Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Show Thoughts 04/11/12

EJ & Sami agree they don't want to get involved. Question: How many kids do you have to have together before you're "involved?" #Days
A direct flight from Alamania to Salem? Nothing like going directly from noplace to nowhere. #Days
Chad: "Let me make sure I understand this conversation." You're a guy with two females, Chad. Forget it. #Days
Sami, Rafe, Nicole and EJ together in a room and EJ has to ask if there's a problem? #Days
EJ says lying to Nicole after monkey sex with Sami was the worst thing he's ever done. I guess that trumps kidnapping his own kid. #Days
When Gabi was lighting the candles I was hoping she'd set the room on fire. This show needs a little excitement. #Days
Johnny: "Can't Rafe read to me?" Sami: "Not tonight." Throw a fit, Johnny. That's what your mom would do." #Days


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