Friday, August 01, 2014


You've seen #Sharknado. You've seen #Sharknado2. Coming up: the Prevuze SNARKnado. #DAYS
Those of you at home watching in your underwear... you have a whole lot more on than JJ and Paige. #DAYS
Sami and Kate laugh about their conquest of EJ and Stefano reminding us of the adage 'he who laughs last laughs best.' #DAYS
Daniel's escape was so easy Kristin needs to hire a better class of goon. #DAYS
Eve says Jennifer won't listen to reason from her.  Doesn't that take some form of ability to reason? #DAYS
How did we know Daniel was still alive after Kristin attacked him? She clobbered him with the bucket but he didn't kick it." #DAYS
Statistics show the main cause of severe injury in Salem is bumping into people. #DAYS
So, Sami gave away EJ's (EJ Wells that is) Formula 1 car. Now, that's hitting below the belt. #DAYS
Ben reads Abby's tell-all resignation.  Apparently it should be titled, "Fifty Shades of EJ." #DAYS
Eve learns Daniel is Maggie's son and zeros right in on Mags' checkered past. #DAYS


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