Monday, November 19, 2012

In Trouble

Sami says Gabi's "in trouble." There's a phrase for her "condition" straight out of the 50s. #DAYS
Marlena keeps deleting John's messages from Kristin. There's a level of insecurity I know I would want in my shrink. #DAYS
Sami says Will can help Gabi with her problem.  He's already helped quite enough if you ask me. #DAYS
Sami thinks Will is trying to con her into telling him about Gabi by pretending he already knows. She's really overthought that one. #DAYS
Gabi, stop worrying about Chad blabbing about Andrew. So much time has now passed he's an accessory after the fact. #DAYS
Is Maggie sick? Since when did Sami become the town busybody? #DAYS


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