Monday, February 25, 2013

Comparing Notes On Drilling Kate

EJ notes the lovely moment between Rafe and Kate and wants to know what it's about.  Other "lovely" moments they've shared. #DAYS
Sami says this isn't a good time for her and Nick to talk.  If Sami's involved it's never a good time to talk. #DAYS
Maybe Stefano really is on borrowed time.  If he keeps going out with babes like that his heart won't last. #DAYS
Go ahead, Rafe.  Tell EJ you're drilling Kate.  Maybe you can compare notes. #DAYS
Brady doesn't know how he could hurt his family more than living in the DiMera mansion. For starters, he could date Kristin. #DAYS
Nick tells Rafe what happened last night won't happen again. That's what Kate told Rafe, but it did. #DAYS


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