Monday, January 07, 2013

Downton Abbey This Ain't

Here come some thoughts on today's #DOOL — better known as "Downton Abbey this ain't." #DAYS
Chloe: "Can we please not do this in the hallway?" Me: "Can we please not do this anywhere?" #DAYS
John wonders if Marlena knew about Kristin & Brady. Hasn't he learned the rules? The husband is always the last to know. #DAYS
Kristin chips a nail. Finally, a real emergency on #DAYS
Careful, John. Statistics show screaming accusations at your partner severely reduce your near-term chances of getting laid. #DAYS
Stephanie calls. Kayla says she's been missed. No she hasn't. #DAYS
Sami says she'd rather stick needles in her eye than socialize with Kristin. I'm surprised Kristin didn't pull out her sewing kit. #DAYS
Stephanie? Calm down? The sun is more likely to rise in the west tomorrow. #DAYS
Sami goes to get some air. She could stay with John and Marlena and get some hot air. #DAYS
If you couldn't see Chloe's news roaring in like a runaway freight train, you flunk #DOOL 101. #DAYS


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