Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Return Of Dr. Cop-a-feel

Would you title this episode "It Was a Dark and Stormy Night" or "How  to Fondle Your Pistol"? #DAYS
The rain was so loud I couldn't hear some of the dialogue.  Not that I  missed much I'm sure. #DAYS
Nicole: "I know I'm going over and over and over this." Audience: AMEN! #DAYS
Roman: "How many times do we have to have this conversation?" Audience:  AMEN! #DAYS
It looks like midnight out there. What psychiatrist sees a patient at that time? #DAYS
On a fashion note: like the neon rainbow of raincoats. #DAYS
Why would you come up to someone & try to grab a sack out of their hands? #BadForm #DAYS
The CIA isn't happy with the SPD.  Who is? Maybe Salem criminals who have nothing to fear from the feckless police force?
Poor Daniel, trying to talk sense to Nicole.  He might as well be speaking in tongues.  #DAYS
Nicole: "Sorry, I just keep going over and over and over…"  And over and over and over and…..  #DAYS
Dr. Cop-A-Feel is back, employing his usual bedside manner to bear in order to "help" Nicole….right into aforesaid bed no doubt. #DAYS
Daniel catches Nicole red-handed. Now EVERYONE in Salem has switched DNA tests. #DAYS
Inside scoop: Wasn't supposed to rain in the show today, but the studio sprinklers went off & budget was too tight to re-shoot. #DAYS
Why don't all these idiots just wear a sign that says, "I'm going to kill Stefano" ?? #DAYS
Abby asks if Melanie thinks she's nuts. Does a bear poop in the woods? #DAYS


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