Monday, November 02, 2009


Bo shows Carly her room. Actually it's his room, you know... the one he shares with what's-her-face. Carly protests that Bo can't give her his bed, but chivalrous Bo says he'll camp out on the couch. He tells her this is temporary and Carly says she thinks there is someone who can help with their predicament.

Justin comes into the pub and finds Hope. He asks why Hope is brooding. "Ciara's school project is to think up things she's grateful for," says Hope, "And I am not one of them." It looks like it's going to be a bleak mother's day at the Brady household next year.

Brady can't believe Arianna is a drug dealer. He accuses Victor of lying in order to manipulate him, "YOU SOB!"

Stefano works on EJ, "So, you will not take Sydney back. Have you no room in your heart?"

"Not nearly as much as I have in my brain," says EJ. Stefano insists EJ is Sydney's father.

Rafe and Arianna are together in her place. Rafe says he has decided not to say anything to Sami until he can prove Sydney is her baby. He says he's heading for Sami's. Arianna wants to know if he's going to let her know he's back in town.

Mia and Nicole sit on the park bench. Mia says she thinks she's a loser. Nicole counsels her. If anyone knows about losers, it's Nicole. Mia thinks she didn't deserve Will anyway, but wonders why she lied to him, "I just don't know why I did it."

Sami walks up, "Exactly what did you do, Mia?"

Rafe announces he's going to Sami's apartment to pick up some DNA but doesn't know how he will get Sydney's.

EJ figures Stefano is comparing Sydney to Tony, but just feels he can't have Nicole in his life, "And what if Mia is just covering for some other boy who will turn up someday?" He blows his stack, "Enough of Mia's lies... enough of Nicole's lies!"

Stefano continues to urge EJ to have a change of heart, but EJ insists he won't do it, "I'm tired of lies! I'm out!"

Sami presses. She says Chad has told her all about Mia's sexcapades in decadent Chicago. She asks Mia if it's true she doesn't know who Sydney's father is, "I want the truth." Shifty-eyed Nicole shifts her shifty eyes back and forth between Sami and Mia.

Justin works with Ciara as Hope watches from her table. Justin and Ciara chuckle away and nosy Hope goes over to find out what they're up to. Justin shows her a picture on his cell phone. It's a picture of Hope which has been distorted with Justin's new "Fun House Mirror" application.

Hope takes a gander, "GASP! I look awful!"

"If you think that's bad," says Justin, "wait until you see the picture after we alter it with the Fun House Mirror application."

"So," says the disgraced and disowned mommy, "you were making fun of me?"

Justin says, "Ciara has decided you are one of the things she is grateful for and will include you in her collage." Hope gets all mushy.

Carly thinks Justin might be able to help. Bo vetoes. He thinks that would get Victor involved.

Brady runs right off the rails. He says he thinks Victor is just attempting to control his life by accusing Arianna of being a dealer. Victor asks, "Are you saying you can't remember anything about drugs when you've been together with Arianna?" Brady flashes back and remembers finding the dime bag at the pub. Uh-oh. Apparently brainchild has put two-and-two together. He pounds his foot on the floor four times and whinnies. Victor hands him a sugar cube.

Will is on the phone with Lucas. He tells him everything is all screwed up with Mia, "She's not just a liar, she's a slut."

"Good," says Lucas, "She'll fit right in to our family."

Nicole says Mia did the right thing by getting the truth out there. Sami freaks out about what all this did to Chad and Will. She wonders why Mia didn't tell the "truth" in the first place.

Sami rolls on and finally Nicole stops her, "Didn't you make mistakes when you were a teen? You and I both made some wrong turns." Sami admits she overreacted and decides to talk to the wayward girl. Nicole tells Mia she did the right thing and leaves.

Sami sits with Mia, "Chad told me the paternity test is tomorrow. What are you going to do if he is the father?"

"Trust me," says whines Mia, "He's not."

"Why are you so sure of that," asks Sami.

EJ admits he doesn't like the idea of never seeing Sydney again, but thinks he's had enough of just reacting to things, "From now on, I will call the shots. No more drama. Sydney will adapt. She will be fine."

"What if she can't adapt," asks Stefano. EJ is sympathetic but says there is nothing he can do. He wonders why bringing Nicole and Sydney back is so important to Stefano.

Mia says she doesn't know that Chad isn't the father, but hopes not so Nicole can keep Sydney. Sami thinks Mia is making a major sacrifice, "That is something I could never do. I just couldn't give up my child, especially with so many babysitters available to watch kids 24/7 and relatives living abroad I could ship them to."

Mia broods over what she did to Will, "I still love him. Do you think he could forgive me."

"You will have to ask him that," says Sami.

Rafe reaches up and gets Sami's key. He unlocks the door and walks into her apartment.

Arianna calls Sami and asks her to come over so they can talk. "But we're talking now," says Sami.

"I know," says Arianna, but my TV is out and I want to watch DOOL on my phone."

"I'll be right there," says Sami, "I didn't realize how important it was."
Sami hangs up, tells Mia she has to go and apologizes for being hard on her. She leaves. Mia bawls.

Victor claims he isn't doing this so he can control Brady. He just doesn't want him back on drugs. Brady tells him to stay out of his life, grabs his jacket and stomps out.

Sami arrives at Arianna's place. Arianna backpedals and says it's really not urgent. "How come you're not watching DOOL," asks Sami.

"I was," says Arianna, "But Rafe, Lucas and EJ were all in today's episode. A huge Safe, Lumi, Ejami brawl broke out in the audience and the show was canceled."

Suddenly, Sami sees Rafe's cap and panics, "Is Rafe back in Salem?"

Not only is Rafe back, but at the moment he is rummaging through Sami's apartment. He bags some stuff with DNA on it and hears keys rattling. Outside, Nicole wiggles the lock.

Bo reminds Carly Victor is an SOB, especially when it comes to her. He tees off on Victor and the fact that Hope is staying there, "I am a bit upset with him but that has nothing to do with you." Carly still thinks they should call Justin. Bo knows she will do that no matter what, so he asks to make the initial contact. He tells her to stay out of sight, "And if you get the urge to take a stroll, remember the dreaded Alamains are after you. If they find you, it's over." Quick, someone give Vivian a map to Bo's place.

Hope and Ciara toddle off. Bo calls Justin, "I need to see you... and it has nothing to do with heavy lifting."

Mia meets Will at the Java Café. She walks up to his table, "I know you never want to talk to me again, so I came to talk. I love you and I want to know if you can ever forgive me."

Stefano continues to work on EJ. EJ insists his family has been destroyed by lies and deceit.

"Always tell the truth. Even if you have to make it up." —Nicole Walker DiMera

Stefano sees things differently. He says Nicole was so in love with EJ that after having a miscarriage she moved heaven and earth to make him happy. EJ insists Nicole is out of his life along with Sydney, "End of story!"

"No," says Stefano, "I have something I have to say that will change your mind."

Out in the audience, Beulah turns to Gertie, "Thank God. He's finally going to tell him everything."

Gertie asks, "Were you born at night?"

"As a matter of fact, I was," says Beulah, "How did you know?"

"I figure it had to be last night," says Gert.

Arianna bobs and weaves. She says she was cleaning and found Rafe's hat, so he must have left it there before he went to wherever it was he went to. She tells Sami she hasn't heard from him but knows he will call when he is ready. Sami asks what is such a big deal that asked her to come over there. Arianna says she wants to talk about Caroline. She thinks she's working too hard and should retire. She thinks Sami should be the one to tell her. Sami says Caroline will never retire but is confused that this was such a big emergency. Saved by the bell. Well, the knock. Brady busts the door open and barges in, "Don't tell me I can't come in. We need to talk right now!"

Nicole babbles to Sydney as Rafe hides behind the couch. Nicole wonders, "Where did I put that teething ring."

Rafe stoops and looks at the teething ring he's holding. He bites down on it.

Bo meets Justin at the put and says he has a friend who needs advice, "I'm counting on you to be discrete." Justin's phone rings. He picks up, has a quick conversation and hangs up. As he does, Bo sees Hope's picture on the phone, "Why do you have a picture of my wife on your phone?"

"Because that was The Home Shopping Network calling," says Justin.

Hope tells Victor she has to go back to the house to get an album for a project she's working on, "But I'm worried about running into Bo. Part of me hopes I will — I miss him."

Victor encourages her, "Go see Bo... and don't hurry back." Hope bounces out.

Stefano asks, "What if Sydney were your child?"

EJ plays along, "Yeah, I'd want her back then. But not Nicole. I'd have the same arrangement I do with Samantha."

Stefano blows, "Samantha! Always the damn Samantha!"

"Oh, come on, Father," says EJ, "I share a child with Samantha. We'll always be connected. I don't have that with Nicole and never will."

Arianna tells Sami she can stay for the show. Sami decides it would be better to head for the hills. She leaves. Brady wants to know what's going on and what Arianna has been hiding from him.

Speaking of hiding, Rafe cowers as Nicole hunts. A call from Stefano stops her search.

Hope arrives home and looks for the album. She finds the picture of Chelsea and Ciara she's looking for and runs upstairs to see if Bo went to bed early.

Meanwhile, up in Bo and Hope's bed... Carly sleeps.

Brady comes unglued. He runs around the apartment opening drawers, pulling out the contents and screaming, "Where is it?"

"Where is what," asks Arianna.

"Where is the cocaine?"

Mia snivels and grovels. She whines, "I won't lie to you again."

Cold-hearted Will sneers, "You don't deserve to be forgiven. Live with it." He walks out.

Rafe listens as Nicole says EJ wasn't encouraging when she talked to him. Stefano tells her to get to the mansion toot sweet. Nicole packs Sydney up and rolls her out. Rafe breathes a sigh of relief, stands and speculates, "So Stefano is on Nicole's side. What the hell?"

Justin 'splains the picture of Hope on his phone. Bo chuckles but the conversation turns back to the woman who needs help. Bo tells him, "It's Carly Manning."

Hope walks into the dark bedroom and stares.

Nicole has hotfooted it over to the DiMera mansion and is with Stefano in the rumpus room. Stefano says, "I may throw out the bath water but not this little baby. One of my options is just to tell the truth." Nicole freaks but Stefano reminds her he said it was an option, "We may win this thing. Time is on our side."

"You're right," says Nicole, "November sweeps aren't in full swing yet."

Rafe bags a toothbrush and leaves. Outside, he carefully puts the key back on top of the doorjamb, turns, starts to walk away and finds himself face-to-face with...


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Anonymous Lemongrass said...

Is there anyone dumber than Rafe? Why sneak to get a toothbrush when it would have been easier to just pop in and snag some hair out of a hairbrush. Does he really think it wouldn't be missed?

Why does Sami believe she has the right to demand any information from Mia? She's turning into Rafe and that's not a good thing.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Victor encourages her, "Go see Bo...and don't hurry back." I have a feeling after only a day of Hope Victor means that more than she knows.

"Ciara's school project is to think up things she's grateful for and I'm not one of them" says Hope. Gee, I wonder why? Dragging her away from her house from here to there just because you didn't get your way on something.

More proof, "So," says the disgraced and disowned mommy, "you were making fun of me?" We can't tell exactly how she said that, whether she was laughing along with them or not. But if that was Bo and she hadn't stomped out of the house yet she probably would.

LOL over the picture of Nicholson. My favorite part of that movie. HAHAHAHA And it's a moving picture, my favorite thing! :D

I wonder if Sami will get a clue she needs to find a better hiding place for her keys?

Loved the pictures today. Glad the time change didn't mess up the satellite feeds. A Monday without Prevuze would not have been good. Thanks!

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Carly protests that Bo can't give her his bed, but chivalrous Bo says he'll camp out on the couch.

What about Chelsea’s old room, or has Hope commandeered that space to hang Bo’s testicles?

“Have you no room in your heart?"

"Not nearly as much as I have in my brain," says EJ.

Nicole’s aura is a crematorium for brain cells.

Shifty-eyed Nicole shifts her shifty eyes back and forth between Sami and Mia.

Come on Nicole. It’s time to put on those fuzzy Misty Circle handcuffs and turn yourself in. Otherwise the faithful Prevuzites will be issuing you a citizen’s arrest. Make it stop!! We can’t take it anymore!!

"From now on, I will call the shots. No more drama.”

EJ and DOOL are getting on the same page. “No drama” is DOOL’s mantra.

Suddenly, Sami sees Rafe's cap and panics, "Is Rafe back in Salem?"

Rafe is ex-FBI, Arianna is a sneaky former drug dealer, and Rafe’s cap is left in full view for Sami to spot. The entire Hernandez family must carry a stupid gene.

EJ insists his family has been destroyed by lies and deceit.

…and EJ plans to make amends by purchasing Victor’s half of the off the books drug business. Geez!

"We may win this thing. Time is on our side."

"You're right," says Nicole, "November sweeps aren't in full swing yet."

Thank goodness for real life pregnancies. If Ari Zucker wasn’t having a baby, we might not have gotten the reveal until the November sweeps of 2012.

…and thank goodness for Prevuze. I got to read Prevuze at home on this sunny morning because I have the day off. It doesn’t get any better than that!

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there anyone dumber than Rafe?

No, I think Rafe may be as dumb as they come. That being said, plenty of his contemporaries are equally dumb, just not any dumber.

The toothbrush grabbing was lame, but I prefer that to taking a few hairs off a hairbrush. It drives me up a wall when tv shows get DNA from hair clippings and such since that only works if the follicle is attached. Seriously, don't these folks watch CSI?

8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man this show making me upset now, I cant take much more after this week if this whole baby thing don't get sorted out and Nicole gets found out by EJ or Sami I am going to have to stop watching. Because my mind literally cannot take anymore of this circular storyline its too frustrating.

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Berg said...

Oh Prevuze you tease! I loved Sami "I want the truth" and Jack Nicholson "You can't handle the truth" oh how cool this should would be if it had a big old helping heap of Jack N.

Honestly the entire show bored me. Okay I haven't seen the show yet but I am speculating that the entire show will bore me.

Prevuze, today was another takin' one for the team for sure. You are a real patriot even if you are Canadian.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Wolf said...

You can't handle the truth!!!
Genius Prevuze!!!! LOL!!!!!

2:52 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Another late-to-the-party post. But I had to throw in my two cents' worth on the brilliance of Prevuze being able to make this drivel palatable.

the one he shares with whats-her-face.... Hahahaha

He pounds his foot on the floor four times and whinnies. Victor hands him a sugar cube.

Sure that was Brady? Could the poor dead horse been resurrected so it could be bored to death again?

I look forward to getting to the Prevuze party earlier tomorrow!!

4:38 PM  
Anonymous LemonGrass said...

anonymous, a lot of the hair in a brush would have the follicles attached and the uber smart Rafe should have known that and known which hair to grab.

Instead he's broken and entered. Dumb ass.

Word of the day: briants, as in Rafe doesn't have any.

9:38 AM  

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