Friday, March 28, 2014

Fools Rush In

Next on #DOOL – Sonny: "We've got a lot to do before the wedding." Will: "Yeah, like make sure our moms are doing all the work." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – Eric: "The church says I can't marry a harlot."  Nicole: "Then you can forget marrying anyone in Salem." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – Nicole: "Fools rush in." Eric: "If that's true, we should get married today." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – Rory: "I delivered pizzas to Dr. Dan." JJ: "That's the closest you'll ever come to having a career in medicine." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – Jennifer: "Theresa is trying to take you down."  Brady: "I know, but she keeps giving me rain checks." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – JJ: "Bev and I... we really didn't go anywhere." Jennifer: "Maybe if you took her somewhere she'd like you more." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – Maggie: "Alcohol is ruining your life." Brady: "I'll drink to that." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – Theresa: "Where do you get off telling me what to do?"  Daniel: "In Salem... butting in is what we do here." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – Caroline: "Why are you asking me to speak at your wedding>" Will: "You can't remember anything, so you'll keep it short." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL – Kohn: "I'm going to make this short and sweet." Eric: "With you, the shorter, the sweeter." #DAYS


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