Thursday, December 22, 2016

His Inner Humphrey Bogart

Abby to Jennifer: "I need you to trust me." Oh, yeah, because you've been so trustworthy in the past. #DAYS
Abby wants trust. André wants trust. I agree — they both should be trussed. #DAYS
Andre, "Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow.  But soon you'll regret this." Andre, channeling his inner Humphrey Bogart. Who knew? #DAYS
Jennifer to Abigail: "You're leaving tonight of all nights."  Maybe she couldn't face the upcoming Horton ornament ceremony.  #DAYS
Chad to Gabi: "You've seen me with my shirt off before." Vegas odds are a zillion to one this won't be the last time, either. #DAYS
The Horton tree ceremony: Where all the people have a bulb and where all the bulbs are dim. #DAYS


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