Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Letting it all hang out

Today's episode made me wonder what #DOOL writers did before they had scripts to recycle or history to rewrite. #DAYS
When Jennifer fell and you heard someone yelling "DIE! DIE! DIE!" that wasn't me. I was just thinking it. #DAYS
Lucas says Jen's making a mistake. Right. He hasn't had a stable relationship unless you count that time he had sex in Seabiscuit's stall. #DAYS
So, Chloe is back along with the ghosts of Stephanie and Phillip. #DAYS
Dear Nick: Think Gabi's baby isn't yours? Wait until they recycle the Daniel/Phil/Chloe script & hand it to you. #DAYS
Jennifer bolts from the hospital.  She would have to double her IQ to qualify as a dumb blonde. #DAYS
A bachelor party at a coffee house. Nick orders decaf. He's letting it all hang out, isn't he? #DAYS
#DOOL writer's credo: When all else fails, pull a parenthood switcheroo. #DAYS


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