Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Fool's Parade

Next on #DOOL – Stefano's doppelganger lies cold and dead. Lexie: "Are you OK?" EJ: "Yes, but father doesn't look so good." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – EJ: "I had Stefano's body brought here for the services." Sami: "Yes, but the couch is still available." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nicole: "I'm so sorry." EJ: "About Father?" Nicole: "No, I hated him. I'm sorry about the high cost of funerals." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Gabi: "Andrew, that rat in my salad was over the top. You know I think rat tastes gamey." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – EJ: "I wasn't Stefano's biological son." Lexie: "Biology is nonsense." EJ: "I'd expect that from a doctor of your caliber." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Nicole: "Stefano, I want my baby to be like you and EJ. Only alive and without his brains shot out." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Kate: "Stefano died before our divorce was finalized. I stand to inherit a fortune. Drat the bad luck." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Kate: "I loved you, you SOB." Stefano's ghost: "I love it when you sweet-talk me." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Theo: "Where did Grandpa go?" Lexie: "Same place I'm headed, kid." #DAYS
Next on #DOOL – Lexie: "I'll be going away soon." Theo: "Oh, you mean you're going to kick the bucket!" #DAYS
Next on #DOOL –The fool's parade of people waiting to ramble on to Stefano's dead body stretches around the mansion and to the street. #DAYS


Anonymous DonnaCarol said...

Stefano's doppelganger

LOL at that! Great call Prevuze! We all know the Phoenix ain't dead.

5:15 PM  

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