Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hakuna Matata

HOLD IT! STOP THE SHOW! Can someone please offer a word of prayer for poor Abigail to endure all the abuse of being EJ's shower slut?
Sonny says he didn't realize Will would sell his soul. Actually he sold his mom. #DAYS
Jennifer: "How could Will write this about Abby?" Uh, just a wild guess, but because it's the truth? #DAYS
I've been wondering why Clyde doesn't go for Kate. Guys like him can recognize a woman looser than a pair of size 54 pants on Parker. #DAYS
Kate doesn't think sleeping w/Rafe had anything to do with his breakup w/Jordan. Yeah, you know how flexible women are about cheating. #DAYS
Kate's dress is cut so low it shouts "hakuna matata," which, of course, is Latin for "get a load of my ta-tas."  #DAYS


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