Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Angry Villagers, Torches And Pitchforks

Carly stands in the living room and looks at a picture of the Bo and Hope clan. Bo scolds her for being out where people can see her. Carly wants to go back to the boat. Bo tells her she's safe there and if she doesn't cut it out he'll turn her in himself. Carly takes that as a threat and says she's got to get back to the boat.

Rafe wakes to see Sami caressing him. He smiles and asks, "You're not really here are you?"

"I think at least one of my personalities is," says Sami. She disappears as Rafe calls for her.

Sami stands in Stefano's room and continues her rant. Stefano finally forces a word in edgewise, "Sydney should be with her mother. Her real mother."

EJ finds Lexie at the nurses station. Lexie says Stefano is asleep, so EJ will have to wait to see him.

"I don't get it," says EJ, "He called and told me it was important for me to come here... that he had something to tell me and then I get here and he's asleep. What's going on?"

"He was watching DOOL and that'll put you out every time," says Lexie.

Chad and Nicole are at the pier. He hands her a court order to have a DNA test, "There is no point in fighting me."

Nicole drones, "No, Chad, there is not."

Chad can't believe she gave in so easily, "What, no crazy hysterics?"

"No," says Nicole, who just happens to know a few things Chad doesn't.

Now that Sami has beat around the bush, Stefano decides to do the same. This leads to another one of Sami's famous diatribes. Stefano insists he's Sydney's grandfather.

Melanie stands in Maggie's kitchen with Phillip and accuses him of being arrogant for saying they belong together. Phillip gives it another try, "We are perfect for each other."


Phillip's entire face falls off. That's what happens when you use a cut-rate plastic surgeon. Melanie goes bonkers, "Don't ever say something like that to me again."

Stephanie finds Nathan at the nurses station and tells him he was a hit at the Halloween party. She sticks a ghoulish cupcake in his face (maybe it's one of Kate's leftovers) and tells him it's a peace offering. "Sorry," says Nathan, "I can't accept it."

Sami takes verbal callisthenics to a new level, "Mia is just a confused little imp who..."

"What," asks Stefano, "Doesn't know her own mind?"

Sami's reaction makes the Big Bang look like a wet firecracker, "You and your son are pig-headed idiots and for you to do this to a little girl is unconscionable." Stefano retaliates by having another stroke.

Carly tells Bo she has to check up on things at the boat. Bo offers to drive her but dimwitted Carly wants to walk. Bo vetoes and orders her to get upstairs. He leaves her in the living room and goes into the kitchen for coffee. Carly fakes going upstairs and then scoots out. What did he expect her to do? Man, it's a good thing this guy isn't on the police force or we'd all be in trou... never mind. Bo comes out and finds Carly's coat missing. He grabs his gun and the posse heads for Dry Gulch.

Omar nurses Rafe. Rafe wakes up and asks where he is. Omar explains, "You've been out for quite a while. You're on a boat."


"On the water."

Stefano's henchman watches as Nicole and Chad bicker. Nicole insists she's not playing games. Chad koochie-koos Sydney and tells her pretty soon they will be hanging out all the time. Sydney, proving she really is Sami's child, explodes into a hissy-fit.

Like her daughter, Sami runs right off the rails. Stefano reminds us this kind of behavior can extend over several generations, "You really are your mother's daughter. You have her fire and spunk, but no class."

Lou grant steps in, "Spunk! I like spunk."

Stefano challenges Sami to own up to her own stupid actions. Sami spirals into a verbal black hole. Suddenly, Stefano screams,


EJ sticks his head in, "What the devil is going on here?"

Satan sneers, "Leave me out of this. And whoever that loudmouth woman is, I Hope she has the spiritual conversion of the ages, because I know I don't want to have to deal with her."

Phillip apologizes for being a fool. For most of us, an apology would be adequate. For Melanie, it's a signal to start throwing things. Seeing as how there are no RPGs around, Melanie tosses Maggie's muffins at him. Hey, they're heavier and harder than most artillery anyway. Phillip dodges as Melanie takes potshots. Well, muffin-shots, "Every time you needed a shoulder to cry on I was (say it with her) there for you, but what happened when I needed you? You were nowhere. Now I have this cute little guy interested in me and you come sniffing around again!"

Phillip begs, "Can you stop lobbing those blueberry muffins at me, so I can say something?"


Uh, is this National PMS Day or something?

Phillip tries again, "If you'll stop, I will tell you I have feelings for you."

Melanie is out of energy, "Stop it and leave me alone."

Stephanie apologizes for outing Melanie and Nathan. Nathan says she has nothing to apologize for, "You are a good friend."

"Actually," says Stephanie, "I haven't been."

Chad apologizes for scaring Sydney.

Nicole takes advantage of the situation, "You want her? Take her."

Chad bulks, "What are you doing?"

"Giving you a taste of your future."

"What do I do," says Chad.

"Be a parent," says Nicole, "Find a babysitter."

Sydney gets restless and Chad panics. He shoves poor Sydney back at Nicole. Sydney calms down. Nicole says this is the way it will be if he takes her, "You won't have time for things like parties and video games and sleep. She will depend on you. Are you truly ready for that?" Chad stares.

EJ wants to know what's going on, "Father's condition is precarious."

Sami spews, "Not precarious enough!"

EJ kicks Sami out but Stefano stops her from leaving, "There is something she needs to know." Yeahright.

Phillip figures maybe Melanie's upset. "What gave you that idea," barks Melanie, "the third muffin or the fourth?"

"You got a great arm," quips Phillip, "And you are all worked up. But you understand me. you wouldn't change me and I wouldn't change you. I wouldn't be pushing this if I didn't feel sparks. You feel it too. Admit it."

Stephanie says she had doubts about Nathan and Melanie making it as a couple, "Not only that — I wished it."

Carly comes into the stateroom and finds it empty. She stands there assessing things when all of a sudden Bo pops up out of nowhere, "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

Carly says, "Chasing down a man with no personality and being chased by a man with a dysfunctional personality."

Rafe sneaks around the dock and listens to Nicole lecturing Chad. Chad demands his kid back.

Nicole hits him with, "She's not your baby, Chad."

Stefano waxes eloquent, "The hand that rocks the cradle may rule the world but what cradle do you rock?"

Sami asks, "What does that mean?"

Stefano says, "You don't even know who fathered your children." Sami turns into the Incredible Hulk. She lunges at Stefano's bed.

EJ stops her as Stefano continues, "It's only right you go home to an empty crib." Sami wiggles away from EJ and chaos reigns as Lexie comes in. Sami runs out. Seeing Stefano is having an apoplexy Lexie decides to go check on another patient.

Stefano tells EJ, "That slut gets under my skin." EJ tells him it's only because Stefano allows it. Stefano insists Sami means nothing to them. EJ reminds him she does. Stefano snorts, "Between Samantha's stupid behavior and your love for her — it changes everything. I made a hideous mistake."

Phillip backs Melanie across the room as she tells him she's not used to having two guys fighting for her, "When faced with a decision I always make the wrong one. You know, like trying to choose between the safe, comfortable sneaker and the dangerous high heel. Every time I choose the heel."

The heel moves in on her. Melanie backs off and says she wants to be treated right for once. She kicks him out. Phillip leaves. Melanie stands with her back to the door and does her heavy breathing exercises.

Stephanie admits to being jealous. She says she doesn't want Phillip back and asks Nathan not to tell Melanie about this. Nathan tells her she's a great person.

Bo scolds Carly for leaving. Carly says she came back to help a guy she was nursing. Bo asks where the guy is now. "Good question," says Carly. Good answers are harder to come by.

Rafe watches. Hench watches. I'm surprised they don't fall asleep like the audience. Nicole and Chad keep it up until Nicole finally storms off.

Sami is back at her apartment. Rafe stumbles in.


Sami guides him to the couch. Rafe staggers and says he has to talk to her about Sydney, "This will sound crazy..."

"It's DOOL," says Sami, "If it didn't sound crazy, I wouldn't believe it."

So, of course, it was a dream. Rafe wakes up in the gutter. Coincidentally, it's the same gutter where they go looking for their supply of DOOL writers.

Carly introduces Bo to Omar. Omar says he owes his life to Carly. Bo offers to check with the station to see if he can get some information on the guy they dredged out of the water. Omar tells Carly he'll do anything for her as she and Bo leave.

Sami arrives back at her apartment and yells for Nicole. Finding it empty, she picks up a picture of Grace and goes to that dark place way back in the recesses of what we euphemistically call her mind.

Sami Brady — a brain so powerful no thought can penetrate it.

Stefano says he is just too tired to tell all, of course. EJ backs off, tells him to get some rest and leaves.

Outside, EJ finds Lexie and rants about Stefano changing his mind.

Back inside, Stefano calls and summons Nicole to the hospital. She's at the Java Café and Marco watches. Stefano tells her, "Don't do anything you'll regret."

"Why not," says Nicole, "I have nothing to lose."

"Oh," smirks Stefano, "You'd be surprised."

Melanie finds Nathan at the hospital, "Why, Dr. Horton fancy meeting you here." She asks when he gets off.

"An hour."

"I can't wait that long," whines Melanie, "I never get to see you. I want to show you how I feel."

Nathan plays doctor, "How do you feel?"

"Slightly feverish."

Nathan offers, "I can get Dr. Carver."

"No," says Melanie, "This requires a young male physician with strong hands."

Nathan is taken aback, "I love this side of you... really love it... but where is this coming from?"

Phillip meets Stephanie at the Java Café. He says things went well with Melanie, as he brushes muffin-crumbs from his jacket. He tells her when he heard Nathan moved out he thought they had broken up. Stephanie informs him that he is incorrectamundo.

"If there is one thing I learned from us," says Phillip, "Things change."

Bo and Carly are back at Bo's house. She apologizes for bugging out and says she's worried about her patient.

Her patient stirs. He stands up and staggers.

EJ shows up at Sami's place. She opens the door and without a hello or anything EJ starts lecturing her for what she did in Stefano's room.

"Just shoot me now," says Sami.

Gertrude Fenster from Cut And Shoot, Texas, runs out of the audience up onto the stage and hands EJ a gun, just in case he doesn't have one on him.

Nicole asks, "Where are Sami and EJ — out mobilizing the angry villagers to light torches and come after me with pitchforks?" Stefano tells Nicole things didn't go as he planned. Nicole tees off on him.

"It is amazing," says Stefano, "how you and that bitch Samantha are alike. At least you know how to keep quiet. I didn't tell them about Sydney. I decided Sydney's true parentage should remain a secret for all the Days Of Our Lives.

Stephanie warns Phillip to leave Melanie and Nathan alone. Phillip warns her to do the same. Stephanie leaves. Phillip stares.

Melanie drags Nathan into a room and attacks him. She suggests going back to his place. Instead, Nathan dives in right there.

Carly flashes back to a time when she loved Lawrence and then to the killing. She breaks down. Bo finds her wailing.

Stefano says he changed his mind because Sami's visit reminded him Nicole is the lesser of two evils, "I know Elvis is still embroiled with that bitch. You should remain Sydney's mother as well as Elvis' wife." Nicole protests and claims that's impossible. Stefano says he will make it all happen.

Nicole insists he can't, "The truth will come out when the DNA tests come back." Stefano insists when he wants something he gets it.

Rafe stumbles up to Sami's door. Inside, EJ lectures. Sami retaliates with yet another tirade. The knock stops her. Sami turns to open the door, "Hold that thought."

"I've never been able to hold one before," says EJ, "Why should I start now?"

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Anonymous Leslie said...

“What's going on?"

"He was watching DOOL and that'll put you out every time," says Lexie.

When Carly raided the hospital medicine cabinet, she must have swiped all the No Doz too.

Phillip gives it another try, "We are perfect for each other."


Phillip's entire face falls off. That's what happens when you use a cut-rate plastic surgeon.

ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Of course, the piece de resistance is the companion video! Melanie – you go girl and slap some sense into that moron. Phillip needs to get a life and better taste in women.

Stefano retaliates by having another stroke.

Wow, Sami has found another way to help Nicole, and it didn’t even cost her $50,000.

Suddenly, Stefano screams,


Thank you Stefano. I think I speak for all the viewers – we needed that!

Melanie tosses Maggie's muffins at him.

…but does Melanie throw like a girl? Is she better than Chloe heaving the dinner rolls at Sami?

Carly says, "Chasing down a man with no personality and being chased by a man with a dysfunctional personality."

Carly is one perceptive gal!

Nathan tells her she's a great person.

If Nathan has any brains, he’ll set Stephanie up with another doctor that Nathan really doesn’t like.

Stefano tells Nicole things didn't go as he planned. Nicole tees off on him.

Stefano is recovering from a heart attack, and hysterical woman are parading through his room yelling at him at the top of their lungs. All the staff must be hearing impaired. Otherwise both Sami and Nicole would have been booted out on their tookuses.

Holy Hump Day Batman! There’s a whole bunch of craziness going on in Gotham City – make that Salem - today. Aside from Rafe’s sleep inducing return, it sounds like a rock um sock um episode. Thanks for the superior recap Prevuze!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

No one beats Chloe when it comes to throwing like a girl. CLICK HERE.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

WoW! TWO moving pictures today! I forgot about Chloe's girlie-throwing incident. HAHAHAHA

Do you suppose Gertrude from Texas could just shoot me now?? There must be a grove appearing in the linoleum of Stefano's door just from EJ going in there only to have Stefano not be able to tell him for one reason or another. I hope you have good aim, Gert!

While I think Phillip is being pretty smarmy I kinda have to agree with his PMS assessment. It was a little drastic to slap him over that statement. But then we wouldn't have had the cool moving picture, so I'm with you Leslie - go for it, girl.

And since Bo can't really find his butt with both hands I seriously doubt he'll ever put two and two together and come up with Rafe being the one fished out of the water.

LOL over the picture of him blocking out Hope (about time) and nothing being able to penetrate Sami's brain.

It's sunny, Prevuze was waiting and everything's going our way. Thanks!!

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Ahh, Melanie just gotta love ya but Phil's right you guys are perfect for each other.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Patti said...

Philip and Melanie are the next supercouple in the making! They have so much passion, even in the 'moving pic'! Bring on the Phelanie!!!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just getting tired of this Nicole needs to be found out and that baby needs to be taken from her. Whatever happens to the rest of those confused people and their relationships fine. But as long as everyone knows Nicole switched that baby then i am good. but if this saga continues I don't know how much more I can take. Just like I stopped watching passions.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh.......the writers take an exciting storyline like Nicole being found out, and they choose to drag it on and on and on. Why can't they SORAS the weeks of my life I'll never get back fast-forwarding all the garbage Prevuze was kind enough to warn me about?
And on another note, how come EJ and Sami aren't gettin' it on yet? Usually on DOOL, when a man and a woman fight this much, they're naked within an episode or two....LOL HA! My verification word is "petry"....almost counts as a Freudian slip!

3:46 PM  

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