Tuesday, February 28, 2017


There may be a slight delay in my posts.  All the slobbering in the Nicole/Chloe scenes have shorted out my TV. #DAYS
What do you get when you cross a Hope Brady and a Rafe Hernandez? One brain cell and an itchy trigger finger. #DAYS
Chloe is being a d*ck. Pardon the misgenderification. #DAYS


Blogger Kelly D said...

I have watched this show for about 20 years and the chloe/Nicole baby scenes right now are the hardest I've ever had to watch. I'm feeling like justin must be an awful lawyer, the ONLY thing he brings up from chloe's past is the prostitution, are u serious wtf!? And it still wasn't enough! How can Nicole of all ppl actually sit there and beg her "best friend" to give her her own baby!!! Omg this is just killing me.

12:11 AM  

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