Monday, April 30, 2012

Underestimating Radioactive Waste

Looks like it's still family day in Salem. It might be more believable if there were any normal families in town. #Days
Kate encourages Lucas to leave Sami, "There are a billion other women out there." And just about every one of them has dumped Lucas. #Days
Justin respects attorney-client confidentiality by yelling at Madison about her case in a public venue. #Days
Bo jumps off the couch and runs to the door waving his pistol. So in Hope's case, that WAS a gun in his pocket. #Days
Lucas says he doesn't want Sami playing him like a poker hand.  He'll change his tune if he can be her ace in the hole. #Days

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Saved My Ass" - A Colorful American Expression

Outdoor family day in Salem.  I've been to these things.  Where are the kettle corn and fried Twinkie vendors? #Days
Looks like Bo and Hope got a new couch. I guess someone didn't like the thought of Carly's cooties all over the old one. #Days
Sami sends Allie to see her friend Olivia. If Sami spends more than 5 minutes with her kids she breaks out into a rash. #Days
And then there's Bo and Hope. Bo comes home from the hospital and doesn't even ask about Ciara. #Days

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/26/12

Did I hear that right? Stefano wants to inspect the tunnels under the mansion? HE FILLED THEM WITH CONCRETE! #ContinuityIsForWimps #Days
Nicole to Rafe: "I am so beneath you." Wouldn't touch that one... #Days
Brady on the intercom: "Madison needs to cancel her appointments. Something came up..." Wouldn't touch that one, either. #Days
In addition to Nicole's tummy rubs, I should have been counting the number of times EJ makes a big point of the fact he's Stefano's son. #Days

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/25/12

Chad & Melanie giggle & fight over his cell phone in bed: iSex. #Days
Rafe wants to know what the big mystery is. Frankly, everything's a mystery to Rafe. #Days
Rafe walks up & asks if the only room in the hospital is where Nicole is. Either there or they've parked her out on Horton Ave. #Days
Celeste says she had the strangest feeling when her hand touched Cameron.  Yeah, static electricity is murder on a dry day. #Days

Monday, April 23, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/23/12

Ian says there's a method to his madness. We can only hope that means he's planning on promoting a Kate-Madison cage match. #Days
Nicole to EJ: "Your life is not that pathetic." That's not exactly a ringing endorsement of EJ's life. #Days
OFGS, EJ, you're the hottest guy in town groveling over Misty Circle the has-been porn star! #Days
Poor Lucas, he's not exactly God's gift to women. He's been dumped more times than an undersized colostomy bag. #Days

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/19/12

Ian wants Brady to get over himself.  I'm guessing that will happen long before Ian gets over himself. #Days
Ian says he doesn't let his emotions get in the way of profit. Hmmm... that would indicate Titan & Mad World aren't profitable. #Days
Since Abby has backed off of Austin, the role of the needy, obsessed wacko stalker is now being played by Gabi. #Days
Kate says Ian is the reason she's in a mess. I missed the part where Ian put a gun to her head & forced her to have sex with him. #Days

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/18/12

Kate says Stefano thinks EJ hung the moon.  If EJ did, I'm sure it would be well hung. #Days
Abby nearly chokes while eating popcorn. That's not the only thing in this show that's hard to swallow. #Days
EJ figures out what Kate did to anger Stef. You can take the girl out of the whorehouse but can't take the whorehouse out of the girl. #Days
Bo comes out of a coma and immediately gets macho with Stefano. Bo had more brainpower when he was in the coma. #Days
Abby says she's trying to figure out who that person was who lied to Austin & Carrie. Does she own a mirror? #Days

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/17/12

Hope tells Bo she'll do all the talking. So what's new? #Days
Sami fires Kate after Kate fires Sami. You'd think the actors on this show would be a bit sensitive about the words "you're fired." #Days
Abe says he's heard Lexie tell her patients to believe in miracles. With Lexie as a doctor they need miracles. #Days
Kate wonders how she could be so stupid. I don't know how she got that way, but Lucas proves it's hereditary. #Days

Monday, April 16, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/16/12

Stefano: toys with Kate like a cat with its prey. At least a cat eventually shows some mercy, though. #Days
Abby insists she's not a natural born klutz. Apparently it took her years of practice to become a world class spaz. #Days
Kate confesses. Maybe Stefano will show some compassion and it'll be a quick and painless death. #Days
With Hope talking to Bo like that I'm surprised he didn't go deeper into a coma. #Days

Friday, April 13, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/13/12

John surprises Marlena in the Rainbow Room.  What a smoothie. #Days
What does Sami have more of... unused wedding dresses in her closet or discarded wedding rings after her failures? #Days
John tells Marlena the ISA called & he's back in the game.  Angry Jerks?
Loved the scene with the children playing. Johnny, Allie and Sydney were there, too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/12/12

Daniel: "I nearly bludgeoned someone with a crucifix in a church." Here's the picture Prevuze did on that: #Days
Chad gives Melanie a gift after they romp. Melanie: "You didn't have to do this." But payment is always appreciated. #Days
Austin says they're all family. If that's the case Salem is the most incestuous place I've ever seen. #Days

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/11/12

EJ & Sami agree they don't want to get involved. Question: How many kids do you have to have together before you're "involved?" #Days
A direct flight from Alamania to Salem? Nothing like going directly from noplace to nowhere. #Days
Chad: "Let me make sure I understand this conversation." You're a guy with two females, Chad. Forget it. #Days
Sami, Rafe, Nicole and EJ together in a room and EJ has to ask if there's a problem? #Days
EJ says lying to Nicole after monkey sex with Sami was the worst thing he's ever done. I guess that trumps kidnapping his own kid. #Days
When Gabi was lighting the candles I was hoping she'd set the room on fire. This show needs a little excitement. #Days
Johnny: "Can't Rafe read to me?" Sami: "Not tonight." Throw a fit, Johnny. That's what your mom would do." #Days

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/10/12

Kate agonizes over the angst of her whoreizontal romp with Ian. #Days
If John and Hope unwrap that gold half coin, it's probably chocolate on the inside. #Days
I missed the rest of the opening after the Ejami kiss because of all the SQUEEEEing.  Keep it down, guys. #Days
OFGS, who didn't see the plumbing disaster scene coming? (p.s. I wrote that BEFORE the disaster, cross my heart) #Days
If all they want is the code, why didn't Hope and John just take a picture of the coin? #Days

Monday, April 09, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/09/12

If Nicole rubs her tummy once more, a genie may pop out and grant her three wishes. #Days
EJ is now in the apartment across the hall from Sami. That's where it all started.  Another "towel scene," anyone?" #Days
Madison tells Brady Ian still has her. She's part of his Precious Moments collection. His current Precious Moment is with Kate, tho.
Kate: "I've lived in Marlena's shadow so long I forgot what it was like to come 1st with a man." Wouldn't touch that with a 10' pole. #Days
Rafe says if Lucas has half a brain he'll give up on Sami.  So much for Lucas giving up on Sami. #Days

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/05/12

Celeste wonders how Lexie is doing. Lexie says she's fine, "Except my eyesight's failing. You don't look a thing like my mother." #Days
Melanie says Abby will forget Austin and find the man she's supposed to be with. But there aren't that many married men in Salem. #Days
OK. I got the idea. Will is gay about being gay. #Days
Carrie says Rafe was a distraction. Ergo, Rafe gets distracted by shiny things and Carrie gets distracted by dull things. #Days

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/04/12

Abe brings woozy Lexie orange juice.  Nine out of ten doctors recommend orange juice for an inoperable brain tumor.
Gina wonders if John is having second thoughts.  John has a tough enough time with first thoughts.
Sami says she thinks she's in Lucas' head. I don't think so. There's no room for her since she's bigger than a proton.
I want the old Celeste back.  I'm a traditionalist.  Also very inflexible.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/03/12

Sami insists there is nothing going on between her and EJ. Yeah, today.
Kate says she knows when Stefano is lying. When his lips are moving?
John says he has what Gina needs to put Wilhelm under. Sleeping pills? No, it's this episode of #DOOL on a thumb drive.
Lucas flight reservation canceled? No problem. With that popped collar he could fly back to Hong Kong on his own.

Monday, April 02, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/02/12

Sami begs Lucas not to leave, says she has feelings for him. Looks like we're back to the old Lumejami wars circa 2007.
Meanwhile back at the rainbow room Marlena learns she may lose Rafe as a son-in-law, but gain Rafe as a son-in-law. It's complicated.
Gina and Stefano play Texas Hold 'Em.  Thank God it's not strip poker.
Fashion statement: Lucas... still wearing a popped collar. Nothing says douchebag like a popped collar.

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