Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Telegraphing Your Pitches

Caroline keeps pressing Hope for what she's there to say. Caroline is as dense as a San Francisco morning fog in a thermal inversion. #DAYS
EJ wonders how he was so lucky to attract Sami.  You dropped a towel. #DAYS
I keep waiting for John to tell Brady and Marlena: "Let's pick up where we left off... I hate you both." #DAYS
Stefano: "The best laid priests..." BWAHAHAHAHAHA! #DAYS
Theresa: "What if John wants to make someone else pay?" Kid, in baseball, what you are doing is called telegraphing your pitches. #DAYS
Notice EJ risked Sami's wrath AFTER they had sex. This is the standard protocol as set forth in the Guy Manual. #DAYS


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