Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That's Got Situation Comedy Written All Over It

Sonny tells Will there are 100 cops in the lobby. SPD workers or did they call in real cops from another city? #DAYS
Sami wonders if they're accusing her of shooting an innocent man. No, of shooting an innocent man in the back. #DAYS
The only good to come out of all this: EJ instructs Sami to stay silent.  Unfortunately, Sami doesn't. #DAYS
Brady thinks there is a part of John that still wants Kristin. Propriety does not permit me to comment on which part that is. #DAYS
Sami: "The man I love is you, EJ."  Yep. If it's Wednesday, it must be EJ. #DAYS
Kristin slams her purse down, picks it up and slams it again... and again.  Hope her new iPhone is in her pocket. #DAYS
Kate wonders what Will would think of Gabi and Arianna moving in with her. Will reaches for his barf bag. #DAYS
Sonny, Will, Gabi and Arianna all living in the same apartment. That's got situation comedy written all over it. #DAYS


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