Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Dedicated Cop

The kids tell Ciara, "Do whatever you want to Chase." Translation: "Lower yourself to his level." #DAYS
Anyone can tell from the phone call who has kidnapped Arianna and Marlena: Darth Vader.
Rafe begs Eduardo and John to let the SPD handle things. He's such a dedicated cop... for an accomplice to a murder, that is. #DAYS


Blogger Henry said...

Hi. I'm Henry. We're following each other on Twitter as of ten minutes ago.

I've been watching Days, on and off, for 20-ish years. My mother watched as did my sister (she named her kids after characters on Ryan's Hope). I wasn't allowed to watch television till after the soaps signed off for the afternoon. I guess I fell for Marlena, but was forced to keep my soap watching a secret (guys don't let guys watch soaps).

Flash forward decades and decades. I am a Sociology professor (soaps are a great way to study culture) and a writer (yes, it would be a hell of a lot of fun to write a soap). And, yes, Days is funny as heck.

The heart transplant story line was really funny and pretty crazy but they should have run with it. In my humble opinion, Daniel's heart takes over Brady's body. Brady is now Daniel. But Daniel doesn't know he has become Brady (for God's sake, he's dead). Thus, Brady doesn't know he's actually Daniel. Brady (Daniel, really) falls in love with Nicole, freaking out Theresa who seduces bad boy Chase. Theresa, who is also having an affair with Ben who is "cured" and has opened a gym, becomes pregnant. Is it Ben's baby this time? You decide!

There's so much more to talk about. But, for now, I will say hello again, and head to Salem. Henry

5:26 PM  

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