Monday, June 26, 2017

Our Resident Low-Life

Next on #DOOL — Theo: "How can I love someone I don't even know?" Abe: "It's called fantasy, son." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Nicole: "2 months is an eternity." Eric: "No. If that were the case that film would be 'From Here to 2 Months." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Jade: "Everyone's treating me like a common criminal." Joey: "Making a sex tape is a criminal act." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Adrienne: "Don't you know forgiveness is good for the soul?" Angelica: "Yes, but that would require a soul." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Kayla: "Jade is a pathological liar." Joey: "No, she's a pathological sex tape producer." #DAYS

Next on #DOOL — Jade: "I need to talk. People say I'm a low-life." Eric: "Talk to Nicole. She's our resident low-life." #DAYS


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