Monday, January 06, 2014


EJ insists he and less-than-passionate Sami are doing just fine. I wouldn't blame him if he kicked Old Iron-panties to the curb. #DAYS
Brady contemplates taking a drink, but no. He either saw Maggie & Victor there or, more likely, wanted a better buzz. #DAYS
Ciara doesn't want to write thank-yous after getting lame presents.  Get over it kid, we all have to do that. #DAYS
Gabi yaks on and on and on to Sonny. When will she learn to check to see who's in the closet before rambling about the murder? #DAYS
OFPS! So John wasn't Colleen's son? After that whole Colleen-Santo mess? Once again the #DOOL writers give us severe whiplash. #DAYS


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