Friday, May 04, 2012

Ruthless And Conniving

Ian says the last thing Kate is, is a fool.  The first thing, too. #Days
Sami calls Lucas to talk about "what happened." Sami does it so much she can use her standard "what happened" script. #Days
Hope: "The timer went off. What does that mean?" Shane: "It means you don't have time to watch that 60-minutes episode you recorded." #Days
For women viewers only: Sniveling basket-case Carrie has set your gender back 100 years. #DOOL #Days
Rafe tells Carrie he loves her.  Once you've had a taste of a Brady girl, you're wrecked for life. #DOOL #Days
Roman tells Shane there has to be something they can do. Yeah, run like hell before the explosion. #Days


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