Monday, April 04, 2016

Salem’s Miss Sensitivity 2016

Summer tells Maggie, "Try not to move." She's paralyzed — she doesn't have to try very hard. #DAYS
Don't be too hard on Deimos for leaving Victor to die.  After all, he did have Kate waiting upstairs. #Priorities #DAYS
It stands to reason Nicole would try to help Victor... she's only tried to murder him once. #DAYS
Nicole asks what's going on with Kate and Deimos.  Kind of obvious if you ask me. #DAYS
Brady immediately decides he has to tell Maggie Victor had a heart attack.  No you don't, Brady. #DAYS
Theresa asks Maggie's advice: "You're stuck in this bed and not going anywhere." Theresa Donovan... Salem's Miss Sensitivity 2016. #DAYS
Maggie & Theresa form a mutual admiration society and sing Kum-Bay-Yah. #DAYS


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