Monday, June 03, 2013

Whoopee World

Brady wonders what part of "We're done" Kristin doesn't understand. My guess would be the "We're done" part. #DAYS
EJ: "Life without surprises can be incredibly dull." #DOOL needs more than surprises to pull out of its vortex of dull. #DAYS
Sami disses Kristin for being a DiMera. Hope reminds Sami she's about to become one herself. Sami doesn't always think things through. #DAYS
Kristin takes groveling to new levels.  I suppose she had no self-respect left to give up anyway. #DAYS
Kate tells Rafe he gave her back her soul.  As if she had one. #DAYS
The VIP opening of Whoopee World? Really? Do the VIPs get their own personal whoopee cushions for a souvenir? #DAYS


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