Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Google-eyed, giddy, green with envy Gabi

Will, smarter than the average soap character, seems to see through Gabi's stalker story as the load of b.s. it is.  #Days
Maggie now owns the spa!? That sure came out of left field. What happened to [forgot his name]? #Days
John is antsy because he's been in the safe house for a few Days.  Apparently it's a lot worse than being paralyzed for three years. #Days
Chad: "I'll never be like Stefano." Translation: He'll be double-dealing and back-stabbing in no time.  #Days
Lucas/Sami:  An argument in search of a reason. #TimeWasting #Days
Shane comes to Salem & immediately becomes as brainless & incompetent as the SPD. Must be something in the water. #Days
Watching the big brain trust at the safe house trying to come up with  a plan is like watching a train wreck. #Days
If the ISA is so low on manpower they're struggling because of the  loss of Squints and Bope they might as well fold. #Days
I think any kid with a junior detective kit could've cracked the big  ISA safe. #Days
Of course they had Maggie buy the spa. They made the set (there's only  the lobby) & they have to get more use from it. #Days
Can't wait to see how badly Sami handles Will's news. #Days
Sami's switch seems to have two settings: "Off" and "Nuke." #Days
I've got a piggy bank that's not as easy to break into as that cop shop safe. #Days
John works Marlena's last nerve. He can be a little irritating, can't he, PAL? #Days


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