Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Massive, Uncontrollable Flatulence Attack

Gabi prays for God to help her get through this. God — not the world's best accomplice to a murder. #DAYS
Sonny vows to get to the bottom of the treacherous trio's dirty little secret... which is at the bottom of the river. #DAYS
"Drugs, drugs, the solution to all; Hide from your problems, life's a ball." ~Brady Black #DAYS
Sonny listens in. Just once I'd like to see a #DOOL eavesdropper have a massive, uncontrollable flatulence attack. #DAYS
Abby notes that Maggie, Jennifer and her will all be flying solo at Christmas this year. Let's hope for a plan crash. #DAYS
Fashion note: If Nicole's skirt was any shorter in the freezing weather her belly-button would freeze. #DAYS
Fashion note: "If Nicole's blouse were any more low-cut, her belly button would freeze. #DAYS
In an effort to keep Prevuze PG-13, we will refrain from further fashion notes about Nicole. #DAYS


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