Friday, November 23, 2012

She Only Cheated With One Guy

Next on #DOOL – Lucas: "What's going on here?" Will: "We're trying to decide how to break it to you that it's none of your business." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nick: "Gabi's pregnant?" Sami: "Somewhat. You're not really pregnant unless it's multiple kids and multiple fathers." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Lucas: "You need $300 for a school project?" Will: "Yeah, you voted against that last school tax, remember?" #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nicole: "I've been through hell... can I swear in a rectory?" Eric: "If you're good at dodging lightning bolts." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nick: "Gabi's pregnant? How?"  Sami: "I think you were in prison a bit too long, Nick." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Lucas: "I'm your father, Will. How come you keep calling me 'Gramps?'" #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nick: "Gabi's pregnant. You're sure there's nothing else wrong with her?" Sami: "Not physically." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Rafe: "So, Nick, when's the last time you saw Gabi... with her clothes on, that is." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nick: "I'm just taking this all in right now." Rafe: "And what you'll be taking in is my fist in your face." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Billie: "Hester Prynne was an amateur. She only cheated with one guy." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Eric: "I can't be your confessor, Nicole. I don't have enough time for that." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Hope: "Why did you pick "The Scarlet Letter?" Billie: "I figured most of us could relate to a cheating ho." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Billie: "Today's book club selection is the story of Hester Prynne... also known as '50 Shades of Scarlet.'" #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Eric: "I've seen unimaginable cruelty." Nicole: "When you were in Africa?" Eric: "No, that was here in Salem." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Rafe: "I can't find Gabi. I just came from her bedroom." Nick: "Yeah, I've spent a lot of time there myself." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nick: "Rafe asked what I wanted from Gabi. I said the same as he wants from Sami. That's when he gave me a black eye." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nicole: "You've changed." Eric: "How?" Nicole: "For one thing you haven't tried to cop a feel yet." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nicole: "I know you're not trying to convert me." Eric: "If I did, I'd get fired." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nick: "Why wouldn't you tell the father you're pregnant?"  Gabi: "I did." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Rafe: "Nick just thinks of you as a sex object."  Gabi: "God, I hope so." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – City fathers rename the town square steps, "The Nicole Walker Precipice of Doom." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Rafe: "Gabi was close to Arianna." Sami: "Fortunately not when the SUV mowed her down." #DAYS


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