Wednesday, August 06, 2014

One Step Away From Bikinis And A Mud Pit

Rafe's there to talk but Sami has something she wants to say first.  No surprise there. #DAYS
Ben and Abby suck face.  Clyde walks up, "I'm sorry to interrupt." I guarantee Ben is sorry he interrupted, too. #DAYS
Sami is using the same "broke your heart" argument with Rafe that Rafe is using with Jordan and EJ is using with Sami. #HeadSpinning #DAYS
Sami: "Remember the safe house? I don't think I'd be here if not for you." Hilda's ghost: "And I WOULD be." #DAYS
Jordan smacks Kate and then it all fizzles out.  Dang.  We we're just one step away from bikinis and a mud pit. #DAYS


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