants. Nick tells her he doesn't have the kind of money she is asking for. He suggests she should talk to Phillip. She says she doesn’t have anything to hold over Phillip's head. Nick says he's not giving her one more dime.

Lucas accuses EJ of being a lying sap, "Where did you get the poison food routine, a James Bond movie?"

EJ beats Prevuze to the punch, "Lucas if your IQ were ten points higher, you would be a hammer." An insult to hammers everywhere. Sami suggests testing the food. EJ asks Lucas what he has to lose by doing that. Lucas agrees, and leaves with the tray. Sami asks the guard for a minute to talk to EJ. Officer Mike leaves.

Sami says she should be thanking EJ if Tony is trying to poison her. He says he has a long way to go before earning her trust. "That's for sure," says Sami. She thinks the only way they can fix this is to talk to Stefano themselves. EJ says Tony always stops him from doing that. Sami tells him she's going with him. EJ vetoes it. Sami insists.

Bo decides he and Hope get to play Nick and Nora. Hope has never heard of them, but thinks it's more like playing Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Or Abbot and Costello. Bo agrees to work together on this if she promises when she gets in trouble she calls him. "Who else would I call," asks Hope.

"A real cop."

EJ thinks Sami is insane. They argue about whether or not she can go with him to talk to Stefano. She promises Lucas will watch their backs. EJ is thrilled about that. Sami becomes distant and says EJ is right – it probably is too dangerous. If they can't get in to see Stefano, they have to find a way to get him out.

Willow wants money or she will call the police. Nick grabs her phone and demands the hairbrush. Willow screams, "What are you going to do, force me?"

Bo and Hope smooch. Bo thinks he could get grounded if his mom comes out and sees them making such a scene in the pub. Hope thinks Caroline might be grateful if they give his dad ideas.

Jugs and Doolie walk in. Doug says they got back from Crete about an hour ago and came to the pub to surprise everybody. Julie gushes over Ciara. Doug, too. They announce this time they are there to stay a while. Alice has finally promised to teach Julie the donut recipe. Bo goes for drinks. Doug asks Hope what's up.

EJ reminds Sami Stefano is in an oxygen tent. Sami tells him to call 911 to come and get Stefano. Anyone who tries to stop them will be arrested. EJ thinks this just might work. Now Sami has to figure out how to tell Lucas.

EJ thinks she can come up with something, "He's not exactly the sharpest tool in the box."

Sami says she and EJ have to figure out how to get past the guard, but she's sure it will work. Lucas walks into the room, "What will work?"

Nick and Willow fight over the brush.

Hope cries and tells Doug and Julie things are fine. Doug assures her Claire will be home soon. He says he and Julie have stopped traveling, "We ran out of continents." Bo brings the drinks and reminisces about "The Look of Love," Doug's signature song. He tells Doug the club building is still there. Julie remembers you could see the DiMera mansion from one of the windows, and it spoiled the view. Doug can't forget what they found in the secret room.

"Yeah, that Lt. Dan sure gets around, doesn't he," says Julie.

Lucas pries. EJ starts to tell Lucas what's going on, but Motormouth interrupts. Sami tells him they can't end the feud until they talk to someone – Stefano. Lucas can't believe it. He goes into overdrive. He can't believe Sami is in on this with EJ. He gets macho and tells EJ he can arrange for him to have a hospital stay, too, because EJ can spend a lot of time visiting him there after EJ beats the crap out of him. Lucas orders him out and EJ leaves.

Lucas tells Sami not to do this. Sami promises. She wants to put this behind them and relax. She thinks Lucas should go check on Will because he has a test tomorrow.

Nick and Willow struggle. Willow screams, "I'm gonna kill you! Nick, let go." He pushes her away. She falls and bangs her head right on the Jan Spears memorial rock.

Nick says, "You wanted a fight you got it. Just stay the hell out of my life... Willow? Answer me, Willow. If you're hurt just say so, and I'll call someone. Stop screwing around. Willow?"

Doug flashes back to the secret room. They found an aerial map of Salem along with family trees of the Hortons and Bradys. Julie still has nightmares imaging the DiMeras pouring over those records. Bo and Hope tell them Tony is back in town. Stefano may be there, too. He may be dying. Doug drinks to that. No one knows what started the feud. Hope thinks it's time someone found out. She shows them the letter. How conveenniieenntt, Julie speaks Italian.

Lucas says he's staying with Sami. Sami protests. She thinks Tony might go after Will. Besides, Will has a test tomorrow and he needs Lucas. Having Lucas around will make Will feel smarter. Lucas agrees to go home and come back tomorrow. He makes her promise no more visitors tonight.

Nick tries to make Willow get up. He grabs his cell phone and calls in an emergency, "There has been an accident. She fell. We are about a half mile from the parking lot at Big Lake Beach." Nick hangs up and tries to resuscitate Willow, "Come on Willow, please don't do this! You know I tried to help you! Please don't die!"

Bo and Hope say they were unaware Julie was fluent in Italian. Doug says, "Oh, yes. Didn't you know, every time we go to Italy, the Pope comes out onto his balcony and waves to the plane as we fly in. Julie rambles on about the dialect of the language in the letter, "It's written using Genoese Idiomatics, and Santo wrote it." Bo says he never knew Santa was a Genoese idiot.

Julie reads, "I am at the end of my days on the bed of my last breath. There must be no sorrow. All I have planted is yours. My secrets are yours. I leave the earth certain my love of wine, music and justice are part of your deepest heart, Fano. In my deepest heart I held a black diamond from you, never once spoken of or shared over these many years. Long ago there was a woman, outside and beyond the vows made to your mother. I loved her as I never loved another. I know you will understand, as we are both driven men with great appetites."

Julie stops, "Santo was a real satyr."

"A family trait," says Doug.

Julie can't believe he wrote to his son on his deathbed to confess he had been unfaithful to his mother. "It's so European," says Doug.

Lucas tells Sami to try to rest. He kisses her goodnight again. Sami yanks him in for more and swipes his cell phone. Lucas leaves and tells the guard he doesn't want anyone going in and doesn't want Sami leaving, "If the British bozo shows up, shoot him."

Lucas leaves. EJ comes back. Officer Mike threatens to arrest him.

Nick is in shock, "Chelsea, why did I listen to you? I never should have touched the brush."

Nick fanaticizes about being arrested. A cop asks, "Come on kid, why did you kill her?"

Nick claims innocence, "I'm not hiding anything." The officer picks up the brush and arrests him. Nick protests, "I'm not a criminal." Nick comes back to reality, we use the term loosely, grabs the brush and buries it in the sand.

Julie pushes the letter away and says, "Old Santo DiMera was just a libertine."

"I thought he was a conservative," says Bo.

Hope asks her to finish it.

Julie reads on, "The name of the woman who owns my body and soul, the most pulchritudinous creature I have ever seen..."

Bo chimes in, "Pulchritudi-what?"

Julie tries to explain what it means. Bo doesn't get it. Julie finally cups her hands to her breasts and extends them halfway across the table. Now, that's something Bo understands. He gets it.

Doug gets it, too, and jumps into a make-out frenzy. Hope has to break them up. "Poor woman," says Doug, "She's just loved to distraction."

Julie composes herself and reads on, "My colleen was the rarest of women. Her smile was beyond measure. But she was taken from me and since then not a moment has been free of that loss. Now, here with the final beats of my heart, I beg you to shoulder my burden and take my revenge. Find those who are responsible and torment them – mother and daughter, generation upon generation, torment them as they have tormented me. Know the name of the family I curse is... Brady. Their land is America and you will find many gathered in a small village called Salem. Seek them out and make them pay – dearly, and torment them for what they did to your Papa."

EJ tells Officer Mike Sami said he is allowed in the room. His phone rings, "Lucas... why are you calling me?"

"It's not Lucas," says Sami, "I had to steal his phone." Sami tells him she will come out. Lucas says the guard will call Roman or Lucas if she does. Sami tells him to distract the guard and hangs up. EJ goes back and apologizes to officer Mike. He says he will be on his way. They shake hands.

Suddenly, EJ doubles over in pain. Officer Mike says, "Get somebody over here! We need a doctor!"

EJ says, "It's all right! It's OK." Sami sticks her head out the door and watches.

The EMT techs can't gat a pulse. "Oh, God," says Nick, "She's pregnant." One of the cops on the scene asks if Nick is the father. Nick tells them Shawn is the father. The cop can't wait to spread that juicy bit of news. They tell Nick he will have to go down to the station. Nick claims innocence.

One of the techs says, "Looks to me like this was more than an accident." They pull the shroud over Willow's body. FF Nick.


Sami and EJ are outside. Sami says, "If you won't focus I will do this myself."

Shawn Sr. tells Bo, "No good can come from opening graves."

Roman tells Chelsea and Nick, "I don't think Nick here is quite as honest as you think he is."

"Hope says, "We need to start at the very beginning." Doug says, "Find out who Colleen was and how she and Santo DiMera got together." Hope asks, "What could have happened back then that led to so much bloodshed?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm soooo over Lucas. His uber machoism is too much. The writers have certainly turned him into a jackass.
Meanwhile back at the pub, the dynamic duo decide to team up and crush the Dimera's once and for all....for the thousandth time!!! Ha!! They couldn't find a stupid hairbrush for crying out loud!!! They can't find their way out of a wet papaer bag!!

4:53 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Colleen Brady is either
Shawn Sr.'s mother or sister.

According to Beth's Days Page (thanks Beth once again)
Patrick and Nora Brady were Shawn Sr.'s grandparents.
They had a son, who had three children: Shawn, Eric (deseased) and an unknown daughter who married someone named Murphy and had a son Colin Murphy.

Unless of course the writers decide to make Caroline (once again) into a big floozy.

I agree the writers have turned Lucas in to a great big jerk. It isn't the first time, and it probably won't be the last.

Don't forget:
Stefano returns Wednesday.
Anna shows up June 21st.
Lexie returns June 14th (just in time to deliver Sami's baby?)

6:51 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Here's to the demise of Willow -- I say, good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

6:52 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Prevuze was in rare form today! LOL at the pictures, especially Officer Mike threatening to shoot off his hand, the Salem sign, and Julie's rough translation of the letter.

Also priceless was EJ's observation of Lucas' brain power, the lay-away-a-lay, and the Jan Spears memorial rock.

Two questions. One of them purely rhetorical - are all of the men on this show deficient?? First it was Lucas wanting to burn the DiMera letter and now it's Bo with his, "It's just a letter." Jeez!

Second question - how did Sami know that Rolf was supposedly dead? Rex & Mimi were the ones involved with Rolf and the explosion that "killed" him. What contact did Sami have with him? Something during the Stan story?

Thanks for the Monday pick-me-up, Prevuze.

6:59 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Deb (and Beth) -- thanks for the Brady family history, I didn't know that.

Considering how old Stefano is, and the fact that you have to figure his father was probably at least 20 years older than him, my money is on Shawn Sr.'s mother. And the fact that the letter swears vengeance on the Bradys "mother and daughter" -- kind of makes sense that "Colleen" would have hustled her daughter quietly into a marriage and kept her hidden away somewhere.

And just another note -- the woman's name may not necessarily be "Colleen" -- that's just a term of endearment used by the Irish for a young lass, much like the Australians call young girls "Sheila"s.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having Lucas around will make Will feel smarter. HA!!! Good one.

Doug and Julie are SO gross! Oh my goodness, cool it!!

7:12 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Colleen might not be a specific name. Isn't it also term used in Ireland to refer to a woman, much like Sheila in Australia?
From misogynist to pulchritudinous, someone's been reading the dictionary.

7:22 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

wouldn't you think the letter would be a little more specific about the dastardly deed committed by a mysterious Brady?
And refering to a previous post, I agree, if Shawn has certain knowledge as to the why and who of the original feud, wouldn't he have said something in the past 20 years? How are we supposed to buy that hogwash?
Thank God WilHo is gone. Looks like trouble for Nick again.

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From misogynist to pulchritudinous, someone's been reading the dictionary.

Yeah, but what dictionary? All the ones I have say that "pulchritude" means "great beauty." Nothing about, you know, the size of any particular part of that beauty.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think all you historical buffs are giving the writers waaaaay too much credit. Who says they even looked into whether Shawn Sr.'s parents have been identified in the past??

9:19 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I realize Nick is supposed to be a geeky wimp (or is it wimpy geek?) but why couldn't he just go over and grab the stupid hairbrush from Willow? Come on!

I must've missed Lucas wanting to burn the letter. Another one missing a few bricks.

I like Jugs and Doolie, always have ever since the days they were THE supercouple. It's nice they're at least bringing in a Horton that isn't a bimbo or a mimbo 20-something.

I LOL over "I thought he was a conservative." HAHAHAHA Great Prevuze and pictures for a Monday back to work. Thanks! :D

10:21 AM  
Anonymous me said...

I hope this is the end of willow, or will she rise from the dead and return like most everyone else who gets killed in salem
hated the character... liked the actress

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

Old Julie grabbin her booby about made me lose my lunch! and Hope making the comment that her and Bo would give the old Chowder couple ideas makes me wonder if they are really after the teeny bopper market or the horny geezer market!

11:03 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Has EJ been secretly reading Prevuze and stealing your lines? LOL

11:21 AM  
Blogger maurine.atkinson said...

Ding-Dong The witch is dead, the wicked witch!

YAY!!!! So glad WH is gone and her bastard child too.

I think I read that Colleen is Shawn's sister.

I love EJ!!!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Has EJ been secretly reading Prevuze and stealing your lines? LOL

Doesn't everybody read Prevuze?

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Doug and Julie are SO gross! Oh my goodness, cool it!!"

Shawn and Wil-ho were gross. Go for it Doug and Julie!

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah ! i'm pretty confident now that EVERYBODY must read prevuze ! If not, their lost :P

and just wanted to say, for a long time a lot of people were crying for Lucas to get some balls and now that he does, he's a jerk and a jackass.... damn writers! ;)

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh where to start with this episode... Why is Lucas always 'leaving' Sami? How stupid... If Lucas believes only half of what Sami & EJ are saying - I would think he wouldn't leave her side... What an idiotic plot!
And Sami working WITH EJ? He raped her!!! She must have short term memory loss!

And did I read right in another post - Lexie delivers Sami's baby? Huh!!!! didn't she and Lucas just get married (and she claimed she was 5 months pregnant)... Another Salem time-travel issue!!!

And does anyone really care how the feud got started? The writers could write anything about this - would it be interesting? I mean come on - the whole stem cell issue is stupid!

Ok - so now that I have completely picked this episode apart - thanks Prevuze for a great review!!! You make it more interesting than watching the actual show!!!!

10:58 PM  

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