Monday, September 15, 2014

I Get All Tingly

Oooo... I get all tingly when Daniel and Jennifer are on. I also get tingly when I'm just about to hurl. #DAYS
Face it. Theresa's girl swing wouldn't have given John a headache, let alone put him in a coma.  #DAYS
Abby and Jennifer alert JJ there will be booze and drugs at the party.  JJ can't wait to rush out. #DAYS
Fashion statement: Why is Theresa wearing that red pizza plate on her wrist? It can serve as a shield if Kristin attacks her. #DAYS
Kristin offers an olive branch. Jennifer grabs it and slaps her silly with it. #DAYS
Paige has to take Mary Beth to the hospital.  How conveeeeeeenient.  Rory gets drunk. How conveeeeeeeeenient.  #DAYS


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